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Wives of Muhammad

The Honourable Wives of the Holy Prophet
The Honourable Wives of the Holy Prophet
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Details:  The Honourable Wives -
of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ, New,
'Ummahat al-Mumineen,'
*[A5] Glossy Paperback - 106 pages,
by Hadrat Abu Anees M. Barkat Ali,
Transl & Edited by Samina Iqbal,
by Dar ul Ehsan Publications.

Description :

The Honourable Wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, the Messenger of Allāh the Almighty, has been published to coincide and add to the celebrations of one hundred years of the right to vote for British women organised variously and sponsored by the UK parliament. The title has been translated into English in order to demonstrate the simple and pious lives the Holy Wives had led over fourteen hundred years ago. Allāh the Almighty has graced them with the appellation "The Mothers of the Believers" 'Ummahat al-Mumineen.' The followers must, therefore, endeavour to order their daily lives on the pattern of their memorable attributes and exemplary qualities.

The Holy Prophet, ﷺ, promulgated in his last sermon, appended herein, on the eve of his Farewell Pilgrimage to Makkah, the equal rights in all different facets of the life of the Ummah, male and female, black and white, Arabs and non-Arabs, the rich and the poor. The egalitarian principles of non-discrimination, justice and equality, in the address have been practiced over the centuries. The more meticulous their practices by the Muslim communities, the more accentuated have been the Islamic culture vis-a-vis the tenets of Islam.

For the female members of the Muslim Ummah the 'Mothers of the Believers' rank high as their beacon light in all aspects of human life. They practiced literally the dictates of, for example, the injunctions regarding the veil (purdah) as laid down sporadically in the Holy Qur'an most meticulously and it would be expected of Muslim women of each and every era to follow suit. The Honourable Wives, may Allah be pleased with them, are to be remembered with due deference and must not be reviled at any rate, because they are not only members of the Holy Prophet's, ﷺ, household and family but also prominent figures amongst the Companions whom one and all must respect, commands the Holy Prophet, ﷺ.

Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (1911 - 1997), was a commissioned officer in the British Army in India. He made a dramatic exit in 1945 when the world was still at war; abdicating to live an austere life as a faqir (an indigent). This enabled him to write several hundred books on the many different aspects of Islam. As you read through his books, one will fathom his erudition and knowledge, above all, his spiritual practices and heights that pervaded his being. Dr Frenais Aranze, Vatican (Italy), visited Hadrat Abu Anees in 1988 at his seminary in Pakistan and wrote to him :

"I am particularly impressed by your religious devotion,
your living of a poor life and your positive dedication to
helping the needy. Quiet revolutions like your own are
  good ways to promote justice and peace."

"Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali was an ascetic, a man of great learning, a linguist, a philosopher, a mathematician, a jurist, a chemist, an herbalist - but above all a Sufi Master who lived for others and strove for nearness to God. Anyone interested in the Path to spiritual enlightenment through the discipline of Sufi practices will find inspiration in this book." ---Professor Mark Halstead.

Table of Contents :


The Honourable Wives of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ, & their Virtues;

---[1]. Sayyida Hadrat Khadijah al-Kubrah, radi Allahu anha,
-------Early Life & Marriages,
-------Sayyida Khadijah's Business & the Hiring of the Prophet's, ﷺ, Services,
-------Her death,
-------The children,
----------Sayyidina Qasim bin Muhammad,
----------Sayyidina 'Abdullah bin Muhammad,
----------Sayyida Zaynab bint Muhammad,
----------Sayyida Ruqiyyah bint Muhammad,
----------Sayyida Umm Kulsoom bint Muhammad,
----------Sayyida Fatimah az-Zahra bint Muhammad,
-------------Sayyida Fatimah az-Zahra's Honorific Supplication,
-------Virtues of Sayyida Hadrat Khadijah bint Khuwalid,

---[2]. Sayyida Hadrat Sawdah, radi Allahu anha,
-------Early Life,
-------Virtues of Sayyida Sawdah.

---[3]. Sayyida Hadrat Ay'ishah Siddiqah, radi Allahu anha,
-------Early Life,
-------Participation in the Battles and the Events,
-------The Last Moments in the Prophets, ﷺ, life at the home of Sayyida Ay'ishah,
-------The Battle of Jamal : A heart-rending episode,
-------Sayyida Ay'ishah's appearance,
-----------Her death,
-------Sayyida Ay'ishah; the excellence of knowledge & embodiment of innovations,
-------Moral righteousness,
-------Her way of living.

---[4]. Sayyida Hadrat Hafsah, radi Allahu anha,
-------Early period,
-------Sayyida Hafsah's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Her manners and temper,
-------Her death.

---[5]. Sayyida Hadrat Zaynab, radi Allahu anha,
-------The early life and circumstances,
-------Death and burial,
-------Sayyida Zaynab's rich legacy.

---[6]. Sayyida Hadrat Umm Salamah, radi Allahu anha,
-------Early life,
-------The sorrowful account of her migration to Madinah,
-------Widowhood and Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Honour and Modesty,
-------Sayyida Umm Salamah's offspring and her death,
-------The sound opinion,
-------Martyrdom of Sayyidina Imam Hussain, radi Allahu ta'ala anha,
-------Excellence of Sayyida Umm Salamah's knowledge,
-------Her moral high ground,
-------Her piety and worship.

---[7]. Sayyida Hadrat Juwayriyyah, radi Allahu anha,
-------The early life,
-------The Battle of al-'Aqiq,
----------Sayyida Juwayriyyah's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Al-Harith embraces Islam,
-------Sayyida Juwayriyyah's habits and manners,
-------Death and burial.

---[8]. Sayyida Hadrat Umm Habibah, radi Allahu anha,
-------The early life,
-------Sayyida Umm Habibah's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Her appearance,
----------Her children,
----------Her death,
-------Her knowledge, morals and ethics.

---[9]. Sayyida Hadrat Zaynab bint Jahsh, radi Allahu anha,
-------The early life and the first Nikah,
-------Sayyida Zaynab's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------The leading wife, representing the others,
-------Her death,
-------Her qualities and character-traits.

---[10]. Sayyida Hadrat Safiyyah bint Huyayy, radi Allahu anha,
-------Her early life and lineage,
-------Sayyida Safiyyah's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Sayyida Safiyyah the succour to the besieged Sayyiduna Uthman, radi Allahu anhu,
-------Her death,
-------Her knowledge, Morals and habits,
-------Mutual love and sharing with the Prophet's, ﷺ, concerns,
-------Sayyida Safiyyah's contentment and generosity.

---[11]. Sayyida Hadrat Maymunah bint al-Harith, radi Allahu anha,
-------Her lineage,
----------Sayyida Maymunah's Nikah with the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
-------Knowledge and practices; religious and ethical,
-------Good temperament and praiseworthy Manners,
-------Her death and burial.

---Khutbah Hajj' at al-Wada' (Sermon at the Farewell Pilgrimage),
------Detailed meaning and its significance,

---Du'a al-Barkat - Al-Barkat's Supplication.

---Shajrah i-Tayyibah : The Holy Order,
------Qadiriyyah, Mujaddidiyyah Ghafooriyyah, Rahimiyyah, Karimiyyah, Amiriyyah & Barkatiyyah,

---The Holy Prophet, ﷺ, and the Holy Shaykhs,

---What is Dar ul Ehsan?

---Glossary of Terms,
------Name and Subject Index.

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