New Elementary Teachings of Islam

 New Elementary Teachings of Islam - Hanafi Fiqh,
*[A5] Paperback - 114 pages, 3rd Edition,
by Mawlana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui,
Published by Beacon Media, UK.

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Description :

A concise and clear explanation of the 5 Pillars of Islam and the 7 Articles of Faith. This classic book has been in print for more than 65 years and is a useful text for all those who seek knowledge of the basic, fundamental principles of Islam.

All Arabic text including the du'as [supplications] have been translated and transliterated into Roman English. The detailed illustrations of the prayer postures will also be a useful aid.

About the Author : Mawlana Abd al Alim al-Siddiqi al-Qadiri, may Allah have mercy upon him, was born in the blessed month of Ramadhan, on 3 April 1892 (15th Ramadhan 1310), in Meerut, India. He was raised in a family that was extremely pious and devout and were descended from the 1st Caliph of Islam; of Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him.

Mawlana Abd al Alim had a remarkable love and thirst for knowledge. At the age of 16, he graduated with a Degree and distinctions in Islamic Theology. He then pursued non-theological studies in modern sciences and Law. He also acquired advanced knowledge in Qur’anic science, Hadith, Tassawuf and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) of the four main madhhab. His teachers include Shaykh Ahmad al-Shams of Morocco, Shaykh al-Sanusi of Libya, Mawlana Abd ul Bari of Farangi Mahal and Mawlana Ahmad Mukhtar Siddiq (his brother), may Allah have mercy upon them all. He also achieved great Islamic theological and spiritual development under the guidance of Shaykh Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, may Allah be pleased with him, a revered Islamic scholar and a great Sufi Master.

Mawlana Abd al Alim Siddiqi travelled continuously for 40 years to all parts of the globe until his labours of love for the spiritual reform and enlightenment of humanity covered a major part of the world

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Note,
---Preface to the Third Edition,
---About the Author,

Part [I]. The Cardinal Articles of Faith,
---Iman - Belief
---[1]. Oneness of Allah,
---[2]. The Angels,
---[3]. The Books of Allah,
---[4]. The Prophets of Allah,
---[5]. The Day of Resurrection and The Day of Judgement,
---[6]. The Power of doing Good or Evil.

Part [II]. The Fundamental Principles of Islam,
---[1]. The Declaration of Faith,
------- Kalima e Tayyibah,
------- Kalimat 'ush Shahaadat,
------- Kalimat ut Tamjeed,
------- Kalima tu Radd e Kufr,
---Who is Muhammad, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, ?

---[2]. 2nd Principle of Islam : Prayer : (Salah),
---[3]. Ablution (Wudu),
--------9 Steps with Diagrams,
--------The Obligatory Acts in the Performance of Wudu,
---[4]. Bathing (Ghusl),
---[5]. Dry Ablution, (Tayammum),
---[6]. Miscellaneous Notes,
---[7]. The Call to Prayer (Azan),
--------The Call to Prayer for the Morning Prayer (Fajr Azan),
---[8]. The Shorter Call to Prayer (Iqama),
---[9]. The Obligatory and Essential Factors of Prayer (Fard and Wajib).

---Performing the Prayer,
---A Complete Description of the Prayer,
--------Step by Step Guide with Diagrams,
---Sajdat us Sahw,
---Classification of Prayer,
---Fard Prayers,
---Waajib ul Witr,
---Salaatul Janaazah,
---Salaat ul Musaafir,
---Salaat ul Jumu'a,
---Salaat ut Taraaweeh,
---Waajibul 'Id,
---Nafl Prayers,
---Forbidden Times for Prayers,

Part [III] Charity - Zakat,
---Sadaqatul Fitr.

Part [IV] Fasting - Sawm,

Part [V] Pilgrimage - Al-Hajj,
---The Hajj,
---Performing Tawaf,
---Performing Sa'ee,
------Safa and Marwa,
---13 Steps needed to Perform the Hajj,
---Performing Umra,
------Visiting the Prophet's, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, Mosque in Madina,

---Poetry : English Translation -
------God is Only One,
------God is Just,
------A Second Guide,
------Books of God,
------Judgement Day,
------The Five Pillars,
------The Prophet of Islam.

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Other works : Shaykh Abd al-Alim al-Siddiqui, rahimahullah,

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