A Book of Fateha & Funeral Rites

 A Book of Fateha
and Funeral Rites.

*[A4] Paperback - 120 pages,
Published by Sirat al-Muslimeen Publications.


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Alternative recommendation Benefitting the Deceased.

Description :

Fateha : A Salvation for the Dead

It is permissable and it is made clear from the 'Qur'an al kareem' and Ahadith that to recite surah's, to give in charity and to do good acts for the deceased does indeed benefit them. It is in Ahadith that when a person prays for another Muslim brother, that prayer is accepted. This is because there is an Angel over the head of every person and when a person prays for the betterment of another that Angel says 'Aameen' and prays that he also be rewarded accordingly. It is obvious that du'a is the essence behind prayers. Therefore, it is necessary for Muslims to pray for their fellow Muslims which benefits them both, in this world and the Hereafter.  

''And those who came after them (the Mujahir and the Ansar) say: ''O' Allah! Forgive us and our deceased brothers who came before us.'' - (Al Qur'an, 28 : 4)    

The Most Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, has stated :  '' To offer prayers, ask forgiveness of parents, fulfil any promises that they had made, treat well those who were related through them, respect and honour their freinds are included in service to the parents after their death.''  - (Abu Daud)

The followers of Wahhabi/Deobandi/Tablighi sects do not believe in saying any Du'a after Janazah Prayers, nor believe in saying Du'a after a burial nor in doing Khatam Shareef. For them when a person dies, their connection with the deceased is dead too. 

Recommended book for each household!!

Table of Contents :


---Quotations on Du'a and Fateha,
---Fateha : A Salvation for the Dead,
---Death : Not a Disaster,
---Suffering at the time of Death,
---Death on Virtuous Days,
---The Soul and Barzakh,
---The Dead Know and Can Hear,
---Squeezing of and Punishment in the Grave,
---Longing for Death,
---The Necessity of a Will, Isqaat & Paying off Debts,
---Visiting the Sick or those on the Death-bed---
---Giving Hope of Allah's Compassion to the Dying
---Dhikr, Recitation and Actions at the Time of Death
---Inabilty to Recite Kalima Tawheed : Dying without Imaan
---Du'a to Recite on Hearing about a Death,
---Actions Immediately Following the Death,
---Dhikr, Tehleel, and Recitation After Death,
---Reward for being Patient in Grief,
---Screaming and Crying at Funerals,
---Condoling the Bereaved,
---A letter of Condolence by the Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Hurting the Deceased,
---Reward for Praising the Deceased,
---Reward & Permissibilty for giving Ghusl,
---Ghusl : The Method,
---The Kaffan (Shroud),
---The Method of putting the Kaffan on,
---Seeing the Face of the Deceased,
---Attending a Funeral and its Rewards,
---Respect for the Janazah,
---Janazah Prayers,
---Matters Related to Janazah Salaah & Ghusl,
---Carrying the Janazah & Etiquettes of the Cemetery Du'a when lowering the Body into the Grave,
---Du'a and Recitations after Burial for the Deceased,
---Interference By Satan : Questioning in the Grave,
---Importance of Giving Adhan at the Grave after Burial,
---Importance of Reciting Talqeen at the Grave after Burial,
---Acceptance of Talqeen by Wahhabi/Deobandi/Tablighi Firqas,
---Talqeen : The Method
---Questioning in the Grave : The Three Questions,
---Cremations, Post Mortems and Mortuaries,
---The Importance of Visiting the Cemetery,
---The Method of Visiting the Cemetery,
---Greetings on entering the Cemetery,
---Recitations near the Grave,
---Other Actions that Benefit the Decease,
---Respect for a Muslim's Grave,  

Appendix 1   

---Visit to the house by souls,
---Showing of deeds to deceased parents & the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Evidence for reading of du'a after Salaat al Janazah & refutations of Wahhabi allegations of bid'at,
---Benefits of saying Adhaan at the grave & refutations of Wahhabi allegations of bid'at,
---Duties of children towards parents during their lifetime,
---Duties of children towards parents after death,
---Plight of the Muslim reverts,
---Building a mausoleum (or a motorway?) over a grave,
---Benefits of visiting the shrines of the Prophets, the Awliya & the Pious .

Appendix 2   

---Showing Mercy Towards Souls of our Relations,
---Preparing for death, doing good acts and asking for forgiveness from Allah the Almighty,
---Dhikr & Prayers to ease tribulations on Death,
---Other actions that benefit after Death,
---Du'a and surahs to recite when sick and taking medication,
---Du'a, Prayers and Fasting for the very aged or sick,
---Tribulation saving deeds. 

Appendix 3   

---Al-Fateha - The Method,
---Surah Yaseen : The Attributes,
---Surah Yaseen : English Transliteration,
---Ayat al Kursi : The Virtues,
---Ayat al Kursi : English Transliteration,
---Ahad Nama : The Testament,
---Durud-e-Taj (Arabic)
---Surah Mulk,
Surah Muzammil,
Surah Yaseen.



Alternative recommendation Benefitting the Deceased.

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