25 Tales of the Graveyard

25 Tales of the Graveyard,
*Small Booklet - 60 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri.
Published by Dawat-e-Islami.

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Description :

A comprehensive guide about the adaab, (manners) etiquette and Islamic Ruling's (Shari'i Law) upon visiting the cemetery, the tombs of the great saints (Awliya-Allah) with many parables, true stories, anecdotes, etc.

This book covers, fiqh, aqidah and tasawwuf.

Table of Contents

---Du’a for Reading the Book,
---Transliteration Chart

---[1]. Torment lifted from 560 graves,
---[2]. The entire graveyard was forgiven by virtue of the supplication of a saint,
------Three sayings of Mustafa, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[3]. ‘Umar Faruq, radi Allahu anhu, conversing with the people of the graves,
------O the negligent one! Only good deeds will go with you,
------The method of presenting greetings in the graveyard,
------Placing flowers on the grave,
------What should one reflect on in the graveyard?
---[4]. Roses or serpents,
------Bury the deceased near pious people,
---[5]. The deceased of the graveyard came in a dream,
------The souls come to our homes and request Issal-e-Šawab,
---[6]. Instant blessings of Issal-e-Šawab,
------The interpretation of seeing a dead person ill in a dream,
---[7]. Came with flames, and if,
------Through the supplications of the living, the deceased are forgiven,
---[8]. His late father came in the dream and said that,…
---[9]. The deceased in the grave are like drowning people,
------If the graves of parents are in the midst of graveyard, then,
------Regarding sitting beside a grave and reciting the Holy Qur'an,
---[10]. Gleaming attire,
---[11]. Gleaming tray,
------4 Madani Pearls of Issal-e-Šawab,
------Illuminating the grave of the deceased,
------An act to make all the buried ones intercessors,
------The method of earning reward that amounts to the number of the dead,
---[12-13]. Hadrat Ghauš-e-A’zam’s visit to the blessed tomb of his Imam,

10 Madani Pearls regarding the Tombs of Awliya (Saints),
------The method of visiting holy tombs,
------Visiting the blessed tombs is a Sunnah,
------Benefits are attained from the tombs of Awliya,
------Do not kiss the grave,
------Method of presenting greetings at the tombs of martyrs,
------Putting a Chadar (Decorative Cloth) over the tomb,
------Building a dome over a tomb,
------Lighting lamps at tombs
------Tawaf (Circumambulation) of the tomb,
------Prostrating to a grave,
---[14]. The young man who recited the Holy Qur'an in the grave,
---[15]. A fragrant grave,
---[16]. A corpse with a deformed eye,
------Every blessed companion is definitively destined for Paradise,
---[17]. Imprisoned in a mysterious well,
------Even a martyr owing debts will not enter Heaven until,…
------Making an announcement before Salat-ul-Janazah (Funeral Prayer),
---[18]. The eyes opened in the grave,
------The Friends of Allah are alive even after death,
---[19]. When the hoof of a buffalo was wedged in the ground?
---[20]. Warning to one who sits on a grave!
---[21]. Heard a sound upon stepping on the grave,
---[22]. The buried one talked to the person who slept on the grave,
---[23]. Get up! You have troubled me!
------Stepping on graves is haram,
------It is h aram to walk on path made by demolishing the graves,
------It is haram to walk on the floor near tombs that's been made from demolishing graves,
------Creating dirt and filth near to a grave,
------If one has to step on a grave in order to bury the deceased then…?
------Putting sweets down for the ants in the graveyard,
------Sprinkling water on the graves,
------What is the ruling for building a house in an old graveyard?
------If bones are seen in an old grave…..?
------The ruling on opening a grave on the basis of a dream,
------Children playing on the graves,
---[24]. A person who opened a grave turned blind,
---[25]. The person who opened a grave was buried alive,
------The ruling on temporary burial,
------Burial without permission in someone’s plot,
------What should be done if any money got buried with the deceased?
------14 Madani pearls of visiting graves,
------Method of presenting 'salutations' in the graveyard,
------An Invocation to gain supplications of forgiveness from trillions of deceased people,
------The preferred timings for visiting the graveyard,
------Lighting incense sticks (agarbatti) on the grave,
------Placing candle on the grave,
------Regarding the unknown grave; whether it belongs to a Muslim or a non-Muslim?






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  • Written by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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