The First Ones 2 : Sahaba Stories

The First Ones,
Stories of the Sahabah, Volume II,
[A5+] Paperback - 174 pages,
by Noura Durkee,
Part of the 'Stories of the Sahabah' Series, USA.


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Description :

'The First Ones' is the second volume in the series, Stories of the Sahabah, adapted by Noura Durkee from Arabic and urdu sources in an engaging and comprehensive way. This volume contains the biographies of 18 prominent Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them, (The Companions) of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as recorded in various traditions (ahadith). Many of them followed Rasulullah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, to Madinah during the hijrah.

This volume presents the essence of their devotion to Islam and their Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, through rich and engaging anecdotes.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Note.

---[1] 'Abdullah ibn Abu Bakr as-Siddiq,
--------Faithful to the End,
---[2] 'Abdullah ibn Jahsh,
--------The Test,
--------'Abdullah's Influence,
--------His Prayer is Answered,
---[3] 'Abdullah ibn Makhramah 'Amri,
---------His Devotion,
---[4] 'Abdullah ibn Masud,
--------His Talent,
--------Strength in Conflict,
--------The Death of 'Abdullah ibn Masud,
---[5] Abu al-As ibn Ar-Rabi & Zainab bint Muhammad,
--------Abu al-'As becomes a Muslim and is reunited with Zainab,
---[6] Al-Arqam ibn Abu al-Arqam,
--------Arqam's Commitment to Islam,
---[7] Asma' bint Abu Bakr,
--------Asma's Devotion,
--------Her Wisdom,
---[8] Hakim ibn Hazim,
--------Hakim's Atonement and Generosity,
---[9] Ibn Umm-i-Maktum,
--------Rasulullah receives a warning,
--------The Migration to Madinah,
--------Ibn Umm Maktum achieves his Wish,
---[10] Khabbab ibn Al-'Arat,
--------Khabbab meets the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
--------Khabbab Stand's his Ground,
--------The Quraysh Come up with a Plan,
--------Khabbab in Madinah,
---[11] Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan -- Umm Habibah,
--------Umm Habibah's difficult choice,
--------A Glorious Surprise,
---[12] Safiyyah bint 'Abd al-Muttalib,
--------Safiyyah's Commitment to Islam,
--------A Lioness Protects Her Cubs,
--------The First Female Warrior of Islam,
---[13] 'Ubaidah ibn al-Harith,
--------Rasulullah's Trust in 'Ubaidah,
---[14] 'Ukkashah ibn Mihsin al-Asadi,
--------'Ukkashah's Divine Gift's,
---[15] 'Umair ibn Wahb,
--------'Umair stays in Madinah,
---[16] 'Umm Salamah and Abu Salamah,
--------The Return to Makkah,
--------Another Trial,
--------A Reunion at Last,
--------The Death of an Esteemed Sahabi,
--------Abu Salamah's Du'a is Answered,
--------A Trusted Advisor at Hudaibiyah,
---[17] Zaid ibn Harithah,
--------Life with the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
--------A Powerful Leader,
---[18] Zaid ibn 'Amr  and other Hunafa,'
--------Zaid ibn 'Amr ibn Nufail,
--------Warraqah ibn Nawafal,
--------'Umaimah bint 'Abdul-Muttalib.

------Transliterated Names of the Sahabah & Other Historical Notables,
------Transliteration Chart,
------Islamic Invocations (Terms of (Adaab) Etiquette),
------About the Author.

The Author : Hajjah Noura Durkee graduated with an M.A. in Fine Arts from Stanford University. She studied Arabic and Islamic culture at Um al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and attended the Kamel Ibrahim School of Islamic Calligraphy in Alexandria, Egypt. She has travelled throughout the world as an educator and lecturer. She is the wife of Shaykh Nooruddin Durkee al-Shadhili. Together they have edited, illustrated and written numerous books on a wide range of topics related to Islam.









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