The Urs

 The Urs : Anniversary of the Departure of a Saint,
[A5] Booklet - 14 pages,
by Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Na'imi al-Ashrafi,
Translated by Mawlana Omar Qadri Moeeni,
Published by Kutub Khanna Amjadia, Delhi.

Description :

A brief but concise work regarding the permissibility of celebrating and attending the Urs; which is the death anniversary of the Friends of Allah (Awliya-Allah). This important work was originally written in urdu by the prolific Scholar Shaykh al-Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan al-Na'imi al-Ashrafi, may Allah have mercy upon him.

This publication from India is the first ever English translation - presented here in a Question and Answer format to the objections that are raised. Authentic references have been provided as well as references from the elders of the Maslak-e-Deoband.

Contents :

---In Proof of the Urs,

Objection and Answers to the Urs,

---Objection [1]. How do you know that the deceased was a Wali of Allah ?
---Objection [2]. The hadith states: 'Do not make my Qabr an Eid' ..thus Urs is Haram,
---Objection [3]. There is intermingling of the sexes, with dancing, singing of Qawwali ...
---Objection [4]. It has become Haram, due to Haram acts incorporated within it, therefore the Urs is Haram!

Contains numerous references!

Sub-continent print quality!

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  • Written by: Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Naimi

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