Muhammad : The Best of Creation

Muhammad : The Best of Creation, 
Ta’rikh al-Hawadith wa al-Ahwal al-Nabawiyyah -
(The History of the Prophetic Events and States),
*[A5] Hardback - 136 pages,
by Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki [d.1425h],
Transl. by Amjad Mahmood.
Published by Heritage Press.

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Description : A Glimpse of His Blessed Life:

This two-part treatise is a translation of Shaykh Muhammad ibn ?Alawi al-Maliki’s Ta’rikh al-hawadith wa al-ahwal al-nabawiyyah (The History of the Prophetic Events and States), a comprehensive summary of some of the most authoritative and voluminous works written on the Prophetic biography.

The first part deals with various aspects of the Prophet's, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, life, such as his early years before receiving revelation, members of his family, his servants, miracles, signs of his Prophethood, the weapons he used in battle, the beasts he rode, the clothes he wore and so forth.

The second part is a chronological summary of the most important events to have taken place in his life.

The Author: Shaykh Muhammad ibn?Alawi al-M?liki, may Allah have mercy upon him, a direct descendant of the Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, was born in Makkah in 1365/1944 and was a world-renowned scholar who spent his life teaching and writing. He held many prestigious positions, including religious instructor at the Haram Mosque after his father, professor at the Faculty of Sharia, King ?Abd al-?Aziz University, Makkah, 1390–1399 AH, and an active member of the Muslim World League. He died in Makkah in 1425/2004.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---The Translators Introduction,
---The Scholar of the Hijaz :
------Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad ibn 'Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani,
---Author's Introduction,

Part [I] A Summary of the Prophet's States and The Matters Unique to His Noble Person,
---Chapter [1]: Lineage and Early Life,
------Noble Lineage,
------Nurse-maids and wet-nurses,,
------States before receiving the Message.

---Chapter [2]: Description of the Beloved,
------Some of the Signs of Prophethood,
------Physical Description,
------Physical Strength.

---Chapter [3]: The Noble Household,
------Paternal Uncles and Aunts,
------Paternal Cousins,
------Brothers and Sisters through suckling,
------Maternal Uncles and Aunts.

---Chapter [4]: The Migration,

---Chapter [5]: The Office of Prophethood,
------Amongst the women who were his slaves,
------Servants and those entrusted with specific duties,
------His servants among the men,
------His servants among the women,
------Those entrusted with specific tasks,
------Envoys to the Kings and Emperors,
------Samples of His Letters,
------Governors ('umara) and those entrusted with other positions of authority,
------Poets, spokesmen and cameleers,
------Some of the other poets from the Companions,
------Military expeditions (ghazawat and saraya [plural of sariyyah]),
------Hajjs' and Umrahs'
------Riding Beasts,
------Milch camels and goats,
------Clothing and furniture.

---Chapter [6]: The Office of Miracles,

---Chapter [7]: Leaving this World.

Part [II] A Chronology of The Main Events during His Era,

---Chapter [8]: Life in Mecca,
------The first year,
------The second year,
------The third year,
------The fifth year,
------The sixth year,
------The eighth year,
------The ninth year,
------The thirteenth year,
------The fourteenth year,
------The twenty-fifth year,
------The thirtieth year,
------The thirty-fourth year,
------The thirty-fifth year,
------The thirty-eighth year,
------The fourtieth year,
------The first year of Prophethood,
------The third year of Prophethood,
------The fifth year of Prophethood,
------The sixth year of Prophethood,
------The seventh year of Prophethood,
------The eighth year of Prophethood,
------The ninth year of Prophethood,
------The tenth year of Prophethood,
------The eleventh year of Prophethood,
------The twelth year of Prophethood,
------The thirteenth year of Prophethood.

---Chapter [9]: Life in Medina.
------The first year of the Prophetic Migration,
------The second year after the Migration,
------The third year after the Migration,
------The fourth year after the Migration,
------The fifth year after the Migration,
------The sixth year after the Migration,
------The seventh year after the Migration,
------The eighth year after the Migration,
------The ninth year after the Migration,
------The tenth year after the Migration,
------The eleventh year after the Migration.

---Illustrations, Index of Maps and Geographical Locations utilised,
---Figure 1. The Prophet's, ?, Migration,
---Figure 2. The Prophet's, ?, Envoy's who were sent to the Emperors and Kings,
---Figure 3. The Expeditions wherein the Prophet participated (ghazawat),
---Figure 4. The Battle of Badr,
---Figure 5. The Battle of Uhud,
---Figure 6. The Spread of Islam in the Year of the Delegations,
---Figure 7. The location of the Arab tribes before the Prophetic Mission.

Highly Recommended !

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*Hardback Dimensions : 22.2 x 14.4cm.
Contains extensive footnotes.
Excellent Quality UK Print.




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  • Written by: Sh. Muhammad al-Alawi al-Maliki

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