Deoband to Bareilly

Deoband to Bareilly : The Truth,
*[5] Paperback booklet - 75 pages,
by Allama Kaukab Nurani Okarvi,
Translated by Sayyid Ghulam Khawajah,
Published by Ziya al-Qur'an, Pakistan.


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Description :

In this book, "From Deoband to Bareilly", the renowned scholar and author Hadrat Allama Kaukab Okarvi takes the reader on an educational excursion from the darkness of misguidance into the light of guidance (hidayat).

Some people say:

" Let them say whatever they want to say, let them utter whatever
nonsense they may wish to utter. But you should remain silent, and only
talk of unity. Whatever is happening let it be as it is. Man has set foot on the
moon & these Maulvees are still quarreling over the sighting of the moon."


Time, of course has changed but not to the extent that man has become independent, and the defence of honour and self respect in him has also extinguished. Man has really deviated and strayed even more. We the lover's recognise and acknowledge the Master of the Holy City of Madinah not just through intellect but with love. Love is total obedience and agreement. It is fascinated by every act of the Beloved.

This well-researched work will be a boon for the youth of today and a blessing  for future generations. The youth are thoroughly confused about Islam through no fault of theirs, because of the deobandi/wahhabi sect.  



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  • Written by: Allama Kaukab Noorani

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