Islam : The Glorious Religion

Islam, the Glorious Religion,
[A5+] Hardback - 695 pages,
by Mufti Muhammad Khalil Khan Barkaati,
Transl. into English by Muhammad Waseem Afzal [M.A].
by Ziya al-Qur'an, Lahore.

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Description :

Islam The Glorious Religion is the English translation of the contemporary Urdu classic Hamara Islam, as written by 'Khaleel al Millat' - Hadrat Allama Mufti Muhammad Khalil Khan al-Qadiri Barkaati al-Ridwi, Rahmatullahi 'alayhi.

It is a comprehensive manual covering virtually all the important aspects of the beautiful religion of Islam, written by a prolific scholar of his time. It details the Islamic faith, covering belief, worship, command and principles founded on the Ahl al-Sunnat w'al Jama'at (Greatest majority of Muslims following the Sunnah) creed. It is based upon the Hanafi madhhab in jurisprudence. 

The author 'Khaleel-e-Millat' had a 'name' in literary circles as well as in the arena of public speaking. Educated in the spiritual academy of Barkaatiyya Mahrehrah Shareef this practising scholar penned a large number of books, treatises and articles on Islam, which he maintained diligently until he breathed his last while writing the book titled "Maut Kaa Safar" (Journey to Death). Some of these books have been used as training guides and have come under the study of students and scholars alike. Books like ''Sunni Bahishti Zewar"(The Jewels of Paradise or The Heavenly Jewels) have been passionately consumed by the masses, not just in the asian sub-continent but throughout the world.  

This book "Hamaaraa Islam" (Islam: The Glorious Religion) has been widely commended by the Ulema [religious scholars] of all backgrounds and sects, not to mention the Sunni scholars spread throughout the globe. This book is on the religious curriculum of many seminaries and schools in Pakistan, India, Europe and USA. The 'Tanzeem-ul Madaaris - Ahl as-Sunnat, Pakistan' has included this book in the curriculum of all Sunni religious seminaries operating in Pakistan. An organisation of students of Pakistan (Anjuman Talbah-e-Islaam) also has this book in its course of study to educate and train its members and supporters. 

Islam, the Glorious Religion was first published in 1955, and after many editions it is now available in English, Dutch, Hindi languages since its original urdu version was first launched as '' Hamaaraa Islam.'' 

Table of Contents :

---1. About this Book,

Volume  I  

Fundamentals of Islamic Faith

---2.   Six Kalimahs,
---3.   Islamic Faith in brief,
---4.   Islamic Faith in detail,
---5.   The gist of Islamic beliefs,
---6.   Definition of Islam,
---7.   Islamic Faith & Infidelity,
---8.   Of Paradise,
---9.   Of Hell,
---10. Impeccable life of Allah's Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---11. Of the Holy Qur'an,
---12. Excellence of Salaat (Prayer),
---13. Timings of Salaat (prayer),
---14. Rak'ahs (cycles) of prayer,
---15. Of Adhaan (Call to prayer),
---16. Of Iqaamah,
---17. Of "Wudu" (ablution),
---18. Words of Salaat (prayer),
---19. Mode of offering prayer,
---20. Some good supplications. 

Volume II 

Chapter I 
---21. The religion of Islam,
---22. Our God - Allah Almighty,
---23. Angels,
---24. Revealed Books,
---25. Allah's Messengers & Prophets,
---26. The Leader of all Prophets, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---27. The Doomsday,
---28. Predestination,
---29. About Death & the Grave,
---30. Resurrection after death.

Pillars of Islam / Islamic Worship

Chapter 2 
---31. Significance of Salaat (prayer),
---32. "Tahaarah" (Purification): The first requisite for prayer,
---33. Of "Wudu" (ablution),
---34. Of "Ghusl" (bath),
---35. Of the water,
---36. Of the well,
---37. Of "Istinjaa" (abstersion),
---38. Beautiful Sayings of the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---39. Some good supplications. 

Volume III : Islamic Belief

Chapter 1
---40. "Tawheed" (Monotheism),
---41. "Malaa-ikah" (Angels),
---42. Divine Books,
---43. The Prophets & Messengers,
---44. The Last Prophet,
---45. The Prophet's Companions,
---46. "Ahl al-Bayt"
---47. "Awliya Allah" (Saints),
---48. Miracles & Mini-miracles.

Islamic Worship : Purification

Chapter 2
---49. Remaining Regulations of Wudu,
---50. Remaining Regulations of "Ghusl" (Bath),
---51. The method to wipe impurity,
---53. Important Conditions for Salaat (Prayer),
---54. Covering the body from Navel to Knees,
---55. "Istiqbaal-e-Qiblah" (Facing the Qiblah)
---56. Prayer timings,
---57. "Niyah" (Prayer's intention),
---58. Obligatory Acts of Prayer,
---59. Essential, Sunnat & Commendable Acts of Prayer,
---60. "Masnoon" (Accepted) Mode of Offering Prayer,
---61. Beautiful Sayings of the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---62. Excellences of "Durood Shareef' (Invocation of Allah's Blessings on the Prophet),
---63. Some Good Supplications concerning Wudu.

Volume IV : Islamic Belief

Chapter I  
---64. Person & Attributes of Allah Almighty,
---65. Beliefs' concerning the Prophethood,
---66. The Chief of all the Worlds,
---67. The True Caliphs,
---68. Islamic faith & infidelity,
---69. Heresy and major & minor sins,
---70. About "Taqleed" (conformation),
---71. Terminology of Shari'ah's Commands.

Islamic Worship : Salaah

Chapter 2
---72. Remaining Regulations of "Tahaarah" (purification)
---73. Remaining Regulations of Qiraa-at,
---74. "Imaamat" (Leading the prayer)
---75. "Jama'at" (Congregational prayer)
---76. "Mufsidaatus Salaat" (Acts which vitiate prayer)
---77. "Makroohaat" (Odious Acts) of prayer,
---78. Etiquette for Mosques,
---79. About "Witr"
---80. About "Taraawih"
---81. Of Sunnat and Nafil prayer,
---82. Beautiful Sayings of the Beloved, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---83. Good Supplications. 

Volume V  : Aqeedah

Chapter I 
---84. Divine Destiny,
---85. Of Intercession,
---86. "Aalam-e-Barzakh"
---87. Portents of Doomsday,
---88. Doom and Resurrection,
---89. Some detailed events concerning the World; Hereafter.

Islamic Worship : Types of Salaah

Chapter 2 
---90. About "Nafil" prayers & about missed, omitted prayers
---91. About "Sajdatus Sahv"
---92. Of "Sajdat ut Tilaawah"
---93. About the prayer of the ill and sick,
---94. About the prayer of the traveller,
---95. Of "Jumu'ah" prayer,
---96. Of "Eid" prayer,
---97. Of the deceased's body,
---98. Visiting graves & Conveying Reward of virtues (Essaale Thawaab)
---99. Beautiful Sayings of The Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---100. Good supplications.   

Volume VI  : Islamic Belief

Chapter 1
---101. The Glorious Qur'an,
---102. Traits of the Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---103. Excellence of "Durood Shareef"
---104. "Ummahaa'tul-Mu'mineen." 

Volume VII  : Islamic Worship  : Zakaat

---105. Of "Zakaat" (Charity to the Poor),
---106. Conditions of Zakaat's being compulsory,
---107. Zakaat on Animals,
---108. Zakaat of Gold & Silver,
---109. Zakaat on Merchandise,
---110. Zakaat of Crops,
---111. Uses of Zakaat,
---112. "Sadaqatul Fitr.

Volume VIII : Ramadan & Fasting

---113. "Saum" (Fasting),
---114. Intention of Fast,
---115. Sighting of Moon,
---116. Things which do not spoil fast,
---117. Things which spoil fast,
---118. Cases in which only "Qada" of fast becomes due,
---119. Cases in which atonement is also due,
---120. "Kaffaarah" (Atonement),
---121. Acts considered odious during fasting,
---122. "Sahri" and "Iftaar"
---123. Conditions in which one can forgo fasting,
---124. "Waajib" fasts,
---125. "Nafil" fasts,
---126. "Etikaaf" (Retirement to mosque).

Volume IX  :  Hajj Pilgrimage

---127. "Hajj" (the holy pilgrimage),
---128. Obligatory, Conditional & Essential Acts of Hajj,
---129. "Ehraam" and Injunctions thereof,
---130. Places & Religious Terms of Hajj,
---131. Mode of performing Hajj & 'Umrah,
---132. The Eminence of Holy Makkah & Madinah,
---133. Paying the Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam, a visit,
---134. Miscellaneous Regulations of Hajj & 'Umrah.



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Total 695 pages in Hardback binding.

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  • Written by: Mufti M. Khalil Khan Barkati

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