Introducing The Fiqh of Prayer

Introducing The Fiqh of Prayer -
Kitab al-SalatNew,
*[A5] Paperback - 225 pages, Updated Edition,
by S. Z. Chowdhury,
Part of the Introducing Fiqh Educational Series.


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Description :

This is the second volume in the Introducing Fiqh Educational Series. It contains 20 sections covering key aspects of the legal rulings (ahkam) related to conditions, integrals and application of the Prayer (salah). The material is drawn from the Hanafi legal school as well as its major fatawa collections. The base texts used include al-Shurnbulali's primer Nur al-Idah with his own commentary Maraqi al-Falah as well as his parallel primer Maraqi al-Sa'adat and al-Quduri's Mukhtasar with its commentary al-Lubab by 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nablusi. The larger legal references are the encyclopaedia of edicts al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya and the canonical corpus juris Radd al-Muhtar of Ibn Abidin.

The book contains copious Arabic citations for the more advanced students or for those wishing to continue further research into the legal evidences and discussions. This book is ideal for the classroom format but is also suitable for independent learning due to its structure, lucidity and detail.

Table of Contents :

Section [1]. Muqaddima (Introduction) :
---The superiority of fiqh,

Section [2]. Preliminaries,
---1. Definition of Prayer,
---2. Conditions that obligate the Prayer,
---3. Injunctions pertaining to discipline and Prayer,
---4. Injunctions pertaining to punishment and Prayer,
---5. Categories of actions.

Section [3]. The Times of the Prayer,
---1. The times of the 5 prescribed Prayers,
---2. Recommended times of the Prayers,
---3. Forbidden times of the Prayers,
---4. Disliked times of the Prayer,
---5. Some rulings pertaining to 'Asr Prayer,
---6. Miscellaneous Rulings.

Section [4]. The Pillars of the Prayer,
---1. Pillars and Conditions of the Prayer,
---2. Miscellaneous rulings related to purity and Prayer,
---3. Miscellaneous rulings related to nakedness and Prayer,
---4. Miscellaneous rulings related to facing Makkah (qibla).

Section [5]. The Mandatory aspects of the Prayer,
---1. Preliminaries and Definitions,
---2. The wajibat aspects of the Prayer,
---3. The Prostration for Forgetfulness,
---4. The Prostration for Recitation.

Section [6]. The Sunna aspects of the Prayer,
---1. Preliminaries and Definitions,
---2. The sunnah aspects of the Prayer,
---3. The sunnah aspects after the Prayer,
---4. The adab aspects after the Prayer.

Section [7]. The Invalidators of the Prayer,
---1. The mufsidat of the Prayer,
---2. Miscellaneous rulings about what does not invalidate the Prayer.

Section [8]. The Disliked aspects of the Prayer,
---1. Some Preliminaries and Definitions,
---2. The makruhat of the Prayer,
---3. That which is not disliked in the Prayer.

Section [9]. Breaking off the Prayer,
---1. Breaking off the Prayer,
---2. Breaking off the Prayer and joining a congregation.

Section [10]. The Prayer Barrier,
---1. Preliminaries and Definitions,
---2. General rulings pertaining to the sutra (prayer barrier).

Section [11]. The Prayer of the Sick,
---1. Outlines,
---2. Additional rulings,
---3. Miscellaneous rulings.

Section [12]. Leading the Prayer,
---1. Some Preliminaries,
---2. That which invalidates the Imama,
---3. Eligibility of the Imama,
---4. The Imama that is disliked,
---5. The Congregational Prayer,
---6. Miscellaneous Rulings.

Section [13]. The Witr Prayer,
---1. Outlines of the Witr Prayer.

Section [14]. The Friday Prayer,
---1. Conditions and Validity,
---2. The khutba (sermon) and its aspects,
---3. Disliked aspects of the Friday Prayer,
---4. Miscellaneous Rulings.

Section [15]. Other Prayer Types,
---1. Other voluntary Prayer Types,
---2. The tahajjud (night vigil) Prayer.

Section [16]. Missed Prayers,
---1. Outlines, 
---2. General Rulings,
---3. The fidya (monetary compensation) for missed Prayers.

Section [17]. Eid Prayers,
---1. Outlines, 
---2. The sunna aspects,
---3. The 'Id al-Adha Prayer,
---4. The takbirat of the Tashriq Days,
---5. Miscellaneous Rulings.

Section [18]. The Funeral Prayer,
---1. Remark, 
---2. The funeral Prayer Rulings,
---3. General Rulings.

Section [19]. General Rulings Pertaining to the Prayer,
---[1]. General miscellaneous rulings pertaining to the Prayer,
------1. The Friday Prayer in secured areas,
------2. Kissing the Thumbs,
------3. Controlling a child,
------4. Assisting one's own Imam,
------5. Shoes and Prayers,
------6. Unnecessarily prolonging any part of the Prayer,
------7. Making du'a in any other language other than Arabic,
------8. Praying on office floors,
------9. Surety and Prayer time,
------10. Minimal 'awra,
------11. Minimal recitation,
------12. Minimal sajda,
------13. Praying Witr with a shafi'i Imam,
------14. Opening Takbir,
------15. Praying through live TV, radio, internet feed, etc.
------16. Following a Latecomer,
------17. Praying and being joined by another,
------18. Praying in a room with trophies and pictures,
------19. Praying in congregation but in another room,
------20. Moving to fill the gaps,
------21. Praying without determining the Qibla,
------22. Praying on any means of transport (trains, cars, buses, boats, trams, aeroplanes, hot air balloons, etc,
------23. Praying with sunglasses, glasses, contact lenses, patches and any eye-covering,
------24. Praying with a belt, tie, watch, gloves, etc,
------25. Switching off mobiles in Prayer and general movements,
------26. Holding children and Prayer,
------27. Husband and Wife congregation,
------28. Recitation of Surat al-Nas in the 1st Rak'a,
------29. Concentration in Prayer,
------30. Closing eyes and Prayer,
------31. Praying behind a sinner,
------32. Voluntary prayers sitting down,
------33. Wearing hoodies,
------34. Forehead on the ground,
------35. Flatulence,
------36. Fatiha and Prayer,
------37. Admonishing the Congregation,
------38. Constant urine drops,
------39. Feet off the ground and sajda,
------40. Extreme daylight hours,
------41. The bayan before the Friday khutba,
------42. Walking while praying.

Section [20]. The Women's Prayer,
---1. Preliminaries,
---2. Outlines,
------In summary.
---3. Miscellaneous Rulings.

---Key References.

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