Stories of the Prophet's

Stories of the Prophet's, alayhim as-salaam,
*[A5] Paperback - 152 pages,
by Mawlana Shaykh Abun-Nur Muhammad Bashir,
Translated by : Omar Dawood,
Published by Hedaaya Publications, Durban.




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Description :


Partial translation of Sachi Hikaayaat by Maulana Shaykh Abun-Nur Muhammad Bashir, may Allah have mercy upon him. Comprising of over 120 'teaching' stories of numerous Blessed Prophets, alayhim as-salaam, with a handy moral ''lesson'' section after each one. Perfect for teaching the young and old the correct belief (aqidah) as well as history through the lives of the Prophet's, upon them be peace



Extract from the Introduction


A work to help answer a common question of our time :


                ''Has the Muslim Ummah concerned itself so much with the
                 Prophets and Saints (Awliya-Allah) in the last few centuries
                 that many are now unknowingly taking them as partners to
                 Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, ? ''









To answer this, we have to first know the difference between worshipping Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, alone and worshipping others besides Him. Where and when do Muslims have to stop in their praise of anyone besides Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, before they begin making partners with Him ? The misunderstanding of this concept is the reason why there's so much confusion within the Ummah. This is a critical difference between the qualities of Allah Almighty and those of ours that need to be understood.


The Prophet's, peace be upon them, generally presented themselves as ordinary men so that we may know how to live our lives in the correct manner.  If they simply acted on their knowledge without explaining anything (the way Hadrat Khidr, alayhi as-salam, did with Hadrat Musa, alayhi as-salam) what would we have learnt?


Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, proved in his perpetual fasting that he did not need to eat in order to survive. Instead of him explaining to us the etiquettes of eating, by his simple yet graceful manner he provided a detailed visual example for us to follow.





Table of Contents :




---The Existence and Oneness of Allah,
-----1. Imam Ja'far Saadiq, may Allah be pleased with him, & an Atheist Sailor,
-----2. The Wise Old Woman.


---Prophet Muhammad: The Beloved of Allah, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
------3. Hadrat Jibrael & the Shining Star,
------4. The King of Yemen,
------5. The Dream of Abu Bakr Siddique, may Allah be pleased with him,
------6. Shaitaan's Grandson,
------7. Sacred Killing,
------8. The Magic Charmer,
------9. Rukaana the Wrestler,
------10. The Hat of Khalid bin Waleed, may Allah be pleased with him,
------11. The Excellence of his Hair,
------12. A Goat Returns to Life,
------13. A Snake's Egg,
------14. 1000 Uninvited Guests,
------15. Streams from a Water-Pot,
------16. A Stricken Caravan,
------17. Control over Clouds,
------18. Control over the Moon,
------19. Control over the Sun,
------20. Control over the Earth,
------21. Control over Trees,
------22. A Camel madly in Love,
------23. The Key of the Ka'aba,
------24. A Lost Camel,
------25. An Imprisoned Uncle,
------26. What am I Hiding?
------27. A Plump Camel,
------28. A Forest Doe,
------29. The non-Muslim Woman's House,
------30. An Infant's Proclaimation,
------31. A Late Night Thief,
------32. A Wolf's Testimony,
------33. The Fortunate Ya'fur,
------34. The Holy Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, and the Angel of Death,
------35. A Welcome Unparalleled,
------36. The Blessed Ghusl of the Holy Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------37. A Voice from the Blessed Grave,
------38. A Companion hear's the Adhaan,
------39. The Weeping of the Heavens,
------40. The Dream of Hadrat Bilal, may Allah be pleased with him,
------41. A Hashimi Woman,
------42. The Prophet's, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, Message,
------43. Bread from a Dream,
------44. The Prisoner of the King of Rome,
------45. A Chained Prisoner,
------46. A Ship Stuck,
------47. A Descendent of the Holy Prophet & A Fire Worshipper,
------48. A Descendent of the Holy Prophet & Hadrat Abdullah ibn Mubarak,
------49. Abul Hasan Kharqani & A Hadith Lesson,
------50. A Saint and a Muhaddith.

The Respected Prophet's, upon them be peace,

Prophet Adam, alayhi as-salam,
------51. Hadrat Adam, alayhi as-salam, and Shaitan,
------52. The Spit of Shaitan,
------53. Hadrat Adam and a group of Deers,

Prophet Nuh, alayhi as-salam,
------54. The Ship of Hadrat Nuh, alayhi as-salam,
------55. The Flood and an Old Woman,

Prophet Uzair, alayhi as-salam,
------56. Hadrat Uzair and a dsiplay of the Power of Allah Almighty,

Prophet Ibraham, alayhi as-salam,
------57. Hadrat Ibrahim and the Four Birds,
------58. The Axe of Khaleel,
------59. The debate between Hadrat Ibrahim and Namrud,
------60. Namrud's Fire,
------61. Khaleel & Jibrael,
------62. Jibrael's Exertion,
------63. The Sacrifice of a Son,

Prophet Musa, alayhi as-salam,
------64. Pharoah's Dream,
------65. Pharoah's Daughter,
------66. The Strength of a Prophet : Part One,
------67. The Strength of a Prophet : Part Two,
------68. The Midian Wells,
------69. A Tree Calls Out,
------70. The Frightening Snake,
------71. The Serpent,
------72. Magicians meet their Defeat,
------73. Punishment by Flood,
------74. A Locust Swarm,
------75. Frogs and Insects,
------76. The Final Straw,
------77. The End of Pharoah,
------78. An Ungrateful Servant,
------79. Hadrat Musa and an Old Woman,
------80. The Bani Israel begin to go Astray,
------81. Samiri the Goldsmith,
------82. Finding a Killer,
------83. Hadrat Musa and Hadrat Khidr,
------84. Understanding Animals,

Prophet Hud, alayhi as-salam,
------85. A Vicious Wind,

Prophet Salih, alayhi as-salam,
------86. The Miracle of the Hill,

Prophet Ayub, alayhi as-salam,
------87. The Fountain,

Prophet Sulayman, alayhi as-salam,
------88. A Glorious Kingdom,
------89. Prophet Sulayman's Decision,
------91. Hadrat Sulayman and the Angel of Death,

Prophet Dawud, alayhi as-salam,
------90. A Motherly Affection,

Prophet Yahya, alayhi as-salam,
------92. The Step-Daughter,

Prophet Danyal, alayhi as-salam,
------93. A King -1,300 years old,

Prophet Khidr, alayhi as-salam,
------94. An Unstable World,

Prophet Yusuf, alayhi as-salam,
------95. Hadrat Yusuf and the Mirror,
------96. The Brothers of Hadrat Yusuf,
------97. An Illuminates Shirt,
------98. Forgery,
------99. A Fortunate Caravan,
------100. Like Moths Circling a Lamp,
------101. A Wealthy Man's Daughter,
------102. The Aziz of Egypt,
------103. Zulaikha,
------104. The Effect of Beauty,
------105. The Cook and Cup-Bearer,
------106. Pharoah's Dream,
------107. Coronation,
------108. Hadrat Yusuf and Sayyidah Zulaikha,
------109. Famine,
------110. A Bowl goes Missing,

Prophet Yaqub, alayhi as-salam,
------111. The Disclosing of the Secret,
------112. The Shirt of Yusuf,
------113. Together Again,

Sayyidah Maryam, alayhi as-salam,
------114. Fruit grown out of Season,
------115. The Sign of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,

Prophet Isa, alayhi as-salam,
------116. Teacher or Student,
------117. The Hand of Masiha,
------118. A Blind and Disabled Thief,
------119. The Result of ''Chasing After'' the World,
------120. An Ineffective Killer.

Supplementary :
------121. A Messenger's Enemy,
------122. Before All,
------123. Justice and Equality,
------124. Grapes of Jannah,
------125. The Truthful Messenger,
------126. A Black Snake,
------127. The Greatest Form of Wealth.


---Index of Names.







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