Evolution Theory and Islam

Evolution Theory and Islam,
[A5] Paperback booklet - 14 pages,
by Nu Ha Mim Keller.
Published by The Muslim Academic Trust,
Cambridge, UK.

Book Extract :

Allah alone is Master of Existence. He alone causes all that is to be and not to be. Causes are without effect in themselves, but rather both cause and effect are created by Him. The causes and the effects of all processes, including those through which plant and animal species are individuated, are His work alone.

To ascribe efficacy to anything but His action, whether believing that causes (a) bring about effects in and of themselves; or (b) bring about effects in and of themselves through a capacity Allah has placed in them, is to ascribe associates to Allah (shirk). Such beliefs seem to be entailed in the literal understanding of "natural selection" and "random mutation," and other evolutionary concepts, unless we understand these processes as figurative causes, while realizing that Allah alone is the agent. This is apart from the consideration of whether they are true or not.

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  • Written by: Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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