The Reward of Giving Sadaqah

The Reward of Giving Sadaqah : New,
*Small Paperback - 56 pages,
by Markazi Majlis e Shura,
Published by Maktabah tul Madinah,
Dawat e Islami, Pakistan.
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Description :
"The Reward of Giving Sadaqah" is the English translation of Sadaqay ka Inam by the Majlis e Tarajim of Dawat e Islami. This important book answers all questions and queries related to Sadaqah.

Table of Contents :
The Reward of Giving Sadaqah :

---Excellence of Salat-‘Alan-Nabi ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????
---Reward of Sadaqah,
---Activities of pious predecessors,
---Reward of Sadaqah and charities,
---Spending in the way of Allah means,
---Increase or decrease in the reward,
---Distinction in reward,
---Less in quantity, higher in status,
---Does Sadaqah reduce wealth?
---What does Sadaqah mean?
---Various forms of Sadaqah,
---Four Madani Pearls of Sadaqah,
---Nine Blessed sayings of the Beloved Prophet in relation to the excellence of giving Sadaqah,
---Guarantee of a house in Jannah (Heaven),
---Four supplications in exchange for four dirhams,
---Destruction of human,
---Acceptance of monetary acts of worship,
---Respect of Muslim,
---Three important sayings
---Who is a destitute person?
---The oppressed will be compensated with virtues,
---1-2. Taunting and reminding of favours,
---Cause behind being deprived of Heaven,
---3. Showing off is a fault of the hypocrites,
---Destruction of deeds,
---The height of regret and frustration,
---Where is sincerity (Ikhlas)?
---Recognition of sincerity,
---Blessings of sincerity,
---Wealth is a test,
---What kind of wealth should be given in Sadaqah?
---Open Sadaqah is greater or hidden Sadaqah?
---Hidden or unhidden both forms are based on intention,
---Forbidden condition of giving Sadaqah openly,
---Way of giving Nazranah (gift or money or tribute),
---To whom is giving Sadaqah Afdal (better)?

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