Tawassul by the Fragrant Muhammadi Saints

Tawassul by the Fragrant Muhammadi Saints : ArabicNew,
'Seeking Divine Help'
**Arabic with some English.,
[A5] Paperback - 152 pages,
by Sayyid Dr al-Sharif alhussaini Naqshbandi,
Published by Naqsh al-Anwar.


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This unique work is a blessed book of tasawwul (Seeking Divine Help) by the most prominent of Muslim Saints. It is for the benefit of the faithful to enable them to reach their righteous goals and to seek fulfilment of their worldly as well as heavenly needs and righteous desires. 


Included are special supplications made by the early Saints and the Ahl al-Bayt, as well as a chapter of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, regarding Tawassul. Also included are the supplications of tawassul of the Naqshbandi Saints, and others of the Golden Chain. Then there is a chapter on the Martyrs of Karbala and the survivors of Karbala. It finishes with a section of supplications of Tawassul by the Ahl al-Badr and the Martyrs of Uhud.


The way to seek Divine Help through tawassul by these Holy Saints is by reading out their blessed names followed by praying with the supplication of tawassul with the intention of seeking their blessed mediation in the Divine presence.




Table of Contents :  Arabic language with some brief English text.

----Shrines of the Fragrant Saints,


---Chapter [1]. Tawassul by the Holy Messenger,
-------The Ahl al-Bayt Supplication by the Messenger, and the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt,

---Chapter [2]. Tawassul by the Saints of the Naqshbandi Tariqah,
-------Supplication of Tawassul by the Blessed Saints,
-------Tawassul by the Saints in the Golden Chain,
-------Tawassul by the Saints in the Siddiqi Chain,
-------Tawassul by the Saints in the Alawi Chain,
-------Supplication of Tawassul (Transliteration),
-------Supplication of Tawassul (Translation),

---Chapter [3]. Tawassul by the Ahl al-Karbala,
-------Tawassul by the Ahl al-Karbala,

---Chapter [4]. Tawassul by the Ahl al-Badr,
-------Virtues of Tawassul,
-------Tawassul by the Ahl al-Badr,
-------Supplication of Tawassul by the Ahl al-Badr and the Martyrs of Uhud,

---Chapter [5]. Tawassul by the Martyrs of Uhud,
-------Tawassul by the Martyrs of Uhud,

---Chapter [6]. Travel of the Naqshbandi Tariqah, from Madinah to Madinah,

------Terms and Abbreviations.




About the Author :

Shaykh Dr Sayyid al-Sharif ibn-Hashim 'Abdullah al-Husaini an-Naqshbandi al-Mujaddidi is an Arab scholar, and direct descendant of Imam al-Hussain, the blessed son of Imam Ali and Sayyidah Fatimah, may Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, be pleased with them all. He was born and raised in Madina al-Munawwarah, in the vicinity of Masjid al-Nabawi.  He was blessed to become a scholar in various Islamic and secular sciences, particularly Qur'anic exegesis, in recitation, Hadith, Hanafi fiqh, and in Sira. Dr. al-Sharif al-Hussaini is also a Professor of Arabic and English philology and literature.






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**This books is predominantly in Arabic with some small passages of English text. 

Dimensions :  21 x 15cm (approx).




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  • Written by: Sh. Sayyid al-Sharif al-Hussaini

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