Basic Essentials for Muslims

 Basic Essentials for Muslims : Darurat al-MuslimeenNew,
with English Translation and Transliteration,
*[A5] Paperback - 45 pages,
Published by IBS, India.

Description :

This book contains as the title suggests the very Basic Essentials for Muslims (Darurat al-Muslimeen). It is recommended for Madrassahs and new Muslims.

Contained inside are the Seven Kalimaat, prayers recited during ritual salah and various daily du'as (prayers). With English translation and transliteration, to help with the correct understanding and with pronunciation.

Table of Contents :


The Seven Kalimah :
---Kali-mah Tay-yib-bah,
---Kali-mah Sha-haa-dah,
---Kali-mah Tam-jeed,
---Kali-mah Taw-heed,
---Kali-mah Rad-de-kufr,

---Imaa-ne Muj-mal,
---Imaa-ne Mu-fas-sal,

Wudhoo (Ablution):
---Du'aa before Wudhoo,
---Du'aa whilst  performing Wudhoo,
---Du'aa after performing Wudhoo,

Adhaan and Iqaamah (Call to Prayer) :
---The Adhaan (except for Fajr),
---Adhaan al-Fajr,
---The Iqaamah,
---How to reply to the Adhaan and Iqaamah,
---The Supplication (Du'a) after the Adhaan,

The Masjid (Mosque) :
---Du'aa when entering the Masjid,
---Du'aa when leaving the Masjid,

Salah (Daily Prayer) :
---Tasbeeh in Rukoo,
---When Rising up from Rukoo,
---Hamd in Qauma,
---Tasbeeh in Sajdah,
---Ta-shah-hud (Hanafi),
------Ta-shah-hud (Shafi'i),
---Durood e Ibraheem,
---Du'a after the Durood,
---Du'a after the Salaam,
---Du'aa e Qunoot (Hanafi),
------Du'aa e Qunoot (Shafi'i).

Janaazah Salah (Prayer for the Deceased) :
---Du'aa in Janaazah Salaah for Adult,
---Du'aa in Janaazah Salaah for a Boy,
---Du'aa in Janaazah Salaah for a Girl.
---Du'aa for Conveying Reward to the Deceased (Isaale Thawaab),
---Du'aa when entering the Cemetery,

Qurbani (Sacrifice) and Aqeeqah :
---Du'aa before Slaughtering a Qurbaani animal,
---Du'aa after Slaughtering a Qurbaani animal,
---Aqiqah Du'aa for a Boy,
---Aqiqah Du'aa for a Girl,

Everyday Du'aas :
---Du'aa for Fasting.
---Du'aa when breaking Fast,
---Du'aa when Entering/Leaving Home,
---Du'aa before going to bed,
---Du'aa before Sleeping,
---Du'aa after Awakening,
---Du'aa when Entering/Leaving Bathroom,
---Du'aa when Seeing the New Moon,
---Du'aa at the time of Sunset,
---Du'aa at the time of a Journey,
---Du'aa when Beginning a Journey,
---Du'aa when Returning from a Journey,
---Du'aa before/after Eating,
---Du'aa when Loss Occurs,
---Du'aa after Drinking Water,
---Du'aa when Looking in the Mirror,
---Du'aa when Wearing a New Garment,
---Du'aa when Wearing any Garment,
---Du'aa upon Hearing Good News,
---Du'aa when Visiting a Sick Person,
---Du'aa when in Bodily Pain,
---Du'aa when in  in Fever,
---Du'aa when Fire Breaks Out,
---Du'aa when an Evil Thought comes to Mind,
---Du'aa at the time of Rainfall,
---Du'aa when there is Excessive Downpour,
---Du'aa when One Hears Thunder,
---Du'aa when One is in Difficulty,
---Du'aa when any Need Arises,
---Du'aa for Increasing Knowledge,
---Du'aa at the time of Death,
---Du'aa when lowering the Deceased in the Grave,
---Du'aa when Filling the Grave with Soil.

Sub-continent print!

More Du'a and Wazaif.



*Dimensions : 21.5 x 14cm.



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