The Light of Clarification: Nur al-Idah

Nur al-Idah : The Light of Clarification,
[-A4] Hardback - 239 pages, New Edition,
by Imam Hasan bin Ammar al-Shurunbulali [d.1069h],
Translation of his Nur al-Idah wa Najat al-Arwah,
by Bilal Brown,
Published by Marifah.

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Description :

This is a new translation of Nur al-Ida wa Najat al-Arwah, A Classical Manual of Hanafi Law. 

Nur al-idah is a text that deals with the subject matters of purification, prayer, and fasting in an exhaustive manner.

This important primer, written in the 17th Century, in the Hanafi School of law, has had unanimous acceptance in the Muslim Sunni world for centuries and is usually the first text studied in law by the neophyte student up until today.

This translation is clear, with additional space for making hand-written notes and beneficial footnotes that make it an indispensable resource for any serious student of the Hanafi School, whether studying the text in English or any other language. There is an added section on Zakah to cover the immediate core areas of worship that are essential in every Muslim's daily and yearly life. The layman and the student alike will no doubt benefit from this priceless work.


About the Author :

Imam Hasan bin Ammar bin Ali al-Shurunbulali, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi,  was born in Egypt in 994 AH (1586 CE). He studied the sacred sciences at Al-Azhar University until he became one of the most pre-eminent jurists of his time. He authored Nur al-Idah in the year 1032 AH and then wrote a commentary on it named Imdad al-Fattah which he summarised into the book Maraqi al-Falah. He passed away on Friday after the afternoon prayer on 21st Ramadan in the year 1069 AH (1659 CE).


Table of Contents :

---[1]. The Book of Purification:

-------Section of Clarifying the Rules of Remnant Water,
-------Section of Investigation,
-------Section of Matters Pertaining to Wells,
-------Section of al-Istinja,
-------Section of What al-Istinja is Permitted with,
-------Section of the Rulings of Wudu,
-------Section of the Completion of the Rulings of Wudu,
-------Section of the Sunnah's of Wudu,
-------Section of the Etiquettes of Wudu,
-------Section of Disliked Actions,
-------Section of the Attributes of Wudu,
-------Section of the Invalidator's of Wudu,
-------Section of Ten Things that do not Invalidate Wudu,
-------Section of What Necessitates Bathing,
-------Section of Ten Things that Bathing is Not Required from,
-------Section for Clarifying the Obligatory parts of Ghusl,
-------Section of the Sunnah's of Bathing,
-------Section of the Etiquettes of Bathing and it's Disliked Actions,
-------Section of the Sunnah's and Recommended Actions of Bathing,
-------Section of Tayammum,
-------Section of Wiping Over Leather Socks,
-------Section of the Ruling of a Splint and Similar to it,
-------Section of Mestruation, Postpartum Bleeding and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding,
-------Section of Impurities and Purification of Them,
-------Section of Purification of Skins of Dead Animals and Similar to it.

---[2]. The Book of Prayer,

-------Section of Disliked Times,
-------Section of the Adhan,
-------Section of the Conditions of the Prayer and It's Pillars,
-------Section of things Connected to the Conditions of Prayer and it's Branches,
-------Section regarding Clarification of the Wajib Prayer,
-------Section Clarifying the Sunnah's of the Prayer,
-------Section on the Etiquettes of the Prayer,
-------Section on the Method of the Prayer,
-------Section of the Imamate,
-------Section on Omission of Attending the Congregation,
-------Section on Clarification of who has More Right to the Imamate and the Order of the Rows,
-------Section on What the Follower does after his Imam's Finishing of a Wajib and Other than it,
-------Section on the Description of Transmitted Remembrances done after the Fard Prayer,
-------Section of What Ruins the Prayer,
-------Section on What Does Not Ruin the Prayer,
-------Section o, the Disliked Actions of the Prayer,
-------Section on Using a Barrier and Repelling the Passer in Front of the Person Praying,
-------Section on What is Not Disliked for the Person Praying,
-------Section on What Necessitates Breaking the Prayer, What Allows it, and Other than it from Delaying the Prayer & Leaving it,
-------Section of Al-Witr and It's Rulings,
-------Section on Clarifying Voluntary Prayers,
-------Section on Greeting the Mosque, the Forenoon Prayer, and Giving Life to Nights,
-------Section on the Voluntary Prayer Seated, the Prayer on a Riding Beast, and the Prayer Walking,
-------Section on the Fard and Wajib Prayers whilst Riding on a Beast,
-------Section on the Prayer in a Boat,
-------Section on Tarawih,
-------Section of Prayer inside the Kaaba,
-------Section of the Traveller's Prayer,
-------Section of the Sick Person's Prayer,
-------Section on Omission of Prayer and Fasting and Other than these Two,
-------Section of Making Up Missed Prayers,
-------Section of Catching the Obligatory Prayer with the Imam,
-------Section of Prostrating due to Forgetfulness,
-------Section on Doubt in the Prayer and Purification,
-------Section of Prostrating due to Recitation,
-------Section on the Prostration due to Gratitude,
-------Section of the Friday Prayer,
-------Section of the Rulings of the Two Eid's,
-------Section of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse and Fearful States Prayer,
-------Section of Asking for Rain,
-------Section of the Fear Prayer,
-------Section of the Rulings of Funerals,
-------Section on the Prayer Upon the Deceased,
-------Section on Clarifying the One who has Most Right to the Prayer over the Deceased and What is Related to it,
-------Section on Carrying the Bier Containing the Deceased and Burying it,
-------Section on Visiting Graves,
-------Section of the Rulings of the Martyr.

---[3]. The Book of Fasting:

-------Section on the Description of Fasting and It's Division,
-------Section on What Making Intention from the Night and Specifying it in, it is not Conditional, and that which it is Conditional,
-------Section on What the New Moon is Established by, Fasting, the Day of Doubt and Other than it,
-------Section of Clarifying What Does Not Break the Fast,
-------Section of What Fasting is Ruined by and Expiation with Making it up is Obligatory for it,
-------Section on Expiation and What Omits it from Responsibility,


---[4]. The Book of Zakah:




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