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Authentic Way of Marriage & Divorce
Authentic Way of Marriage & Divorce
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  • Authored by: Dr Ghulam Zarquani

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Details:   Authentic Way of Marriage & Divorce,
[A5] Paperback - 144 pages
by Dr Ghulam Zarquani,
Published by Raza Educational Circle, USA,
**Printed in India.

Part of the 'Islamic Law Series.'

Description :

This book like others in the Islamic Law Series, has been maintained presenting the topic in a logical, suitable and easily understandable manner for young readers, supporting with reliable authentic sources of Islamic Law and avoiding purposely unnecessary discussions.

The basic concept of marriage is not something new from the perspective of Islamic theology, as it is a common phenomenon that has been widely practised by the followers of almost all known religions on the face of the earth. However there are ceratin distinguished cahracteristics of marraige under the shade of Islamic fundamental values - from it's simple way of performance and noble cause, to it's far reaching healthy effects on the society in general.

It is hoped that this book will play a positive role in making couples familiar to each other and enjoy a better and comfortable life based on love, respect and mutual understanding.

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1]. Marriage in Islam,
------Aspects of Marriage,
------Philosophy and Benefits.

---Chapter [2]. Way of Marriage,
------Choosing a Wife,
------Forbidden Women,
---------Permanently Forbidden,
---------Temporarily Forbidden,
------Elements of Marriage
------Conditions of Marriage,
------Appreciated Manners,
------Dowry System.

---Chapter [3]. The Aspects of Marriage,
------TimeBond Marriage,
------Pre-marraige viewing,
------Looking at proposed Bridegroom,

---Chapter [4]. Family Life,
------The Rights of the Husband,
------The Rights of the Wife.

---Chapter [5]. Divorce in Islam,
------What is Divorce?
------Philosophy of Divorce,
------Legalisation of Divorce.

---Chapter [6]. Procedures of Divorce,
------Conditions of Divorce,
------The Types of Divorce,
---------1. Based on impact of Divorce,
---------2. Based on the way of Divorce,
---------3. Based on the words of the Divorce,
-------------Clear Words,
-------------Indicative Words,
---------4. Based on Appearance.

---Chapter [7]. Aspects of Separation,
------Mutual Understanding,
------Disappearance of Husband,
------Defect in Husband,
------Simulating Wife with unlawful Women.

---Chapter [8]. After the Divorce,
------Life after Divorce,
------The Iddah,
---------1. With menstrual period,
---------2. With delivery,
---------3. With minths,
---------4. No Iddah,
------The Requirements of Iddah,
---------1. When it is Forbidden to Propose,
---------2. The Forbidden time of Marriage,
---------3. The Forbidden time to leave ones home,
---------4. Providing Expenses,
---------5. Forbidden to Adorn.
------Requirements of Halala.


**Sub-continental Print quality and Translation!

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