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Roshni ki Taraf : Urdu
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Musa & Friends Say Bismillah
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Bah Ya Bah [1] : DVD
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Fiqh & Law

Reliance of the Traveller
Reliance of the Traveller
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  • Authored by: Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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Details:   Reliance of the Traveller,
Umdat al-Salik wa 'Uddat al-Nasik,
by Imam Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri,
[A5+] Hardback - 1234 pages,
Transl. by Nuh Ha Mim Keller,
With appendices and biographical notes.
Original Arabic text facing English translation.

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Description :
A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law,

The four Sunni schools of Islamic Law, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali, are identical in approximately 75 percent of their legal conclusions, while the remaining questions, variances within a single family of explainers of the Holy Qur'an and Prophetic Sunna, are traceable to methodological differences in understanding or authentication of the primary textual evidence, differing viewpoints sometimes reflected in even a single school.

The present volume Umdat al-Salik [The Reliance of the Traveller], represents one of the finest and most reliable short works in shafi'i jurisprudence. It contains a detailed index and commentary on specific rulings. 1,200 pages in an exceptional binding with Arabic and facing English text in two column format with occasional diagrams. 

The appendices form an integral part of the book and present original texts and translations from classic works by prominent scholars such as al-Ghazali, Ibn Qudamah, al-Nawawi, al-Qurturbi, al-Dhahabi, Ibn Hajar, May Allah be pleased with them all, and other, on topics of Islamic law, faith, spirituality, Qur'anic exegesis and Hadith sciences.

It has also biographical notes about every person mentioned (391 biographies), bibliography of each work cited (136 works), and a detailed subject index (95 pages). Of the 136 works drawn upon in its commentary and appendices, 134 are in the original Arabic. The sections and paragraphs have been numbered to facilitate cross-reference.


Table of Contents ** :

------Warrant of Shaykh 'Abd al-Wakil Durubi,
------Warrant of Shaykh Nuh 'Ali Salam,
------Report of The International Institute of Islamic Thought,
------Certification of Al-Azhar,

---Book [A]. Sacred Knowledge (pg. 1),
---Book [B]. The Validity of Following Qualified Scholarship (pg. 15),
---Book [C]. The Nature of Legal Rulings (pg. 27),
---Book [D]. Author's Introduction to 'Umdat al-Salik (pg. 47).

---Book [E]. Purification (pg. 49),
---Book [F]. The Prayer (pg. 101),
---Book [G]. The Funeral Prayer (pg. 220),
---Book [H]. Zakat (pg. 244),
---Book [I]. Fasting (pg. 277),
---Book [J]. The Pilgrimage (pg. 297),
---Book [K]. Trade (pg. 371),
---Book [L]. Inheritance (pg. 460),
---Book [M]. Marriage (pg. 506),
---Book [N]. Divorce (pg. 554),
---Book [O]. Justice (pg. 578),
---Book [P]. Enormities (pg. 649),
---Book [Q]. Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong (pg. 713),
---Book [R]. Holding One's Tongue (pg. 726),
---Book [S]. Delusions (pg. 777),
---Book [T]. A Pure Heart (pg. 796),
---Book [U]. The Gabriel Hadith (pg. 807),
---Book [V]. Belief in Allah and His Messenger (pg. 816),

---Book [W]. Notes and Appendices (pg. 826),
---Book [X]. Biographical Notes (pg. 1019),
---Book [Y]. Works Cited (pg. 1116),
---Book [Z]. Indexes (pg. 1128).

**A comprehensive Table of Contents precedes each section (book).

'Umdat al-Salik wa 'Uddat al-Nasik (Reliance of the Traveller and tools of the Worshipper) is a classic manual of fiqh. It represents the fiqh rulings according to the Shafi'i school of jurisprudence.

Also see Shafi'i Fiqh.

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