Nur al-Uyun : The Light of the Eyes, New

 The Light of the Eyes, Nur al Uyun : English, New,
" A Concise Biography of the Trustworthy and Reliable Prophet, ,"
Nur al-'Uyun fi talkhis Sirat al-Amin al-Ma'mum,
*[A5] Paperback - 96 pages,
by Imam Abu'l Fath Muhammad ibn Sayyid an-Nas [d.734h],
Translated by Bilal Patel & Mariam Madge Conlan,
Published by Turath.

Description :

Great historical personalities are inevitably popular subjects for biography and a cursory glance at a list of the biographies composed about the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, will confirm him, by universal consensus, as the greatest personality of all time. He is - by any standard - the most perfect example of mankind in every aspect : the Trustworthy Messenger to whom Allah entrusted His final Revelation and the model Muslims are commanded to follow and obey.

While other biographical literature varies widely in terms of authorship, authenticity, length, breadth of detail and historical, cultural and religious perspective, this work attempts to assimilate the most beneficial aspects of all these features. At once concise and comprehensive, it relies heavily on rigorously authenticated (sahih) and fully referenced sources, and is brimming with knowledge that 'delights the soul and adorns the pages'.

Its Arabic edition has consequently achieved the deserved status of an indispensable manual for both the adept and budding student of knowledge. We pray that this English version will prove equally beneficial.

Imam Abu'l Fath Muhammad ibn Muhammad, better known as Ibn Sayyid an-Nas (671 - 734 / 1273 - 1334) was a renowned Egyptian hadith expert and man of letters. He  devoted his life to the earnest pursuit of sacred knowledge, excelling in many disciplines associated with hadith literature and the Arabic language. Imam Dhahabi said of him :

'Rarely does one set eyes on his like in terms of his understanding and learning.'

He authored numerous books, the most famous of which is 'Uyun al-Athar fi Funun al-Maghazi wa'sh-Shamail, a comprehensive work of biography (sirah) on the Prophet Muhammad, , of which this book is a concise edited version.

He passed away unexpectedly on Saturday 11th Sha'ban 734H / 1334CE. A large crowd attended his funeral and he was buried in Qurafah, next to Hafiz ibn Abi Jamarah, may Allah Most High have nercy on them both.

Table of Contents :

---Publishers Foreword,
---Foreword to the Arabic Edition,
---Biography of the Author's,
---The Lineage of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,

---[1]. His, ﷺ, Birth,
---[2]. His, ﷺ, Suckling,
---[3]. His, ﷺ, Upbringing,
---[4]. His, ﷺ, Mission (Bi'thah),
---[5]. His, ﷺ, Battles,
---[6]. His, ﷺ, Expeditions,
---[7]. His, ﷺ, Pilgrimage (Hajj),
---[8]. His, ﷺ, Characteristics,
---[9]. His, ﷺ, Names,
---[10]. His, ﷺ, Morals,
---[11]. His, ﷺ, Food,
---[12]. His, ﷺ, Clothing,
---[13]. His, ﷺ, Humour,
---[14]. His, ﷺ, Wives,
---[15]. His, ﷺ, Children,
---[16]. His, ﷺ, Paternal Uncles and Aunts,
---[17]. His, ﷺ, Freed Bondsmen (Mawali),
---[18]. His, ﷺ, (Free) Servants,
---[19]. His, ﷺ, Guards,
---[20]. His, ﷺ, Messengers to the Kings,
---[21]. His, ﷺ, Scribes,
---[22]. His, ﷺ, Executioners,
---[23]. His, ﷺ, Distinguished Companions,
---[24]. The Ten Individuals Who Were Given the Glad Tidings of Paradise (Jannah),
---[25]. His, ﷺ, Riding animals and other beasts,
---[26]. His, ﷺ, Weapons,
---[27]. His, ﷺ, Clothing and Utensils,
---[28]. A Mention of the Miracles of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
---[29]. The Passing of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ.

More Sirah of the Prophet, ,
More Shama'il of the Prophet, .

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