Contemporary Ijtihad

Contemporary Ijtihad : New,

An Analysis of Individual & Collective Approaches,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 264 pages,
by Yusri Mohamad,
Published by ISSI,
Islamic & Strategic Studies Institute.
Description :
This book examines ijtihad in its contemporary manifestation with the premise that there is a need to delimit the boundaries and framework of this process to reduce dispute and allow for focus on more strategic aspects of ijtihad. The earlier parts of this book focus on prevalent views on the main principles, components and elements of ijtihad while analyzing possible changes and modifications to the theory and practice of ijtihad.
The main findings if this study are that a substantial amount of the controversies surrounding ijtihad goes back to terminological differences and that the divide between contending trends may be narrowed down to reasonable degrees. Utilizing these findings, the author went on to highlight ideal approaches and suggest improvements for contemporary ijtihad in general and to the selected samples covered in this study.

Dr Yusri Mohamad is a founding member of the Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI). He studied at the prestigous Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Perak before pursuing Civil and Shari'ah Law education at the IIUM and School of Orinetal and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, before successfully completing his doctoral dissertation in Islamic Jurisprudence at the IIUM.
He is currently the Executive Chairman of the Islamic Da'wah Foundation of Malaysia.
Table of Contents :
---About the Author,

Chapter [1]. The Foundations & Development of Ijtihad,
---1. Introduction,
---2. Definition of Ijtihad,
------Linguistic definitions,
------Technical definitions,
------Contemporary definitions,
---3. Ijtihad in the Revealed Texts,
------Ijtihad in the Qur'an,
------Ijtihad in the Sunnah,
---4. Ijtihad in context,
------Historical development,
------Contemporary Ijtihad,
---5. Issues on the Scope and Limits of Ijtihad,
------On Ijtihad, Taqlid and Ittiba,
------The obligation of Ijtihad or Taqlid,
---6. On the Correctness of Ijtihad,
---7. The Maqasid al-Shari'ah and Ijtihad,
---8. Main Trends and Schools of Thought of Contemporary Ijtihad,
------Defining and Indentifying Contemporary Trends,
------Proposed Categorisation,
------Islamist Modernists,
Chapter [2]. The Fundamental Components of Ijtihad,
---1. Introduction,
---2. The Subject Matter of Ijtihad, (Mujtahid Fih),
------The text,
------The legal problem or issue,
---3. The Actor (Mujtahid),
------Qualifications of a Mujtahid,
------Categories of a Mujtahid,
------Divisibility of of Ijtihad,
---4. The Process,
---5. Conclusion.
Chapter [3]. Individual Approaches,
---1. Brief Historical Review of Eminent Individual Mujtahid,
---2. Selected Contemporary Mujtahid,
---3. Conclusion.
Chapter [4]. Collective Approaches,
---1. Issues Surrounding Collective Ijtihad,
---2. Definition of Collective Ijtihad,
---3. The Nature and Conceptual Framework of Collective Ijtihad,
------Relation between collective Ijtihad and individual Ijtihad,
------Differences between collective Ijtihad and Ijma,'
------On the relationship between collective Ijtihad and Shura,
------Legal status of collective Ijtihad,
---4. Collective Ijtihad in Practice,
------The integrity of the process,
------The efficiency of the process,
------The normative status of the end result,
------Categories of collective Ijtihad,
---5. Comparative Study of Selected Prominent Institutions of Collective Ijtihad,
------International Islamic Fiqh Academy.
------European Council for Fatawa and Research,
------Al-Lujnah al-Da'imah lil-Buhuth al-'Ilmiyyah wal-Ifta,
------National Fatawa Committee of Malaysia,
Chapter [5]. Findings and Recommendations,
---1. Introduction,
---2. On Theoretical Aspects of Ijtihad,
------Balance of reason and revelation as main contention,
------The viability of the established framework,
------The continued significance of Ijtihad at various levels,
------On approaching the Sunnah,
------On the position of Shari'ah texts vis-a-vis Qur'anic principles & objectives,
------The need to appreciate legal and non-legal contexts of Ijtihad,
------Appreciating and perceiving contemporary trends and individual Mujtahid,
---3. Practical Recommendations,
------Ijtihad in general and individual Ijtihad,
------Collective Ijtihad,
---4. Suggestions for Further Research.

Appendices :

---Appendix A;
------Marker Issues and Major Ideological Positions in Islam,
---Appendix B;
------List of Interview Sessions,
---Appendix C;
------Rules and Regulations of the National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs,
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More Islamic Studies : Darsi Kitabs.

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