Early Islamic Spain : New

 Early Islamic Spain : New,
The History of Ibn al-Qutiya,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 196 pages,
by David James,
Published by Routledge.

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Description :

This book is the first published English-language translation of the significant History of Islamic Spain by Ibn al-Qutiya (d. Cordova 367 / 977). Including extensive notes and comments, a genealogical table and relevant maps, the text is preceded by a study of the author and his work, and is the only serious examination of the unique manuscript since Pascual de Gayangos’ edition in 1868.

Ibn al-Qutiya’s work is one of the significant and earliest histories of Muslim Spain and an important source for scholars. Although like most Muslims of al-Andalus in this period, Ibn al-Qutiya was of European origin, he was a loyal servant of the Iberian Umayyads, and taught Arabic, traditions (hadith) and history in the Great Mosque of Cordova.

Written at the height of the Umayyad Caliphate of Muslim Spain and Portugal (al-Andalus), the History describes the first 250 years of Muslim rule in the peninsula. The text, first fully translated into Spanish in 1926, deals with all aspects of life, and includes accounts of Christians, Jews and Muslim converts.

This book will be of great interest to scholars and students of the history of Spain and Portugal, Islamic history, and Medieval European history.

About the Author :

David James was Special Lecturer in Arabic Studies at University College Dublin, where he also taught a course on Islamic Spain. He is the author of Manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an from the Mamluk Era and has lived and worked in Andalucia for the last ten years.

Table of Contents :

---List of Maps and Illustrations,
---Explanatory Note.

---Introduction: The History of the History,
------The Manuscript,
---------The cover,
---------The paper,
---------The script,
---------Key words and significant words,
---------Corrections and Lucanae,
---------The use alkh, 'etc.'
------The Origin of the Paris Mansuscript,
------The Text,
---------The received text,
------Abdallah's appointment and removal of Ahmad ibn al-Bara' as Governor of Saragossa,
------The Judges of 'Abd al-Rahman II,
------The Arrival of the Vikings 320 / 844,
---------Earlier versions of the received text,
------Modern editions of the Text,
------The Historian,
---------His ancestry,
---------His life and work,
------The Editor,
------The Date of the History,
---------Dates in the History,
---------The Date of the Received Text,
-------The Sources of the History,
----------The oral sources,
----------The written sources,
------The Plan and Purpose of the History,

Part 1: Translation: The History of Ibn al- Qutiya (d. 367 / 977),

---[1]. Tariq ibn Ziyad invades al-Andalus,
------Notes and Comments.

---[2]. Al-Andalus under the Governors of the Damascus Caliphate (92–136 / 711–756),
------Notes and Comments.

---[3]. The Arrival of ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Mu‘awiya and his Reign as Emir (138–172 / 756–788),
------Notes and Comments.

---[4]. The Reign of the Emir Hisham ( 172–180 / 788–796),
------Notes and Comments.

---[5]. The Reign of the Emir al-Hakam (180–206 / 796–822),

---[6]. The Reign of the Emir ‘Abd al-Rahman II ( 796–238 / 822–852),
------Notes and Comments.

---[7]. The Reign of the Emir Muhammad ( 238–273 / 852–886),
------Some actions of the Emir Muhammad,
------Notes and Comments.

---[8]. The Reign of the Emir al-Mundhir ( 273–275 / 886–888),
------Notes and Comments.

---[9]. The Reign of the Emir ‘Abdallah (275–300 / 888–912),
------Notes and Comments.

---[10]. The Reign of the Emir / Caliph ‘Abdal-Rahman III ( 300-350 / 912– 961),
------Notes and Comments.

Part 2 : Notes and Comments Appendices,

---Appendix i. The location of the symbol ha in the text of the History,

---Appendix ii. The Banu l-Qutiya, circa 107-429 / 725-1037 and other descendants of Sara al-Qutiya,

---Appendix iii. The firash, carpet-of-office or throne-of-office (?) for officials of the Umayyad Emirate,

---Appendix iv. Al-Mushaf alladhi yunsab ila 'Uthman ibn 'Affan, the copy of the Qur'an of Uthman ibn 'Affan in the great Mosque of Crodoba,

---Appendix v. The location of Sakhrat Jawdharish, west of Bobastro,

---Appendix vi. The identity of Abu 'l-Fadl ibn Muh(ammad) ... al-Wazzan.


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