Follow Me, God will Love You

¬†Follow Me - God will Love You, Muhammad, ﷺ,The Prophet for All,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 430 pages, New,
by Syed Hamid Mohsin,
by Adam Publishers, Delhi.

Description :

This work is a comprehensive study of the life of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, whom Michael H. Hart has placed the first among the hundred best in history for three reasons, for the outstanding results in the shortest time with the smallest means. He presented two revolutionary concepts, the unity of God and the unity of man for the purpose of a social order based on world brotherhood.

Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, is the Master whose teachings one studies, the guide one follows on the way, the model one wishes to emulate, and above all, the elect whose sayings, silences and actions one is invited to ponder upon and follow.

This book is intended for both Muslims and non-Muslims. The author didn't attempt to write 'another biography' but requests readers to engage themselves in extracting guidance from a personality responsible for giving history its most notable turn.

Table of Contents

---Map of Arabian Peninsula at the time of the Prophet, ﷺ,
---Etiquette of Reading the Names of Prophet, ﷺ, and His Companions,


---[1]. The Kabah, The House of God,
---[2]. Signs of Prophethood,
--------The First Revelation,
---[3]. The Message,
---[4]. Oppression and Persecution,
---[5]. Revolution,
---[6]. Exile,
---[7]. Spirit and Courage,
---[8]. The Ban,
---[9]. Emigration,
---[10]. Medina,
---------Jihad, Resistance,
---------Greater Jihad,
---[11]. The First Battle; Badr,
---------Just at Heart,
---[12]. Gentleness; Caring and Loving,
---[13]. Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, 'Mercy for All Creation,'
---[14]. Uhud, Nothing is ever final,
---[15]. Trench; Treason and a Trick,
---------Muslims' Generosity,
---------Freedom of Expression,
---------Service to Mankind,
---[16]. Hudaybiyah 'Peace wins the Battle'
---------Opening Floodgates to Islam,
---------Great Lesson,
---------Beyond Borders to All Rulers,
---------Impact; On Indians during the Prophet's, ﷺ, time,
---[17]. Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
---------With non-Muslims of Makkah,
---------With non-Muslims of Madina,
---------Nobleness and Tolerance,
---------No Compulsion in Religion,
---------Tolerance for other Religions,
---[18]. Khaybar,
---------The Magnanimous Gesture,
---------Recreation and Leisure,
---[19]. Umrah; The Lesser Pilgrimage,
---[20]. 'The Glorious Victory,'
---------Reformation of Hearts for Leadership of Islam,
---------"O' God, I am Innocent,
---[21]. Hunayn,
---------Ideal Reformer,
---------Equality of Mankind,
---[22]. The Prophet's, ﷺ, Love for Medina,
---------Human Rights,
---------Encouragement of Youth,
---------War Ethics,
---[23]. The Prophet's, ﷺ, Concept of War,
---[24]. Marriages,
---------The Remarriage of Widows,
---------The Consent of Women,
---[25]. About the Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Multiple Marriages,
---------Status of Women; Modesty and Hijab,
---------Hijab; Pinnacle of Intellect and Sophistication
---[26]. Medina : A Model City,
---------'Justice for All'
---------The Ruler and the Common Man are Equal before Islamic Law,
---------Sorrow over his Son's demise,
---[27]. The Farewell Pilgrimage,
---[28]. In Paradise : In Supreme Union,
---[29]. Messenger of God, ﷺ, : An Excellent Example,
---------What other people have said.


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Sub-continent print and translation.

*Dimensions : 22.1 x 14.6cm.

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