Salah : The Muslim Prayer

Salah - (The Muslim Prayer),
English/Arabic with Transliteration.
Pocket Size  Paperback - 48 pages.

Description :

A clear and concise explanation of how to pray. Also gives a detailed description of the preliminaries to salah, including Ibadah, taharah, wudu, ghusl, tayammum, the adhan, the time (including dress) and place for salah, and the different types of salah, with easy-to-follow illustrations.

Also shows the differences between brothers and sisters salah (in the hanafi maddhhab).

---Colour Presentation,
---Handy Pocket Size, take anywhere,
---Clear Illustrations,
---English Transliteration.

Gives clear instructions in how to conduct salah, with English translation, transliteration as well as the arabic words. Ideal for students, children, new muslims and anyone going back to basics.






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