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Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
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Turkish Delight : 200g
Turkish Delight : 200g
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Connecting to the Qur'an : New
Connecting to the Qur'an : New
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33 Bead Tasbih : Choice
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The Essentials of Fasting : New
The Essentials of Fasting : New
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Details:  The Essentials of Fasting : A Guide to the Nourishment of the Soul,
[A6] Glossy Paperback - 112 pages, New, released June 2015,
English Translation with Arabic supplications, in Full Colour,
Published by : Essential Islam, UK.

Description :

From the publishers of the Best Selling ''The Essentials of Hajj and Umrah'' they now bring you ''The Essentials of Fasting - A Guide to the Nourishment of the Soul'' ... covering the legal and spiritual aspects of Fasting and the month of Ramadan, in accordance with the Qur'an and Sunnah.

The real essence of fasting requires understanding and complete comprehension, which is why ‘The Essentials of Fasting’ is the perfect companion for those aspiring to recognise the true reality of the fast.

By fulfilling both the outward and inward conditions affiliated with fasting, readers can aspire towards a higher spiritual dimension during their worship. This endeavour can only be achieved through adhering to the rulings and conditions, coupled with the realisation of the inward beauty associated with fasting (and Ramadan).

This spectacular guide covers: the legal classification and intention of fasting; the principles related to establishing the beginning of every Islamic month, and in particular the crescent moon of Ramadan; the actions that do, and do not invalidate the fast; the expiation required for invalidating the fast of Ramadan; the actions that are, and are not disliked during fasting; the exemptions from fasting during Ramadan; the legal rulings of itikaf; the rulings of fasting for women; and the inner spirit of fasting, which includes theses on the virtue of fasting, the radiant month of Ramadan, and Prophetic recommendations during fasting.

Table of Contents :

---About Essentials of Islam,

Section One : The Reality of Fasting

---[1]. The Classification of Fasting,
---[2]. The Intention of Fasting,
---[3]. Sighting the Moon & Establishing the Crescent of Ramadan,
---[4]. Actions that do not Invalidate the Fast,
---[5]. Actions that Invalidate the Fast,
---[6]. Expiation,
---[7]. When it is Necessary to Refrain from Eating during the Day,
---[8]. Disliked Actions during Fasting,
---[9]. What is not Disliked during Fasting,
---[10]. Exemptions from Fasting,
---[11]. Atoning for Any Missed Fasts,
---[12]. Itikaf [Spiritual Seclusion],
---[13]. Women and Fasting.

Section Two : The Spirit of Fasting,

---[1]. The Inner Dimensions of Fasting,
---[2]. The Virtues of Fasting,
---[3]. The Radiant Month of Ramadan,
---[4]. Eat Less, Live Longer,
---[5]. Prophetic Recommendations.

---Final Thoughts and Reflection,
---Questions and Answers,
---References and Bibliography.

Full colour paperback :

   * 1st Edition
   * Professional Dispersion Varnish Print
   * Printed on 150gsm paper
   * Print Finishing: Matt Coating
   * Covers printed on 300gsm paper, with a gloss lamination finish

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