Fathud Dayyan fi fiqhi Khairil Adyan

Opening towards the best of Religions,
Fathud-Dayyan fi Fiqhi Khairil Adyan,
*[A5+] Paperback - 595 pages, English,
by Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ahmad Lebbai
Translated by Saifuddin J. Aniff-Doray,
Published by A.S. Noordeen, Malaysia.



Description :

The English reading Muslims owe a deep debt of gratitude to Saifuddin J.Aniff-Doray for making available an English translation of 'Fat-Hud Dayyan' - a compendium of Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence.

'Fat-Hud-Dayyan' - originally written in Arabic-Tamil and compiled by the renowned South Indian Sufi scholar Mapillai Alim, was in common use amongst the Muslims during the later part of the 1800 and the early part of 1900. With Muslims taking seriously to the study of the English language the use of the Arabic-Tamil receded and today only the older generation are conversant with it.

Aniff-Doray, former headmaster of Zahira College, Sri Lanka, has devoted his time and energy to produce this translation. It is not an easy task to translate religious treatises such as the Fat-Hud-Dayyan from one language to another. The choice of words and their use thereof in an easily understandable manner by the average person requires linguistic skill and understanding of the subject matter and Anif-Doray has succeeded, I should say, in full measure in presenting this English translation of Fat-Hud-Dayyan.

The book contains the Shari'ah law dealing with the principles of Islam and the elements of Islamic Jurisprudence. I have great pleasure in commending this book to the English-reading Muslims'.---H.S.Ismail: Former Speaker, House of Representatives, Sri Lanka.

Extract :

The tao of Islam, meaning the WAY of Islam really consists of four ways (or stations). These four ways are:

    *** 1. Shariah (sacred laws)
    *** 2. Tariqah (sacred path)
    *** 3. Haqiqah (divine reality)
    *** 4. Marifah (gnosis or certain knowledge of God)

According to Prophetic tradition (hadith):

---Shariah consists of the words of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace,
---Tariqah consists of the actions of the Prophet, upon him be peace,
---Haqiqah consists of the state of the Prophet, upon him be peace, and
---Marifah consists of the secrets of the Prophet.

These four ways are very closely linked together and cannot be separated one from the other.

The Kalima (the sacred mantra of Islamic faith, La ilaha illallah) has four meanings according to these four ways.

According to Shariah the meaning is:
"There is nothing in the world that can be worshipped with certainty except Allah."

According to Tariqah the meaning is:
"There is none that can do a thing except Allah."

According to Haqiqah the meaning is:
"There is none who is sought after except Allah."

According to Marifah the meaning is:
"There is nothing existent except Allah."



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