Salaat : Prayer, incl. Transliteration

 Salaat : Prayer -
Text, Translation, Transliteration & Method.
*[A5+] Paperback - 94 pages, in Full Colour!
by Muhammad Din Sialvi, [2015 Publication]
Published by Al-Hira Publications, UK.

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Description :

A comprehensive book of Salaat (Prayer) for beginners, New Muslims, or anyone else going back to the basics. Published on decent glossy art-paper this New book provides the complete guide for reciting Salaat, the complete Arabic text, with transliteration (Roman English), English translation and explanation.

                 ''Surely, Salaat (Namaaz) keeps one away from
                  all lewd and forbidden acts

Contains full colour images and photos for carrying out the wudhu and Salaat (Prayer) (for boys and girls) according to the Hanafi madhhab. See image below for interior page sample.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Iman Mujamal.

---[2]. Iman Mufassal.

---[3]. Six Kalmay - The Six Testimonies of Faith,
------i. Awwal Kalimah Tayyib : First Declaration of Purity,
------ii. Dowm Kalimah Shahadat : Second Declaration of Bearing Witness,
------iii. Sowm Kalimah Tamjiid : Third Declaration of Majesty,
------iv. Ghahaarum Kalimah Tawhid : Fourth Declaration of Oneness
------v. Panjum Kalimah Istighfaar :  Fifth Declaration of Seeking Forfiveness,
------vi. Shashshum Kalimah Raddi Kufr : Sixth Declaration of Rejecting Disbelief.

---[4]. Taharat - Cleanliness & Purification,
------The Bathroom & Istinjaa,
------Du'a for entering,
------Du'a for leaving.

---[5]. Wudhu (Ablution),
------The method of performing Wudhu,
------The matters that break ones Wudhu.

---[6]. Method of Ghusl (Bathing),
------The accepted method of taking a bath.

---[7]. Method of Tayammum (Dry Ablution),
------Procedure of Tayammum.

---[8]. Du'a for entering the Masjid.

---[9]. Du'a for leaving the Masjid.

---[10]. Adhan & Iqamah (Call for Prayer),
------The words of the Adhan,
------The Iqamah,
------The Rulings of the Adhan,
------The Reply to the Adhan,
------The Du'a after Adhan,
------The Du'a of Wasila.

---[11]. The Salaah (Ritual Prayer),
------The Names of the Salahs' and the number of Units (Rak'ats) in each,
------What to read whilst sitting in the Mosque.

---[12]. The Method of Salaah (with colour images),
------The Intention (Niyyah),
------The Salaah in order,
------Takbir e Tahreema,
------Surah al-Fateha and other Surah,
------Sajda (Prostration),
------Second Sajda,
------Second Rak'at,
------Qa'dah - Tashahhud,
------Durood e Ibrahim,
------Rabbij alni - Du'a,
------For the third Rak'at,
------For the fourth Rak'at.

---[13]. Supplications after Salaah,

---[14]. Du'a after Salaah,
------Another Du'a,
------Ayat al-Qursi,

---[15]. The different types of Salaah,
------The five categories of Salaah (Prayer),
------Wajib (Witr),
------Sunna Muakkada, Sunna Ghair Muakkada and Nafl,
------Salah in Congregation (Jama'ah).

---[16]. Tarawih Salaah (the Ramadan night-time prayer),
------Tasbih Tarawih.

---[17]. Friday Salaah (Jum'ah),
------Sunna Acts for Jum'ah,
------The method Jum'ah Salaah.

---[18]. Eid Salaah (Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha),
------The timing for Eid Prayer,
------The method of Eid Salaah.

---[19]. Janazah Salaah (Funeral Prayer),
------The Method of Salaat al-Janazah.

---[20]. Traditional & Everday Supplications,
------Du'a before Eating,
------Du'a after Meal,
------Du'a before Breaking Fast,
------Du'a after Breaking Fast,
------Du'a when wearing new clothes/garments,
------Du'a when looking in the Mirror,
------Du'a for controlling Anger,
------Du'a when someone does a favour upon you,
------Du'a on seeing an afflicted person,
------Du'a for travelling,
------Du'a for the Night of Power,
------Du'a before going to Sleep.

---Page for making Notes.

Also see Salat (Prayer).

*Book Dimensions :  22.5 x 16.5 mm.

Allama Muhammad din Sialvi : Other books by the Author.

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