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Qanoon e Shariat : Manual of Islamic Law
Qanoon e Shariat : Manual of Islamic Law
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Details:   Qanoon-e-Shariat - Manual of Islamic Laws,
[A5] Hardback - 411 pages,
by Mawlana Qazi Shamshuddin Ahmad Jafri Jonpuri,
Translated by : A. Naseeb Khan.

Description :

New Edition | First English Translation of the famous urdu classic text book.

A most comprehensive guide to Islamic Law [shari'ah], covering all aspects of Islamic way of life. As taught in madrassahs, darul ulooms and seminaries, in the sub-continent, UK and America.

Contents include;

---The Articles of Faith,
---Prayer (Salaat),
---Ablution (wudu) - prescribed way,
---Bath (ghusl) - prescribed way,
---Injunctions on Uncleanliness,
---Dry Ablution (Tayammum),
---Wiping (masah) on socks (kuff),
---Concerning Menses,
---Prescribed ways of Removing Impurity,
---Injunctions Concerning Defecation, Urination and Abstersion,
---Second Pre-Requisite for Salaat,
---Third Pre-Requisite for Salaat,
---Concerning Call (azan) and its Virtues,
---Fifth Pre-Requisite for Salaat,
---Sixth Pre-Requisite for Salaat,
---Concerning Remedial Prostration (Sajda-e-Sahv),
---Concerning the Recitation of the Surahs in Salaat,
---Concerning Congregational Prayer (Jama'at),
---Undesirables (makhroohat) in Salaat,
---Injunctions Concerning Mosque,
---Salaat al-Witr,
---Desirable (Mustahab) Prayers,
---Concerning Salaat al-Taraweeh,
---Injunctions Concerning the Prayer of the Sick,
---Injunctions Concerning the Missed Salaat (Qada),
---Injunctions Concerning Salaat of a Traveller,
---Friday Salaat (Jum'a),
---Prayers of the Two Festivals (Eidain),
---Concerning Funerals (Janazah),
---Death (Mawt),
---Fasting in Ramadan (Mahe Sayam),
---Staying in a Mosque in Seclusion (Itikaf),
---Injunctions Concerning Alms (Zakaah),
---Charity donated at the end of Fasting in Ramadan (Sadaqat-ul-Fitr),
---Slaughtering of the Sacrificial Animals (Qurbani),
---Concerning Aqeeqah,

Sub-Continent Print : 411 pages in good command of English

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