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The Wars of Jurisprudence
The Wars of Jurisprudence
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Details:  The Wars of Jurisprudence : New,
Clash Between Contractual Justice & Freedom of Contract,
*[A5] Large Paperback - 456 pages,
by Faiz Abdullah,
Published by The Other Press.

Description :

Is there “contractual justice” in Malaysian contract law? Or is the notion too vague? Do our courts adjudicate through a formal mechanism using strict law to ascertain liability or do they prioritise justice and equity over form and procedure?

In his first book, the author broke new ground in the discourse on Sharīʿah by moving it out of its legalistic paradigm and proposing that kalām and falsafah be included in its discourse. In this second foray, the author traverses the unchartered terrain of philosophy, law and economics within the matrix of contract law where contractual freedom clashes with contractual justice in a series aptly titled the wars of jurisprudence. The discourse is based on English common law covering the jurisdictions of Malaysia, Singapore and other common law countries including the United States.

The author explores the concept of justice traceable to Plato and Aristotle and then to Kant’s categorical imperatives before settling on Rawlsian “justice as fairness” in support of the definition and advocacy of contractual justice. He tackles headlong the principles of economic and contractual freedom laid down by Adam Smith, Hayek and Nozick. The author critically examines the doctrines of consent, coercion and voluntariness while unconscionability and economic duress are argued as primary factors to invoke contractual justice. The author proposes several substantive amendments to the Contracts Act 1950 in order to facilitate judicial dispensing of contractual justice.

Table of Contents :

---List of Cases.

---[1]. Introduction,

---[2]. Consent in Malaysian Contract Law,
-----2.1. Introduction,
-----2.2. Nature of Consent,
-------2.2.1. Defining Consent,
-------2.2.2. Consent according to the Contracts Act,
-----2.3. Consent Theories,
-------2.3.1. Consent and the Morality of Contract,
-------2.3.2. Consent and the Enforcement of Promises,
-------2.3.3. Consent Theory as Opposed to Will Theory,
-------2.3.4. Consent Theory and Market System,
-------2.3.5. Consent Based on Reliance,
-------2.3.6. Consent and the Objective Test,
-------2.3.7. Consent and Manifested Intention,
-----2.4. Gradations of Consent,
-------2.4.1. Express and Implied Consent,
-------2.4.2. Can Silence Constitute Consent,
-------2.4.3. Hypothetical Consent,
-----2.5. Consent and Standard Form Agreements,
-----2.6. Duty to Read in Standard Form Contracts,
-----2.7. Legislative Intervention Standard Form Contracts,
-----2.8. Contractual Liability without Contract,
-----2.9. Conclusion,

---[3]. Justice and Freedom in Contract Law,
-----3.1. Introduction,
-----3.2. Contractual Justice,
-------What is Justice?
-------Contractual Justice Defined,
-------Comparison to Continental System,
-------Adam Smith, Hayek and the Myth of the Invisible Hand,
-------Contractual Justice in Malaysia,
-----3.3. Freedom of Contract,
-------Utmost Liberty of Contracting,
-------Will Theory and Freedom of Contract,
-------The Minimal State and the School of Formalist Interpretation,
-------Anarcho-Capitalist Contractual Society,
-------Economic Analysis of Law and Pareto Optimality,
-------Contractual Freedom Doctrine in the Contracts Act 1950,
-------Critique of Contractual Freedom,
-----3.4. Procedural and Substantive Justice,
-------Procedural Justice,
-------Substantive Justice,
-----3.5. Unfairness under Common Law and Consumer Protection Law,
-------Consumer Protection Law,
-------Procedural and Substantive Unfairness and the Common Law,
-------Procedural and Substantive Unfairness under Statutes,
-------Critique of CPA in Respect of Unfairness Principle,
-----3.6. Standard Form Contracts and Contractual Freedom,
-----3.7. Equivalence Principle vs Contractual Justice,
-----3.8. Equity Principles to Attain Contractual Justice,
-------The 'Parol Evidence Rule' at Common Law,
-------Promissory Estoppel and Contractual Justice,
-----3.9. Principles of Contractual Justice and the Civil Law Act,
-----3.10. Conclusion,

---[4]. Unconscionability in Contracts,
-----4.1. Introduction,
-----4.2. Unconscionability Defined,
-------4.2.1. Contracts Potentially Dangerous and Catching Bargains,
-------4.2.2. Inequality of Bargaining Position and Price Imbalance,
-------4.2.3. Absence of Meaningful Choice and Terms,
-------4.2.4. The Amadio Criterion for Unconscionability and Beyond,
-------4.2.5. Statutory Unconscionability,
-----4.3. Procedural/Substantive Unconscionability,
-----4.4. Just Price Doctrine and Laesio Enormis,
-----4.5. Standard Form Contracts and Unconscionability,
-----4.6. Case Against the Doctrine,
-----4.7. Case For the Doctrine,
-----4.8. Other Doctrines and Unconscionability,
-----4.9. Backsliding of Unconscionability,
-----4.10. Conclusion,

---[5]. Economic Duress,
-----5.1. Introduction,
-----5.2. Duress According to Common Law and Statutes,
-----5.3. Economic Duress as Doctrine: Theories and Approaches,
-------5.3.1. Pao On and "The Overborne Will" Theory,
-------5.3.2. The Universe Sentinel and "Absence of Choice"
-------5.3.3. Lawful Act Duress,
-----5.4. Theoretical Expositions of Contractual Duress,
-------5.4.1. Wertheimer's Two-Pronged Analysis,
-------5.4.2. Contractual Rights and Contractual Justice,
-------5.4.3. Exploitative and Wrongful Purpose,
-----5.5. Other Doctrines and Economic Duress,
-------5.5.1. Unconscionability,
-------5.5.2. Undue Influence,
-----5.6. Judicial Inertia in Malaysia,
-----5.7. Conclusion,

---[6]. Conclusion and Proposal for Reform,
-------Summary and Conclusions,
-------Consent as Substratum of Contractual Validity,
-------Contractual Justice and Contractual Freedom,
-------Unconscionability in Contracts,
-------Economic Duress in Contract Law,
-------Amendment to Section 14,
-------Amendment to Section 15,
-------Amendment - New Section,
-------Amendment to Section 19,
-------Amendment to Section 20,
-------Amendment to Section 73,


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