Bahar e Shariat : V.1/2 English

 Bahaar e Shariat: Vol 1 & 2  *
**[A5] Hardback - 474 pages,
by Mufti Amjad Ali Azmi,
Translated into English by Mufti Aftab Cassim al-Qadiri, Ridawi Noorie,
[of the Imam Mustafa Raza Research Centre, Durban, S.A.].
*Printed in India.


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Description :

First ever English translation of the famous Hanafi fiqh manual !

'Bahar-e-Shari’at' is that universally acclaimed book of the eminent khalifa of the great Mujaddid of Islam, AlaHadrat Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, 'alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, and the great faqih of the era, Sadrus Shari'ah, Qadi Hakeem, Allama Abul Mawlana Amjad Ali Aazmi Razawi, 'alayhir rahman, which can be justifiably called the Encyclopedia of the Hanafi Islamic (fiqh) Jurisprudence. Bahaar-e-Shar'ah is possibly the most authentic and comprehensive fiqh book currently in the urdu language for Hanafi Sunni Muslims.


This publication, is the first ever English translation of the
first 2 volumes of the famous Hanafi fiqh manual !


Today, there is hardly a Darul Ifta that does not carry a copy of Bahaar-e-Shariat. With the exception of Darul Iftas, there are also numerous Mosques the world-over that have classes in which Bahaar-e-Shariat is taught to the worshippers: and numerous Muslim Colleges and Universities in the World have introduced Bahaar-e-Shariat as a part of the syllabus for those studying to become Ulama. Undoubtedly, in the present time, there has not been any other Book of Fiqh that has been written in the urdu language, which compares to Bahaar-e-Shariat. The world renowned 'Fatawa Alamgiri' was compiled by the devoted efforts of hundreds of the most learned Ulama of the time, but Sadrus Sahriah compiled a voluminous book like Bahaar-e-Shariat single handedly. The Muslim Ummah will forever remain indebted to him for work of such magnitude. Seventeen Volumes were orginally written by 'Sadrus Shariah' and due to ill health, he was unable to go any further, therefore the final 3 volumes were written by his students upon his request.

Volume Index :

---Volume 1 & 2 Book of Imaan & Aqaa'id, Taharah, Published!
---Volume 3 & 4 combined : Book of Salaah & Janazah, Published!

---Volume 16 : Book of Manners, Published!

First Edition Contains :

---Volume 1: Book of Imaan and Aqaa'id [Correct Belief], 210 pages,
---Volume 2: Book of Taharat [Purification], 264 pages,

Table of Contents :

---Supplications in support by prominent Ulema and Mashaykh,
---An Introduction to Bahaar-e-Shariat,
---Translators Note,
---The Importance of Fiqh,
---Brief Introduction to Imam al-A'zam; Abu Hanifa,
---A brief account of the Author: Sadrus Shariah,
---Important Shari' terminology.

Bahaar e Shariat : Volume 1

Correct Aqaid (Belief),
---Translators Note,

---Chapter 1: Allah's Being and Divine Attributes,
---Chapter 2: Belief regarding Nabuwwat (Prophethood),
---Chapter 3: The Angels and Jinns,
---Chapter 4: Aalam-e-Barzakh (the barrier between Death and the After-Life),
---Chapter 5: The Hereafter and the Resurrection
---Chapter 6: Jannah (Paradise),
---Chapter 7: Jahan'num (Hell-fire),
---Chapter 8: Imaan and Kufr (Faith and Infidelity),
---Chapter 9: Misguided and Corrupted Sects,
------Corrupt Qadiyani Belief,
------Corrupt Raafdhi (Shi'ah) Belief,
------Corrupt Wahhabi Belief,
------Corrupt Ghayr Muqallideen (Non-conformists),
---Chapter 10: Imamat, (Leadership),
---Chapter 11: Wilayat, (the Friends [Saints] of Allah The Almighty).

Bahaar e Shariat : Volume 2

The Book of Purification,
---Introduction to Taharat (Purification),

---Chapter 1: Wudhu (the ritual ablution),
---Chapter 2: Ghusl (the ritual bath),
---Chapter 3: Water,
---Chapter 4: Tayammum (dry ablution),
---Chapter 5: Masah (wiping) on leather socks (khuffs),
---Chapter 6: Haidh (mesntruation),
---Chapter 7: Nifas (post-natal bleeding),
---Chapter 8: Najaasat (impurities),
---Chapter 9: Istinja (the cleansing of impurities).

---Endorsement by AalaHadrat Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, and Muhaddith al-A'zam-e-Hind, may Allah be pleased with them, and other leading scholars (Ulama).
---Appendix to Volume II regarding water of the huqqa.

**Actual cover image may vary, Volume 1,2 and 3.


Published by: Kutub Khana Amjadia. Off-mint. Minor imperfections (creases, rips, etc) in finish and overall appearance.

*This work is now completely translated and is in the process of being fully published via separate volumes once funding is in place. The sooner more people purchase Volume 1, the sooner Volume 2 will be published!

---Volume 3 & 4 - New Improved, 2nd Edition,
---Volume 16 now also available to order !


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  • Written by: Allama Amjad Ali Azmi

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