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Bilal al-Habshi : NEW
Bilal al-Habshi : NEW
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Details:  Bilal al-Habshi : An Exemplar of Patience and Devotion - New,
*[A5+] Paperback - 170 pages,
by Hilal Kara,
and Abdullah Kara,
Published by Tughra, Turkey.

Description :

Bilal al-Habashi, may Allah be pleased with him, was a slave under the Meccan pagans who ruled the city. However with the Prophet Muhammad's, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, message of liberation, faith and love, seeds of hope were planted in his soul. He had never felt like a free man before, but after answering the Prophet's, ﷺ, call, he was treated like one of the nobles of Mecca.

The pagan leaders were alarmed by Bilal's embrace of Islam. The Prophet's, ﷺ, message could destroy their hold over the city. What if the other slaves realised they, too, could be freed by the call of Islam? They knew they needed to silence Bilal. And they tried, laying him on burning sands and placing massive, searing rocks on his chest. Despite the pagan's torture, Bilal could not be silenced, and he cried out, "One! One! Allah is One! and did not turn from his faith.

Once a worthless slave in the eyes of the Meccan pagans, Bilal al-Habshi, may Allah be pleased with him, rose to become a high ranking general under Islam. His famous sorrowful call to prayer, which brought comfort to his Messenger, ﷺ, and his Companions, still echoes all across the Islamic world. The heroic example of Bilal is a reminder of freedom's value and nobility of being human, regardless of colour.

Hilal Kara holds a PhD in pedagogy from Germany and a Masters degree in Hadith Studies in Turkey. She frequently lectures on personal development and family education.

Abdullah Kara is a graduate of Arabic and Islamic studies. He is the author of a number of publications, most of which cover Islamic history and character development.

Table of Contents :

Chapter [1].

---The Yemenites call for help,
---Invasion of Yemen,
---Abraha's ambition,
---From commandership to captivity,
---At the slave market,
---Lives that continued in Mecca,
---Bilal al-Habashi,
---Journey to Damsacus,
---A black slave in Mecca,
---A spirit that breaks free,
---The polytheists' suspicion,
---Family embraces Islam,
---Divine love overflowing from the heart,
---The torture begins.

Chapter [2].

---The freedom that comes with patience and perseverance,
---Mercy upon mercy,
---Glad tidings,
---Ongoing persecution,
---The worthiest before God,
---Process of spiritual building,
---The night vigil,
---Fellowship in Mecca,
---Trial of patience,
---The symbol of belief.

Chapter [3].

---The emigration,
---Being a means of mercy,
---Fellowship anew,
---Ongoing education and service,
---Difficult trial,
---Master of the callers to prayer,
---Prayer in congregation,
---The first call to prayer,
---Bilal, may Allah be pleased with him, and the call to prayer,
---Special moments,
---The call to prayer recited in paradise,
---The difficult call to prayer,
---Suffa days,
---Values education,
---Being like the earth in humility,
---The hero of compassion and mercy,
---The Prophet's, ﷺ,  Nobles,
---Exuding radiance,
---Servitor of the Messenger, ﷺ, : Hero of Service,
---Service to the Noble Household,
---Hosting guests and delegations,
---Stewardship and protection,
---Various state servives,
---Service in military campaigns,
---The expedition of ghatafan,
---Always ready for service,
---Secretary of the treasury,
---State expenditure,
---Marriage imbued with Prophetic cultivation,
---Second marriage.

Chapter [4].

---After the Messenger, ﷺ,
---His death.

More biographies of the Companions.
More Sirah,
More Islamic History.

*Dimensions :  23 x 15.2cm.

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