Sufis & Sufism : A Defence

 Sufis and Sufism : A Defence, Back in Stock : April 2016,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 238 pages,
By: Shaykh 'Abdu'l-Hayy al-'Amrawi,
& Shaykh Abdu'l-Karim Murad, of the Qarawwiyyin Mosque, Fez.

Introduction by: Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi,
Translated by Aisha Bewley,
Published by Madinah Press.

Description :

Sufis and Sufism: a Defence’, has been written by two of the leading ulema of Morocco with the dual purpose of defending one of the Ummah’s greatest and most distinguished sons, Shaykh Dr. Muhammad ‘Alawi al-Maliki, may Allah be pleased with him, while at the same time providing an overall defence of Sufis and Sufism, significantly including the positive opinions of Ibn Taymiyya, Al?Jawziyya and Ibn Abdul Wahhab. These latter views happen to reveal that the self-styled wahhabism of the ghastly Saudi regime is simply an innovatory political position against Islam, and not even that of the historically known reformers.

The authors, Shaykh Abdu’l-Hayy al-‘Amrawi and Shaykh Abdu’l-Karim Murad, are enormously prestigious ‘ulema based at the great Qarawwiyyin Mosque of Fes. Lest anybody think that the militant opposition to Sufism has stopped or even abated, we should be aware that the Saudi regime—we cannot call them a government—continues to promote the Zindiq teachings which they themselves openly see as a war against Islam and the Muslim masses.

We would not have mentioned this issue but for a recent evidence that the Zindiq regime arrogantly continues its progress, as if its militant sector just over two years ago had not spent the night with prostitutes drinking vodka-sours in a bar before flying two airliners into the now notorious skyscrapers. Yet in November of last year the Zindiq regime sent a representative to harangue the respected Muslim Judicial Council of Cape Town and film himself for an official Saudi television station. The obese form of Mr. Wajdi al-Ghazzawi berated the Council with that insolence we have foolishly taken for granted among the thuggish exports of the regime. He learned his Islam inside Arabia and studied something he calls ‘Interfaith Dialogue’, itself an open door onto kufr. Apparently he is an Imam at the Al?Minshaawi Mosque in Makkah.

While the regime that funds him and which he upholds crashed about his ears, here he was in South Africa chattering on with all the official wahhabi denunciations of the very Muslim community he was visiting. Among his attacks, inevitably Mr. Al-Ghazzawi made his vulgar swipe at our noble Shaykh, Dr. Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki. Insultingly, he denounced him as a “big-time deviant”. He said he only attracted poor people (surely one of the virtues of the Deen), and that his teachings were refuted by “authentic scholars”. By the time young Wajdi had waddled out of Cape Town and returned to Makkah, he must have seemed a little surprised at what awaited him ---Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi.

Table of Contents :

---Preface to the First Edition,
---Preface to the Second Edition,
---An Open Letter to the 'Ulama.'

Chapter [I] :
---The Adab of Debate,
---Examples taken from their debate.

Chapter [II] :
---The Beginning of the Story,
---The Scholars of Islam support Shaykh al-Maliki,
---Books written in support of Shaykh al-Maliki,
---The Book ''They came Galloping''
---Self Correction First,
---At whom is Kitab al-Hiwar directed ?
---A bullet aimed at the Islamic World,
---Tools of Destruction,
---We disagree while the Jews expand,
---The World is rent asunder by those who invite to evil,
---Let us direct our strength,
---Dr. al-Maliki has a model in his predecessors,
---The books which Shaykh al-Maliki wrote,
---Injury to the Messengers and Scholars,
---The Noble are tested by the extremes,
---Is there an attack on Shaykh al-Maliki's lineage in the Hiwar ?
---The verdict on the author of the Kitab al-Hiwar by the text of the Qur'an,
---Establishing the Hadd for slander in view of the Hanbali's,
---Establishing the Hadd on the slanderer in the view of the Maliki's,

Chapter [III] :
---The evils of Kitab al-Hiwar,
---The error of ibn Mani' in the science of Usul,
---The error of ibn Mani' in hadith,
---Two errors in hadith,
---The error of ibn Mani' in fiqh,
---The opinion of Ibn al-'Arabi on Hajj Ifrad,
---The error of ibn Mani' in tafsir,
---The meaning of mercy,
---A logical analogy,
---The meanings of mercy include,
---The error of ibn Mani' in the science of grammar,
---Weak deduction.

Chapter [IV] : Celebrating Mawlid,
---The Mawlid of the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Text of the hadith,
---Using weak hadith as evidence while rejecting the use of mursal hadith as evidence,
---The Three Imam's use mursal hadith as evidence,
---We do not accept that the hadith is mursal,
---Being a kafir does detract from the transmission,
---Questions directed al-Jaza'iri,
---The meanings of the words of 'Umar, ''An excellent innovation,''
---Omission does not indicate prohibition,
---Evidence that omission does not indicate prohibition,
---The legality of celebrating the Mawlid of the Prophet & categories of Innovation,
---''We have given you all this news about the Messengers'' (11:120),
---Celebration of the Mawlid is a celebration of Islam,
---The Mawlid of the Messenger from the aspect of teaching,
---A woman playing the tambourine at the head of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, after his safe return,
---Why did the Messenger fast Mondays ?
---Why did Abu Bakr want to die on Monday,
---Ibn Taymiyya and the Mawlid,
---Ibn Taymiyya's position about meeting for dhikr,
---Imam Ahmad and recitation of the Qur'an at the grave,
---The opinion of Ibn Hajar about celebrating the Mawlid,
---The fatwa of Ibn 'Abbad that it is permitted tocelebrate the Mawlid,
---The opinion of other scholars about the celebration of the Mawlid,
---A contemporary view of the Mawlid,
---The Night of the Mawlid and the Night or Power,
---The opinion of Ibn al-Hajj, the author of al-Madkhal, on the subject,
---Doubling of worship and obedience on the Mawlid,
---Imam ibn Marzuq prefers the Night of Mawlid to Night of Power by 20 proofs,
---The joy experienced by all existence at the Birth of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---The harmony of man with other categories of existence.

Chapter [V] : Seeking Mediation [tawassul] through the Messengers,
---Is it permitted to seek mediation through the Messengers, peace be upon them,
---The opinions of al-Bayhaqi, Ibn Hazm, as-Suyuti and as-Sakhawi,
---The evidence that the Messengers are Alive,
---The permissibility of seeking mediation through the Messengers, peace be upon them,
---Evidence for tawassul,
---Seeking baraka and healing by his hair and relics,
---Analysis derived from the hadith of the blind man written by Ibn as-Siddiq,
---An usuli rule,
---Bilal ibn al-Harith al-Muzani seeking rain at the grave of the Messenger,
---The argument of Ibn Taymiyya in his commentary on the hadith about the blind man.

Chapter [VI] : Which is Better ? The Holy Ka'aba or the Prophet's Grave ?
---Which is better?
---Is the Prophet's, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, grave better than the Ka'ba?
---Preferring Madina,
---The town which eats up towns,

Chapter [VII] : Knowledge of the Unseen, (Ilm al-Ghayb),
---Did Allah Almighty acquaint His Messenger with some of the Unseen ?
---Hadiths of the Two Sahih Collections,
---The opinion of Imam at-Tajmu'ati,
---The opinion of the scholar Sayyid Mas'ud Jumu,'
---The opinion of the scholar Kanun.

Chapter [VIII] : What is permitted in seeking Intercession with the Messenger?
---The Messenger has thirteen Intercessions,
---The opinion of Ibn Taymiyya on Intercession.

Chapter [IX] : In Defence of Tasawwuf,
---Defence of tasawwuf,
---What is tasawwuf?
---Is tasawwuf modern?
---The opinion of Muhammad ibn 'Abd ul Wahhab about tasawwuf,
---The opinion of Ibn Taymiyya about tasawwuf,
---The opinion of Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah about tasawwuf,
---The opinion of al-Jaza'iri about tasawwuf,
---Did the men of tasawwuf side with colonialism,
---Some of the shaykhs of tasawwuf who resisted colonialism,
------Shaykh Ahmad ash-Sharif as-Sanusi,
------The Sufi Mujahid, Shaykh 'Umar al-Mukhtar,
------Shaykh al-Mahdi as-Sudani,
------Amir Shaykh 'Abdu'l-Qadir al-Jaza'iri,
------Shaykh Muhammad ad-Dila'i,
------The fasi zawiyya (the Sufi Shaykh Abu'l-Mahasin al-Fasi),
------Shaykh Abu Muhammad 'Abdullah Muhammad al-Maliki al-Ayyashi,
------The Sufi, Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn 'Abdur-Rahim ibn Yajbash at-Tazi,
------The Martyr, Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali ibn 'Uthman ash-Shawi,
------The Shaykh and Martyr Ibn Jam'a, Abu'l-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn 'Allal,
------The Sufi Shaykh Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad Yahya al-Bahluli,
------The Sufi Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Hajjami,
------The Wazzani zawiyya,
------The jihad of the Baqqaliyya zawiyya,
------The Raysuniyya zawiyya,
------The Nasiri zawiyya.





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