Khalid Bin al-Waleed : Sword of Allah

Sword of Allah :

[A4] Hardback with dustjacket* - 512 pages,
by A.I. Akram,
Edited by A.B. Al-Mehri.

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A Biographical Study of one of the Greatest Military Generals in History

Book Description :

Khalid bin Al-Waleed, May Allah be pleased with him, was a dynamic military leader and one of the first heroes of Islam. Having made a dramatic conversion to the Muslim faith, he was at the forefront of the campaign to crush the Arab rebellion against Islam, and went on to conquer both Western Iraq and Syria from the Persians and Romans. Akram gives a detailed account of Khalid bin Al-Waleed's childhood and its historical background, the conquest of Makkah, the Siege of Taif and batlles of Hunein and Uhud.


Al-Waleed's military campaigns after the demise of the Beloved Prophet Muhammed, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, from the campaign of Apostasy to the fall of the Roman and Persian empires are then examined and illustrated in comprehensive detail.



About the Author : Lieutenant General A.I. Akram has had a distinguished career in military, diplomatic and literary fields. He served in Burma in WWII, fought against India in 1971, and thereafter served as Pakistan's Military Deputy to the Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO).

After retiring from military service in 1978, he became Pakistan's Ambassador to Spain where he served for two and a half years. Upon completion of this assignment he founded the Institute of Regional Studies in Islamabad which is a research institute dealing with South Africa.



Table of Contents :

---List of Maps,
---Editors Preface,

Part [I] : In the Time of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam;

---The Boy;
---The New Faith;
---The Battle of Uhud;
---The Battle of the Ditch;
---The Conversion of Khalid;
---Mutah and the Sword of Allah;
---The Conquest of Makkah;
---The Battle of Hunain;
---The Siege of Taif;
---The adventure of Daumat-ul-Jandal.


Part [II] : The Campaign of the Apostasy;

---The Gathering Storm;
---Abu Bakr Strikes;
---Tulaiha the Impostor;
---False Lords and Ladies;
---The End of Malik Bin Nuwaira;
---The Battle of Yamamah;
---The Collapse of the Apostasy.


Part [III] : The Invasion of Iraq;

---The Clash wth Persia;
---The Battle of Chains;
---The Battle of the River;
---The Hell of Walaja;
---The River of Blood;
---The Conquest of Hira;
---Anbar and Ain-ut-Tamr;
---Daumat-ul-Jandal Again;
---The Last Opposition,
---The Perilous March;
---Deeper into Syria;
---The Battle of Anjadein;
---The Conquest of Damascus;
---The Unkind Cut;
---The Battle of Fahl;
---The Conquest of Emessa;
---The Eve of Yarmuk;
---The Completion of the Conquest;
---A Farewell to Arms.


Appendices :

---Appendix A,
------Bibliography ;

---Appendix B,
------Notes : Index of Places ; Index of Persons,

---Appendix C,
------Frequently Asked Questions,

---Appendix D,
------The Companions.






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*Some surface scratches on Dustjacket.     





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