Hajj & Ziyaarat : Guide Book

Hajj & Ziyaarat - (Guide Book),
*Small Paperback - 238 pages,
by 'Faqeeh-e-Millat' Mufti Jalal 'al-Din Ahmad Amjadi 'alayhir rahman,
English translation by : M. Sajjad Alam Rizvi,
**Published by Kutib Khana Amjadia, Jamia Masjid, Delhi.


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Description :
Extract by the Author :

Foreword - '' During my pigrimage to the Haramayn (the two sacred sanctuaries in Makkah and Madinah) in 1976, I felt the acute need of a book that dealt with the rites, rituals and regulations governing Hajj and Ziyaraat and would serve as a guide to the pilgrims in performing the sacred duty of Hajj and Umrah in wake of certain developments that have occurred in the course of time.

If the pilgrims go through this book several times before undertaking the journey for Hajj and then consult it as when needed, they will be able to perform the rites and rituals of Hajj in complete accordance with shari'ah (Islamic Law). Thus they will be able to achieve the objectives of and receive the Blessings from their visit to the sacred Ka'bah and the Green Dome.''----Jalal al-Din Ahmad Amjadi (1397AH).

This is a comprehensive guide, covering all aspects of the Hajj, for men and for women. This Guide also contains a section dedicated to ziyarah of the City of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam; Madinah t'ul Munawwarah. This work was originally written in urdu, and such was the reputation of the author Mufti Jalal al-Din that it was considered a necessity to translate it into English.

Table of Contents :


---The Arabian Peninsula,
---The Incumbency of Hajj,
-----The types of Hajj,
------Hajj Qiran,
------Hajj Tamattu'
------Hajj Ifraad,
-----The Prayer during the Journey,
-----Hajj Tamattu' in detail,

---The Ihram :
-----The Ihram for Men,
-----The Talbiyah,
-----Regulations related to the Talbiyah,
-----The 'Ihram' for Women,
-----The Ihram for Children,
-----The forbidden things in the state of Ihram,
-----The undesirable things in the state of Ihram,
-----The permissible things in the state of Ihram,
---A brief introduction to Jeddah,
-----Arrival at Jeddah.

---From Jeddah to Makkah,
-----A brief introduction to some sacred places/areas at Makkah,
-----Entering 'Masjid al-Haraam' and the act of Tawaf (circambulation of the Kabah),
-----The act of Sa'ee,
-----The disabled pilgrims,
-----The conclusion of the tawaf,
-----Some special areas where du'as (supplications) are answered,

---The Five Days of Hajj,
-----The 1st day : 8th Dhil Hajj,
--------Departure for Mina
-----The 2nd day : 9th Dhil Hajj,
--------The plain of Arafat,
--------Waquf (halting) at Arafat and its procedure,
--------Departure for Muzdalifah,
-----The 3rd Day : 10th Dhil Hajj,
--------Back to Mina,
--------The approved time for throwing pebbles,
--------The correct procedure,
--------Qurbani : Animal sacrifice,
--------Shaving or clipping of hair,
--------Tawaf e Ziyarah,
-----The 4th Day : 11th Dhil Hajj,
-----The 5th Day : 12th Dhil Hajj,
-----Miscellaneous rules regarding Ramee,
---Staying in Makkah & performing Umrah,
---Tawaf of Departure (al-Wada or Sadr),
---Violation of the forbidden acts and their expiation,
---Hajj e Badal,
---Some other important places for Ziyarah in Makkah,
---The correct procedure for visiting the graves,
---The simplest way of reciting al-Fateha.

---Visiting Madinah al-Munawwarah,
------The departure for Madinah Shareef,
------Badr Shareef,
------Arrival at Madinah,
------Riyad al-Jannah (The Garden of Paradise),
------The Order of the Graves,
------The Correct Adaab (etiquette) of Sending Blessings & Salaam,
------The Unique Merits of the Prophet's, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, Mosque,
------The dates of expansion of al-Masjid al-Nabawi,
------Some other Important places in Madinah al-Munawwarah,
---------Jannat al-Baqi,
------The Mosques at Madinah,
------The Historical Wells at Madinah.
------The return Journey,
------Departure from Madinah Shareef,
------Two types of Hajj.

---Appendix : Important Advice & Information,
---About the Author.



* Book dimensions : 17.5 x 11.5cm.

**Sub-Continent Print/translation Quality.



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  • Written by: Mufti Jalal al-Din Amjadi

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