The Concept of Calling On & Seeking Aid ...

 The Concept of Calling On, and Seeking Aid from the Messenger of Allah,
Paperback/Booklet  - 60 pages. 

By: Professor Riaz Mahmood.
Translated by:  Mohammed Iftikhar.
Foreward by : Dr Irfan Ahmad al-Alawi.

The Ahl al-Sunna wa al-Jama'ah, have forever believed that it is only Allah Most High who is worthy of worship. None of the Prophets, May Allah bless them and grant them peace, Angels, Jinns or any mankind have any share in His Essence of Attributes. Allah, in His Essence and Attributes is One, He has no partner. This concept is laid down clearly in Surah Ikhlas:

''Say you, He is Allah, the One. Allah the Independent, Carefree. He begot none; nor was He begotten. And not anyone is equal to Him''
[112 : 1- 4].

The practise of shirk ( associating partners with Allah Most High) is not permissible in any form, be it in the shape of a mujaza or karamat from Allah Most High. So what if we ask Allah Most High for help through His righteous people with the intention that these are the accepted creation of Allah Most High then this is certainly permissible, because this in essence is asking from Allah Most High. For example, if someone's brothers dies, and the corpse is taken to a statue, and the statue is invoked
''Oh my Lord give life back to my brother'', then this is shirk and disbelief, because the statue is not Allah Most High to restore life to the dead. However, if a corpse was to be taken to Prophet Isa (upon whem be peace), with the words, ''Oh Prophet of Allah Most High restore my brothers life'', then this is permissible because Isa is that Prophet to whom Allah Most High has granted such powers. The Prophet Isa (upon whom be peace) declares in the Glorious Qur'an himself, ''I make the dead alive by the Command of Allah'' [3 : 49]. Therefore we must conclude that Isa (upon whom be peace) and the statue are in no way alike. Asking help from the statue is shirk but when one asks Isa ( upon whom be peace) then this is permissible and within the realms of Iman (belief). 

Contents :

---About the Author,
---Introduction to Shirk,
---The Life of the Messenger of Allah,
---The (Freinds of Allah Most High) Awliya,
---Imam Busairi,
---The Aid of the Messenger of Allah,
---Understanding Shirk,
---Placing Shirk in Context,
---Pre-Islamic Shirk,
---Our Claim,
---The Proof,
---The Belief of the Companions,
---The Islamic Scholars,
---Salutations and Blessings,
---Invoking and Seeking Aid,
---The Culmination,
---Conclusion : Loving the Beloved of Allah Most High,
---Conclusion : ''And our Duty is only to proclaim the Clear Message''
---Biograhical Insights,

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