Q & A from Fatawa Rizwiyah Vol 1

Q & A from Fatawa Rizwiyah  [Volume 1],
[A5] Paperback 270+ pages,
Original work in Urdu by AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan,
Compiled by Dr Musharraf Hussain,
English Transl. by Sunni Scholars/Students,
Published by al-Qalam Society, UK.


Description :

This is the first UK translation into English of Fatawa Radawiyyah by a team of scholars and students (al-Qalam Society). Together they have translated Volume One of the great work in this 'Question and Answer' format.

               '' Fatawa Radawiyyah is the epic work by arguably the greatest
                 scholar of the 20th Century, the Mujaddid [Reviver of Islam],
                 the Reformer [anti bid'at] the unequalled genius, ash-Shah Imam
                 Ahmad Rida Khan al-Qadiri, May Allah be pleased with him
. ''

This particular volume of work contains a selection of Question & Answers' relating to taharat, ghusl, wudu, Salaah, Juma Khutbah, qasr Salah, etc. 

Table of Contents :

--- Preface,
--- About the Translators,
--- 'Ala-Hadrat Shah Imam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Barelwi, May Allah be pleased with him,
--- 'Ala-Hadrat's Love for the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam.

--- Extravagance,
--- Ghusl,
--- Wudu,
--- Menses,
--- Salaah,
--- Cleanliness,
--- General Issues,
--- The Importance of Salaah,
--- The Place of Prayer,
--- Adhaan and Iqamah,
--- Tajweed & the Recitation of the Qur'an,
--- Qirat,
--- How to perform Salaah
--- Issues concerning leading the Prayer,
--- Praying behind an Imam of another madhhab,
--- Imamat : Leading the Prayer,
--- The Late-Comer,
--- Delegating the Imamat (Istikhlaf),
--- Witr and Nafl,
--- Salat al-Tasbeeh,
--- Listening to the Qur'an and Taraweeh Prayer,
--- Du'a al-Qunut,
--- On issues of the Masjid,
--- On Recitation of the Qur'an,
--- Decoration of the Masjid,
--- Jama'at - Congregational Prayer,
--- Qad'ah - Missed Prayers,
--- Sajda Sahw - Prostration for Correction,
--- Sajda Tilawat,
--- Khutbah - The Friday Sermon,
--- The Eid Prayer,
--- Qasr Salaah - Shortening of the Prayer,
--- Glossary. 

This is a UK Publication!


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