Zakat: Raising a Fallen Pillar

 Zakat - Raising a Fallen Pillar.
[A5] Paperback - 96 pages.
by Abdalhaqq Bewley
with Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas.


Description from the publisher : From the back Cover:

“As for Zakat : it is taken from him by force, if he refuses to give it. If he tries to stop it, he will be overpowered and forced to do it. If he has forces, he will be fought against until either he gives it of it is taken from him. The Muslims are required to make war against him with the leader.” Such is the severity with which the renowned scholar and author of Ash-Shifa, Qadi Iyad, speaks about Zakat. With this in mind it is all more remarkable that so many Muslims take this matter so lightly as to simply relegate Zakat to the realms of voluntary sadaqa, commendable though this might be in its own right.

This book quite rightly and succinctly explains the necessity for the proper collection and distribution of Zakat and the way forward to true Muslim economic empowerment and thus a new Islamic Money System."

Review:  'Zakat – Raising a Fallen Pillar' is essential reading for any Muslim seeking true independence from the processes of colonisation and neo-colonisation which have infiltrated his or her way of life and perception of existence. As a wise man once indicated, “Do not allow yourself to be defined by an old society in collapse – define the new society.”

The book consists of two distinct sections. The first section, written by Abdalhaqq Bewley is mainly analytical and descriptive. The second section, written by Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas in collaboration with others seeks to provide practical solutions. It is clear that the authors are keenly aware that simply identifying and condemning what is haram (forbidden) without identifying a viable alternative which is halal is of limited value.

In seeking to identify practical solutions, many of which remain to be tested in action, it is also clear that the book leaves room for further reflection and action. It is written in the spirit of a Muslim who sets out overland on the pilgrimage to Makkah, not knowing the exact route to be taken or how the journey will unfold – but having no doubt about the intended destination and not lacking the determination to arrive and do what is required.

Thus the second section of the book is open-ended – it indicates a beginning and a clear intention as regards steps that must be taken, but does not claim to be a definitive blueprint or a fully thought-out five-year plan. Its proposals can be used as a stimulus and a springboard to discover and implement what up to now has perhaps been sensed but not as yet articulated, let alone activated. The problem with ignorance is that you are not aware of what it is until you actually discover what it is that you did not know. It is only then that you can do something about it.

To anyone who wishes to hear what the chink of gold and silver coins really sounds like, your time has come, but keep them in your hand or in your e-dinar account, not in your heart – and if zakat is payable on them, then pay it. Perhaps this book will help you do this. ---Ahmad Thomson  

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  • Written by: Sh. Abdalhaqq Bewley

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