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The Ghazi Sultans : New
The Ghazi Sultans : New
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A History of the Prophets of Islam V1
A History of the Prophets of Islam V1
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Details:  A History of the Prophets of Islam V1 : New,
Derived from the Quran, Ahadith & Commentaries,
Volume 1 (of 2),
*[A5] Paperback - 554 pages,
by Suzanne Haneef,
Published by Library of Islam,
Kazi Publications.

Description :

A milestone in the English literature concerning Islam, A History of the Prophets of Islam is the fruit of nearly ten years of scholarly research. In this unique two-volume work, the Qur'anic narratives concerning such prophets as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Lot, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, upon them be peace, and many others are supplemented with relevant ahadith and the interpretations of classical and contemporary scholars.

Hundreds of footnotes, occasional appendices and maps add detail and colour to the text. Written for readers of all faiths, this work reflects a traditional Islamic understanding of the Messengers of God and their role in shaping civilisation.

Table of Contents :

---List of Maps,
------The Qur'an and Commentaries,
------Commentaries on Stories of the Prophets,
------Reference Works,
------Special Sources for this Volume,
---Key to Abbreviations of Sources for the Volume,
------Other Works.

The Story of Adam and His Descendants, Seth and Idris,

Part One : At the Beginning,
---[1]. By Way of Introduction,
---[2]. Allah the Almighty,
---------The Source of the Knowledge of God,
---------The Divine Attributes,
---[3]. God's Creation,
---[4]. Angels,
---[5]. Jinn.

Part Two : Adam, alayhi salam,
---[6]. Iblis,
---[7]. The New Khalifah,
---[8]. The Creation of Adam, alayhi salam,
---[9]. Adam is Taught the Names,
---[10]. The Command to Honour Adam,
---[11]. Iblis Rebels Against God,
---[12]. Eve,
---[13]. The Forbidden Tree,
---[14]. The Expulsion from Paradise.

Part Three : Time Out for Reflection,
---[15]. Islam and Original Sin,
---[16]. The Question of Free Will,
---[17]. The Divine Decree,
---[18]. The Life to Come,
---[19]. The Purpose of Life,
---[20]. Testing, Testing.

Part Four : The New Homeland, Earth,
---[21]. Settling in,
---[22]. The Kabah and the Black Stone,
-----------The Sacred House,
-----------The Black Stone,
---[23]. The Trust and the Pledge,
-----------The Trust,
-----------The Pledge of the Day of Promises,
---[24]. Further Ahadith Concerning Adam, alayhi salam.

Part Five : The Descendants of Adam,
---[25]. The First Humans,
---[26]. Cain and Abel,
---[27]. Prophethood and Its Beginning,
-----------Adam, the first Prophethood,
-----------Prophets and their Characteristics,
---[28]. The Death of Adam,
---[29]. Seth, alayhi salam, and His Successors,
---[30]. The Beginning of Corruption on Earth,
---[31]. Idris, alayhi salam,
---[32]. Summing it Up,
-----------Avoiding Heedlessness,
-----------Repenting and Turning to God,
-----------Guarding Against Satan.

Appendix A: Concerning 'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas, alayhi salam,
Appendix B: The Divine Names,
Appendix C: The Recording and Guardian Angels,
Qur'anic References - Adam.

The Story of Noah,
---[1]. The Importance of Noah, alayhi salam, Among the Prophets,
---[2]. Paganism and Prophethood,
---------The Origins of Idol Worship,
---------The Characteristics of Pagan Societies,
---------The Sending of Prophets,
---[3]. The Commencement of Noah's Mission,
---------Noah Calls to His People,
---------Hostility and Rejection,
---[4]. Believers and Unbelievers,
---[5]. Noah's Last Supplication,
---[6]. The Building of the Ark,
---[7]. The Embarkation,
---[8]. The Flood,
---[9]. The Ending of the Flood,
---[10]. The New Beginning.

Appendix A: The Importance of a Prophet's Supplications,
Appendix B: The Flood : Regional or Global?
Appendix C: The Landing Place of the Ark,
Qur'anic References - Noah, alayhi salam, and His People.

The Story of Hud,
---[1]. The Arabian Prophets,
---[2]. The 'Aad,
---[3]. Hud, alayhi salam, Calls to His People,
---[4]. The Warning,
---[5]. Drought,
---[6]. The Cloud,
---[7]. The Second 'Aad,

---Qur'anic References - Hud and His People.

The Story of Saleh,
---[1]. The Thamud,
---[2]. Saleh,
---[3]. The She-Camel,
---[4]. Murder!
---[5]. The Plot,
---[6]. The Blast,
---[7]. The Relics of the Thamud.

---Qur'anic References - Saleh and His People.

The Story of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob,
Part One : Prophet Abraham, alayhi salam,
---[1]. The Importance of Abraham Among the Prophets,
---------Abraham's Illustrious Rank,
---------Abraham, the Hanif,
---------Abraham, The Friend of God,
---------Other Honours and Favours Granted to Abraham,
---------Special Matters Concerning Abraham.

Part Two : Prophet Abraham, alayhi salam,
---[2]. The People of Abraham,
---[3]. The Beginning of Abraham's Life,
---[4]. Enlightenment and Prophethood,
---[5]. Abraham Speaks to His People,
---[6]. The Destruction of the Idols,
---[7]. Nimrod Disputes with Abraham,
---[8]. The Burning of Abraham,
---[9]. Abraham's Emigration,
---[10]. Sarah.

Part Three : Prophet Abraham, alayhi salam,
---[11]. Hagar and Ishmael,
---[12]. The Settling of Abraham's Family in Mecca,
---[13]. Hagar's Search for Water,
----------The Rites of Sa'i,
---[14]. The Population of Mecca,
---[15]. Abraham's Vision,
-----------The Sacrifice,
-----------Dahiya (Charitable Sacrifice),
---[16]. Abraham's Visits Ishmael,
---[17]. The Building of the Kabah,
-----------The Prayers of Abraham,
-----------The Station of Abraham,
---[18]. The Sacred City and the Holy Kabah,
-----------The Sanctity of Mecca,
-----------The Sacred House,
-----------The Change of the Qiblah,
-----------The Excellence of the Holy Kabah,
---[19]. The Pilgrimage,
-----------The Establishment of Hajj,
-----------Hajj throughout the Centuries.

Part Four : Prophet Isaac and Jacob, alayhim as-salam,
---[20]. Isaac and Jacob,
-----------Isaac, alayhi salam,
-----------Jacob, alayhi salam,
---[21]. The Death of Abraham,
---[22]. Prophethood after Abraham,
---[23]. The Legacy of Abraham, the Friend of God,
-----------The Practices of Abraham,
-----------The Wisdom of Abraham.

Appendix A: Which Son - Isaac or Ishmael?
Appendix B: Idol Worship Among the Descendants of Ishmael,
Qur'anic References - Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob.

The Story of Lot, alayhi salam,
---[1]. The People of Lot,
---[2]. Lot Warns His People,
---[3]. The Angels' Visit to Abraham,
---[4]. The Angels'Arrival in Sodom,
---[5]. Retribution,
---[6]. The Signs of the Overturned Cities,
---[7]. Time Out for Reflection.

Appendix A: The Islamic Position Regarding Sex,
Qur'anic References - Lot and His People.

The Story of Joseph, alayhi salam,

---[1]. The Family of Jacob, alayhi salam,
---[2]. Joseph's, alayhi salam, Vision,
---[3]. Joseph and His Brothers,
---[4]. Joseph's First Ordeal,
---[5]. Joseph's Second Ordeal,
---[6]. The Women's Meeting with Joseph,
---[7]. Joseph's Third Ordeal,
---[8]. The King's Dream,
---[9]. Joseph's Rise to Power,
---[10]. Joseph's Meeting with His Brothers,
---[11]. The Brothers' First Return to Jacob,
---[12]. The Brothers' Second Journey to Egypt,
---[13]. The Brothers' Second Return to Jacob,
---[14]. The Third Journey to Egypt,
---[15]. The Reunion of Jacob and Joseph,
---[16]. Time Out for Reflection.

Qur'anic References - Joseph.

The Story of Job, alayhi salam,

---[1]. Job's Genealogy,
---[2]. The Testing of Job,
---[3]. The Restoration,
---[4]. Time Out for Reflection.

Qur'anic References - Job.

The Story of Shu'ayb, alayhi salam,

---[1]. The Dwellers in Midian and the Thornbush,
---[2]. The Identity of Shu'ayb, alayhi salam,
---[3]. Shu'ayb, alayhi salam, Calls to his People,
---[4]. The Punishment,
---[5]. The Traces of Shu'ayb's People,
---[6]. Time Out for Reflection.

Qur'anic References - Shu'ayb and His People.

---Glossary of Terms,

More books on Other Prophets,
Also see Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ.

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