Faith in the Light of Qur'an

Faith : New,
In the Light of the Qur'an :
*[A5+] Large Hardback - 706 pages,
Compiled at bequest of Maulana Shakir Noorie,
Transl. by M. Salim Noorie,
***Published by Maktab e Taibah, India.


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Description :

The revelation of the Holy Qur'an is one of the greatest favours from amongst the countless favours of Allah Almighty upon us. It contains everything that humanity requires for welfare, success and prosperity. It is an embodiment of mercy and is the blueprint for guidance for all people. It is the Rope of Allah Almighty and one who holds firmly onto it will attain success in this world and the Hereafter.

Four of the fundamental beliefs which are essential for faith are : 1). To believe in Allah Almighty, this means to believe and testify that He is the only Lord, He has no partner; to believe in all His Qualities and Names and have faith that He is Al-Knowing and has power over all things. 2). To believe in Angels. Meaning to believe in their existence, they do not commit sin, are pure and are also a means of communication between Allah Almighty and His Prophets, upon them be peace. 3). To believe in the Books of Allah Almighty. To believe that all the books revealed by Allah Almighty and sent to His Prophets through revelations are all truthful and from Allah Almighty, and not to doubt them in the slightest. To also believe the Holy Qur'an has been safeguarded from alteration or changes and to believe in the orders and prohibitions which are contained therein. 4). To believe in the Prophets. To believe that they are Prophets of Allah Almighty which He has sent towards His slaves. They are the guardians of His revelations, are free from sins, and better than all of creation and that some are more exalted than others, (Khaza'in).

The Qur'an sheds light on these fundamentals and details regarding them appear time and again in countless verses which make it clear that these fundamental are an essential part of faith. Many of these verses have been collected in this book, "Faith - In the Light of Qur'an" which mention these fundamentals and the importance and neccessity of believing in them.




Table of Contents :

---Book at a Glance.

------Various Names of the Qur'an,
------Information about the Qur'an,
------Stages of Revelation of the Qur'an,
------Beginning of the Revelations,
------How was the Qur'an Revealed?
------What is meant by the Seven Styles of the Qur'an?
------Difference between Makki and Madani Chapters,
------Necessity and Importance of the Holy Qur'an.

---Chapter One:
------Belief in Allah the Almighty,
--------Allah Almighty Alone is Worthy of Worship,
--------There is No Creator except Allah Almighty,
--------Allah Almighty is Unique and Incomparable,
--------Allah Almighty is Free from All Defects,
--------Attributes of Allah Almighty in the Qur'an,
--------The Beautiful Names of Allah Almighty,
--------The Creations of Allah Almighty,
--------Creation of Earth,
--------The Sun and Moon are in Orbit,
--------Life and Death Created by Allah Almighty,
--------Only Allah Almighty Grants Sustenance,
--------Allah Almighty's Infinite and Perfect Knowledge,
--------Justice and Fairness of Allah Almighty,
--------The Supreme Mercy of Allah Almighty,
--------The Great Forgiveness of Allah Almighty,
--------Allah Almighty is The Dominant One,
--------Allah Almighty Loves Some of His Slaves,
--------Allah Almighty does not Love some other Slaves,
--------Various Attributes of Allah Almighty.

---Chapter Two:
------Qur'anic Beliefs Regarding Angels,
--------Angels do not interfere in Divine Matters,
--------Angels always Obey the Orders of Allah Almighty,
--------Angels Praise and Glorify Allah Almighty,
--------Angels Seek forgiveness for Believers,
--------Angels Send Blessings upon the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------Hadrat Jibra'il, alayhi salam, is Trustworthy and Honoured,
--------Angels are sent as Messengers,
--------Angels descend only when Allah Almighty Commands,
--------Angels descend on the Night of Power,
--------Angels Prostrated to Sayyiduna Adam, alayhi salam,
--------Angels Visiting Sayyiduna Ibrahim, alayhi salam,
--------Angels Visiting Sayyiduna Lut, alayhi salam,
--------Angels Visiting Sayyiduna Zakariyya, alayhi salam,
--------Angels Visiting Sayyidah Maryam, alayhi salam,
--------Angels are Helpers of the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------Angels Arrived in Badr,
--------Angels Remove the Soul,
--------Angels Greet Pious Muslims

---Chapter Three:
------Divine Books and Scriptures.
--------Essential to Believe in All Divine Books,
--------Reason for Divine Books being Revealed,
--------The Jews altered the Torah,
--------Mention of the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, in the Torah and the Gospel,
--------The Holy Qur'an,
--------Nothing is Comparable to the Qur'an,
--------Sayyiduna Jibra'il, alayhi salam, brought the Qur'an,
--------The Qur'an is Light,
--------The Qur'an is Mercy,
--------The Qur'an contains All Information,
--------Allah Almighty is the Protector and Guardian of the Qur'an,
--------Why was the Qur'an only Revealed in Parts and not All Together?
--------The Qur'an was Revealed in Arabic,
--------It is Necessary to be Pure to Touch the Qur'an,
--------Allah Almighty Taught the Qur'an to His Beloved, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------There is no Contradiction in the Qur'an.

---Chapter Four:
------Prophets and Messengers,
--------The Number of Prophets and Messengers.
--------Obligatory to Believe in All Prophets,
--------Some Prophets Given Excellence Over Others,
--------Reason for Prophets being Sent,
--------Prophets are Interpreters of the Almighty,
--------The Message of All Prophets  was the same,
--------Sayyiduna Adam, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Nuh, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Hud, alayhi salam, and the people of 'Ad,
--------Sayyiduna Salih, alayhi salam, and the people of Thamud,
--------Sayyiduna Ibrahim, alayhi salam,
--------The Close Friend of Allah Almighty,
--------Sayyiduna Ibrahim, alayhi salam, and the Great Sacrifice,
--------Allah Almighty's Favours on the Progeny of Ibrahim, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Lut, alayhi salam, and his community,
--------Sayyiduna Ismail, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Musa, alayhi salam,
--------Favours of Allah Almighty on the Bani Israil,
--------Virtues and Merits of Sayyiduna Musa, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Isa, alayhi salam, and Sayyidah Maryam, alayhi salam,
--------Glad Tidings at the Birth of Sayyiduna Isa, alayhi salam,
--------Virtues and Merits of Sayyiduna Isa, alayhi salam,
--------Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasulullah, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------Mercy for All the Worlds,
--------Obeying the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, is Obeying Allah the Almighty,
--------The Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, was granted the Mi'raj,
--------The Virtues and Merits of Sayyiduna Rasulullah, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
--------The Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam.

---Chapter Five:
------Day of Judgement and Life after Death,
--------How Belief in the HereAfter is Corrupted,
--------Is the HereAfter possible ?
--------The HereAfter is a Reality and a Neccessity,
--------The Day of Judgement,
--------Signs of the Day of Judgement,
--------Resurrection and Accounting,
--------Beauty of Paradise,
--------Agonies of Hellfire,
--------Positive Effects of Belief in the HereAfter.

---Chapter Six:
--------Good and Bad Destiny is from Allah Almighty,
--------Nothing is possible without the Will of Allah Almighty,
--------Lifespan has been Determined,
--------Time of Death has been Fixed,
--------No-one has been given More to Bear than their Capacity,
--------Allah Almighty grants Children to 'Whom He Desires'

---Chapter Seven:
---------Remain Steadfast on Islam,
---------The Only Religion before Allah Almighty is Islam,
---------Islam is Indestructible,
---------Allah Almighty is the Helper of Muslims,
---------Stages of Birth of Humans,
---------Human beings granted Honour,
---------The State of Humans,






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*Dimensions :  22.5 x 15cm.

***Off mint condition. Bruising to cover & spines with some page creases. This not uncommon with sub-continental printed books.



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