550 Q. & A. about Life of Prophet Muhammad

  550 Q & A 
About the Life of the Prophet Muhammad
, ﷺ,
*[A5] Paperback 171 pages,
by Muhammad Din Sialvi,
Translated by Allama Tahir Mahmood Kiani,
by Al-Hira Publications.

Description :

Five Hundred and Fifty Questions and Answers related to the Life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Salla Allahu ta'ala alayhi wa Sallam.

Questions and Answers related to the background and circumstances of the Blessed birth (Mawlid-un-Nabi), The Prophethood, Madinah, The different Battles, the Miraj (Night Journey), the conquest of Makkah, the Hijra (Farewell Pilgrimage), etc, etc, till his departure from the dunya.

A great book for all members of the family to test each other and enjoy, or for teachers to employ for madrassah classes' or to give as a gift.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Circumstances prior to the Blessed Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him ans grant him peace,
-----(a).The Family of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him ans grant him peace,
---[2]. The Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him ans grant him peace, and his Childhood,
---[3]. Youth, marriage and practical life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
-----(a). Second Journey to Syria,
-----(b). Marriage to Sayyada Khadija, May Allah be pleased with her,
-----(c). The Rebuilding of the Holy Kabah shareef,
---[4]. The Announcement of Prophethood and Invitation,
-----(a). Secret Preaching,
-----(b). Public Preachings and the Reaction of the disbelievers,
-----(c). Emigration to Abyssinia,
-----(d), The Merciful Prophet in the Valley of Abu Talib,
-----(e). 'Am ul Huzn (The Year of Grief),
-----(f). Journey to Ta'if,
-----(g). Miraj un Nabi (The Heavenly Ascension),
---[5]. The Light of Islam in Yathrib (Madinah),
-----(a). Bay'at 'Aqabah Thaniyah (The second pledge at 'Aqabah),
-----(b). Bay'at 'Aqabah Thalithah (The third pledge at 'Aqabah),
-----(c). Migration to Madinah,
---[6]. Yathrib becomes Madinah,
---[7]. Masjid-e-Nabawi (The Beloved Prophet's Masjid),
---[8]. The Madinan fraternity,
---[9]. Important events of the Year 1.A.H.
---[10]. The Battle of Badr,
---[11]. The Battle of Uhud,
---[12]. The Battle of the Trench (khandaq),
---[13]. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah,
---[14]. The Battle of Khaybar,
---[15]. The Battle of Mu'tah,
---[16]. The Conquest of Makkah,
---[17]. The Battles of Hunayn and Ta'if,
---[18]. The Battle of Tabuk,
---[19]. 'Am ul-Wufud (The Year of Delegations),
---[20]. The Farewell Pilgrimage, (Hajjat ul-Wada'),
---[21]. From Illness to mortal Departure (wissal),

More Sira for Children.
Also see Madrassah & Syllabus books.

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  • Written by: Allama Muhammad Din Sialvi

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