100 Anecdotes of Hadrat Uthman bin Affan

100 Stories of Hadrat Uthman bin Affan;
(The Third Caliph),
*[A5] Paperback - 92 pages,
by M. Khurram Yusuf.

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Description :

An Anecdotal Presentation of the Life and Character of Hadrat Uthman Bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him, the Third Caliph in the Order of Rightly-guided Caliphate.

History bears witness to the fact that life accounts of the virtuous people have proved highly curative in bringing a very positive change to ones ordinary life. The present book is nothing more than an effort in the same direction. It is, however, a book with a difference. Rather than presenting the life biography (seerah) of Hadrat Uthman ibn Affan, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, in the traditional style of biography, this book gives an anecdotal representation of Hadrat Uthman, may Allah be pleased with him.

Brief Contents (Too many to list here) :

---Publishers Note,
---Name and Lineage,
---Uthman embraces Islam,
---His way of conversing,
---Worship and God-fearness,
---Uthman's Morals,
---His simplicity and humility,
---His piety and love of cleanliness,
---Uthman's great virtue, Compilation of the Qur'an,
---Select Sayings of Hadrat Uthman,
---Accomplishments of Hadrat Uthman as Caliph,
---Writing the Revelation (Wahi),
---Marriages and children,
---The Holy Prophet's shyness towards Hadrat Uthman,
---Uthmans fear of the Grave,
---Showing firm resolve to extend Masjid al-Haram,
---Uthman's deep concern regarding the preaching of Islam,
---Following the advice and counsel of the other Companions,
---Uthman's extreme love of the Beloved Prophet of Allah,
---His migration of Makkah with his wife,
---Not conveying a hadith for a time due to a genuine reason,
---His inordinate respect and love for the Ahl al-Bayt,
---Explanation regarding Uthman being 'Zun Nurain' (of two lights),
---Offering himself to be retaliated for a minor wrongdoing of his slave,
---Equipping the Islamic Army for the sake of Allah,
---Purchasing the land for the extension of the Prophets Masjid,
---Writing off the loan of Hadrat Talha,
---Extreme Kindness towards the Prophet's Household,
---The Prophet's Prayers for Hadrat Uthman,
---His explanation of the Shar'iah to the people,
---His special attention for straightening the rows of Salaat in Jama'at,
---Taking extreme note of caution when narrating ahadith,
---Fondness for the recitation of the Noble Qur'an,
---Stones glorified Allah Almighty in the hands of Uthman,
---Hadrat Abu Bakr al-Siddiq's appreciation of the shrewdness of Uthman,
---His justice with his dissidents,
---Uthmans explanation regarding offering four Rakats at Mina,
---Purchasing costly garments for his wives,
---His reciting the entire Qur'an in a single Rakah of Prayer,
---Fixing wages for those with children,
---Warning the people reagrding disrupting Law and Order of the land,
---Being true to his promise with the Prophet,
---Murdering a single person is akin to killing all mankind,
---Not letting himself to be the cause of war,
---Putting his people under oath not to shed blood,
---His admonsihment to the people to remain attached to the majority,
---Aperfect embodiment to fortitude and patience,
---Caring more for others safety than his own,
---Having a vision and meeting the Beloved Prophet,
---Reciting the Qur'an even under intensified siege,
---His extraordinary respect and love for the Prophet's City of Madinah,
---Hadrat Uthmans' testament,
---Exemplary Justice.
---Hadrat Uthman's Martyrdom.


*Sub-Continent Print.


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