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Diya at-Tarkeeb : Urdu
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Hanbali Substantive Law
Hanbali Substantive Law
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Details: An Epitome of
Hanbali Substantive Law : New,
'Kitab Furu al-Fiqh,' English & Arabic,
*[A5] Paperback - 180 pages,
by Yusuf b. 'Abd al-Hadi al-Hanbali [d.909h],
Translated by Jewel Jalil,
Published by Dar al-Arqam.

Description :

'An Epitome of Hanbali Substantive Law' : This book is a translation of Yūsuf b. ʿAbd al-Hādīs, rahimahullah, (d. 909/1503) Ḥanbalī law manual, Kitāb furūʿ al-fiqh. The purpose of this rendition is to present the main aspects of Islamic law in a simple and modern manner. The manual at hand is considered to be the shortest law manual in the Ḥanbalī school.

The translation covers the articles of law pertaining to the aspects of worship (ʿibādāt) and social dealings (muʿāmalāt). The appendix contains a translation of the chapters of fasting and devotional seclusion from Ibn Qudāmas (d. 620/1223) Ḥanbalī law manual, al-Muqniʿ. A rendition of Ibn ʿAqīls (d. 513/1119) treatise on Islamic manners, Fuṣūl al-ādāb wa makārim al-akhlāq al-mashrūʿa, has been included to compliment the articles of law.

Table of Contents :


---Foreword by Dr. Mustafa Baig,
---Translators Introduction,

---Chronology of the Hanbali School,
---Principles of Imam Ahmad b. Hanbali' school,
---Determining the Official Opnions of the Hanbali school,
---The Five Legal Rulings,
---Encouragement to study Islamic Law,
---The Author,
---The Manual.

An Epitome of Hanbali Substantive Law

---[1]. Worship,

---[2]. Social Dealings,

---[3]. Marriage,

---[4]. Divorce,

---[5]. Injurious Crimes and Legal Punishments,

---[6]. Judgeship,

---[7]. Food and Drink,

---[8]. Inheritance.

The Arabic Text :
---Kitab Furu al-Fiqh :

Appendix :
---Ibn Qudama's Chapters on Fasting and Devotional Seclusion,

Addendum :
---Ibn Aqil al-Hanbali's Essay on Islamic Manners,


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