Remembering the Beloved Prophet : Refutation

 Remembering the Beloved Prophet, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
The Radiating Scent in the Beloved Prophet's Dhikr,
*[A5] Paperback - 113 pages,
**by Ashraf Ali Thanvi,
Translated by Muhammad Sajid Younus.

Description :

Remembering and mentioning the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is not just a praiseworthy act but an obligation in Islam. Only through his remembrance does one truly get to know him and only after getting to know him can one realistically attempt to follow and love him.

This famous risala of Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi attempts to fulfil this need of remembering and mentioning the Beloved Prophet, by providing the reader with sound and authentic narrations of his virtues, excellences and particularities as well as accounts of key moments of his life, from his very creation to his life in the grave and ultimately his station in Allah's Court and entering into Paradise. It also describes the virtues of his father, grandfather and his family as well as his miracles and rights over his Ummah. The risala then ends with a discussion of Sending Blessings upon him as well as taking his waseela in a supplication to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

**Abridgement Criteria & Remarks : (Extract)!

''This is one of the few works of Ashraf Ali Thanvi sahib that had not been translated into English. We published a shorter abridged version in March 2007 and since then other translations have been attempted, however they have been largely incomplete and the standard quite poor. On the request of many we have expanded our first translation and this is before you.

The reasons this risala has not been translated completely or to a high standard appear to be that the orginal text is quite difficult, evidence of this is that an urdu tas'heel (simplified version) of this urdu risala was published by Irshaad Ahmad Faruqi of Karachi in 2003. This evidences that the orginal is considered difficult even for urdu readers. On close inspection, this, like many of the translations, left out much of the more difficult passages (e.g. ignored the 4th Tanbeeh of the Tafsir of the verse of Miraaj and the long prelude at the beginning of chapter 22, amongst others).

        Another possible reason for this not being translated is that some followers
        of Thanvi sahib may now be wishing to disassociate themselves from much
        of the risala, or even 'hiding' it from the general masses. The influence of the
        reductionists has led many of them to believe that the teachings in this risala
are not compatible with their views of the Prophet, may Allah bless him &
        grant him peace
. So rather than try to adapt their understanding to the
        teachings of the shuyookh they try to adapt the teachings of their shuyookh
to their understanding

Some have even gone as far as to claim that Thanvi sahib may have renounced this book, however no such comment or remark is recorded from any notable scholar. This risala was scribed by Thanvi sahib in 1328 hijri at the age of 48 when he would have been mature in age, knowledge and creed. Thanvi sahib passed away in the year 1362 at the age of 82 so this is a work from the second half of his life and likely to have been his creed at the time of his death.

Due to time constraints and an ever growing list of other works to complete we have only selected only those chapters for translation whose content, for some reason or another, no longer seems to be in the common public domain. Those chapters that are well known have not been translated as they are available in other publications.

The purpose of this translation is not to produce a book of ahadith, etc but to accurately reflect Thanvi sahib's work and message, and also therby reveal how some followers have departed from his beliefs.'' ---Muhammad Sajid Younus, London. January 2015.

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Foreword,
---Abridgement Criteria and Remarks.

---In the statement of the Muhammadi Nur,
---In his fadail being evident to the earlier nations,
---In the nobility and purity of his ancestry,
---In the appearance of some of the effects of the Blessed Nur in his Noble Father and most Noble Grandfather,
---In some of his Barakah evident during pregnancy in his Mothers womb,
---In some of the events at the time of the Birth,
---In some of the events at the time of his Childhood,
---In some of the events from Youth to Prophethood,
---In the Mi'raj,
---In some of his Miracles,
---In some of his khasais (particularities),
---In his Blessed passing away being a Blessing and Mercy for him and his Ummah,
---In some of the matters and fadail relating to his station in the realm of the Barzakh,
---In some of his specific virtues that will be apparent on the plains of Qiyamah,
---In some of his specific virtues that will be apparent in Jannah,
---In him being the Greatest of All Creation,
---In his Rights over his Ummah,
---In the virtue of Sending Durood (Salawat) upon him,
---In taking his tawassul at the time of du'a,
---In the great mention and repetition of his events and words,
---In the description of his Vision in the Dream.

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*Includes footnotes.

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