Narratives of the Prophets

Narratives of the Prophets,
A Book on the Preaching of the Prophets,
* [A5+] Large Hardback - 672 pages,
by Khawaja Muhammad Islam,
Translation by Ata Elahi.
Published by Zaki, Urdu Bazaar, Lahore.



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Description :

Qassas al-Ambiya - Stories of the Prophets.

Translators Foreword:  This book ''Narratives of the Prophets' is the English translation of the book ''Qassasul Ambiya'' written by Khawaja Muhammad Islam. I feel honoured that Khawaja Muhammad Islam asked me to translate this book and thus become his partner in spreading the Knowledge of the Deen.---Ata Elahi (Principal (Retired).

Table of Contents :


Chapter [1] : The Narrative of the Prophets,

---Hazrat Adam, peace be upon him,

---Episode of Habeel - Qabeel,

---Hazrat Noah, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Idrees, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Hud, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Saleh, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Abraham, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Ismael, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Isaac, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Lut, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Jacob, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Joseph, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Shuayb, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Moses and Aaron, peace be upon them,

---Hazrat Yushaw bin Noon, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Kharqail, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Elias, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Elisha, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Shamwel, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat David, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Solomon, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Job, (Ayub) peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Jonah, (Yunus) peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Dhul Kifl, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Uzair, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat Zachariah, peace be upon him,

---Hazrat John, (Yahya) peace be upon him.

---Owner of Gardens,
---Faithful and Infidel,
---People of City or People of Yasin,
---Hazrat Luqman, may Allah be pleased with him,
---The People of the Sabbath,
---Dwellers of Al-Rass,
---Bayt al-Muqaddas and the Jews,
---Dhul Qarnayn,
---People of the cave and the Inscription,
---Sheba and the Flood of Iram.

---Hazrat Isa, peace be upon him, and Christianity,
---Owners of Elephants,
---Attempts to demolish 'Baitullah'!

Hazrat Sayyadina Muhammad, may Allah bless him grant him peace,
---Glad tidings about the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Allah Almighty has revealed in the Qur'an,
---Day of Auspiciousness,
---Gift of Allah Almighty,
---Childhood of the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Hazrat Halimah Saadia,
---An Extra Ordinary Young man,
---Trustworthy trader of Makkah,
---Marriage with Khadijah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---The Master of Prophets as a King of Traders,
---Prophetic Household,

---Hazrat Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Hafsah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Umm Habibah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Umm Salmah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Sawdeh, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Zainab bint Jahsh, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Maimunah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Zainab bint Khuzaimah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Juwairiyah, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Safiyah, may Allah be pleased with her.

---Marriage of Daughters.

---Hazrat Zainab, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Hazrat Kulsum and Ruqaiya, may Allah be pleased with them,
---Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra, may Allah be pleased with her.

---The Prophet as an Ascetic,
---The Sacred Messenger of Allah,
---Waraqa bin Nawfal,

Silent Preacher,
---Civil and Moral Life of Arabs,
---Religious Condition,
---Call of Islam to Relatives,
---On Mount as-Safa,
---Demands of the Quraysh upon Abu Talib,
---Cruelties upon the Believers,
---Migration to Abyssinia,
---Hazrat Hamza, may Allah be pleased with him,
---Prayers for 'Umar to embrace Islam,
---Evil proclamation by Abu Jahl,
---Injuring Sister and Brother-in-law,
---Study of Qur'anic verses,
---Reciting the Islamic Creed (The Kalima-e-Shahadat),
---Hazrat Umar on the threshold,
---The social boycott,
---Eating away of the Pact,
---Death of Abu Talib and Hazrat Khadijah,
---The Year of Grief : Ups and Downs of the time,
---Journey to Taif,
---Touching Prayers of the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---The Height of Forgiveness,
------Some Lessons,
---Return from Taif,
---Details of Shab-e-Miraj,
---Witnessing Allah Almighty and mutual talk,
---The Gift of the Night Journey,
---Contradictions by the Quraysh,
---Sacred Medina (Madinah) and Ansaar.

The Beginning of Islam in Medina,
---The first Aqabah pledge,
---The Preaching activities of Mus'ab,
---Second Aqabah pledge,
---The Companions emigration to Medina,
---Plot to assassinate the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Migration of the Holy Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Departure from Thawr,
---Pursuit of Suraqah bin Malik, may Allah be pleased with him,
---The people of Medina in waiting,
---Arrival in Quba & the construction of the Quba Mosque,
---Entry in Medina, the Ansaar & Aby Ayub Ansari's residence,
---Erection of Mosque and collective prayers (jama'at),
---'Abd ullah bin Salam, embraces Islam,
---Salman al-Farsi, embraces Islam,
---Brotherhood of Medina and the unparalleled sacrifice of the Ansaar,
---Pact with the Jews of Medina,
---Treatment of the weaker Muslims by the Quraysh,
---Time of determination in combat,
---Islamic Jihad,
---The change of Qiblah.

The Battle of Badr,
---Return of the Caravan,
---Entrenchment og Forces,
---Instructions for Battle,
---Fulfilment of Promise,
---Attempts to prevent the Battle,
---The start of the Battle,
---The slaying of Abu Jahl,
---The polytheists,
---Battle of Badr changed direction of history,
---Treatment of prisoners,
---Emotions of revenge in Mecca,
---Invasion of Banu Qainuqa,
---Reasons of War,
---Nikah of Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra, may Allah be pleased with her,

The Battle of Uhud,
---The Qur'an and the Battle of Uhud,
---Particular excellence of the Martyrs of Uhud,
---Camp at Hamra Al-Asad,

The Battle of Khandaq,
---Al-Ahzab (confederates) Invasion, (al-Khandaq),
---Breach of the Pact by Bani Qurayza,
---Hazrat Safia and the Jew,
---Retreat of the defeated pagans and Jews,
---Divine assistance,
---Battle of Bani Qurayza,
---Hypocrasy of the Bani Qurayza,
---Martyrdom of Hazrat Sa'd,

Hudaibiyah and memories of the homeland,
---The Prophet's Miracle,
---Suhail bin Umro,
---Treaty of Peace, (Hudaibiyah),
---Preaching of Islam in Mecca,
---Khalid bin Walid and Amr bin al-Aas, embrace Islam,
---External politics and the truce of Hudaibiyah.

Letters sent to all the Kings to accept Islam,
---Envoy to Caesar of Rome,
---Letter to Chosroe (Khusraw) Emperor of Persia,
---Letter to Maqawqas, vicegerent of Egypt,
---Letter to Negus, King of Ethiopia,
---The reply by Negus to the Envoy,
---Letter to Raja Qanooj (Hind, India).

The conquest of Khaibar,

---The compensatory Umrah,
---The Pulpit of the Prophet's, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, Mosque.

The Battle of Mu'tah,
---Causes of the Battle,
---Result of the Battle,
---Conquest of Mecca,
---Fears of the Quraysh,
---Preparation for Jihad,
---Hazrat Hatib bin Baltayah,
---Departure of the Muslim Army,
---Encampment at Mar-az-Zahran,

The march towards to Mecca,
---Entry into the sacred city,
---The breaking of Idols and Images,
---Address by the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, at the steps of the Kaaba,
---General Amnesty,
---A review of the conquest of Mecca.

---The distribution of Booty,
---Address to helpers,
---The delegation from Hawazin,
---Ghazwah-e-Hunain and the Qur'an,
---The Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, performs Umrah.

The Invasion of Tabuk,
---Financial Assistance,
---The Romans and Hercules,
---Excuses and social boycott,
---Show of Discipline,
---Repentance and Surah at-Tawbah,
---Address by the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, at Tabuk,
---Pilgrimage of Islam and the Proclamation,
---Farewell Pilgrimage.

The Last Sermon,
---The Text of the Sermon,
---Completion of Deen and The Seal of Prophethood,
---Speeches at Mina and Ghadir Khum,
---Preparation for the Hereafter,
---Martyrs of Badr and Uhud,
---Beginning of Disease,
---Five days before departure,
---Two days prior,
---A day before his demise,
---The Last Day on Earth,
---Concern and Grief amongst the Companions,
---Burial and Farewell,
---Forsaken Goods,
---Ethics & Manners,
---The Sayings of the Messenger of Allah, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Faith, Belief, Education and Knowledge,
---Recitation of the Qur'an and Salaat (Prayers),
---Fast, Haj, Zakat/Sadaqa,
---Amr bil-Ma'aroof (Commanded to do Good Deeds),
---Dhikr, The Remembrance of Allah,
---Good Manners,

---The Ahadith (Advice and Wisdom) of the Prophet, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

---Period of Darkness and Ignorance,
---Al-Tama tul Kubra.

---Poetic verses in Roman Urdu, (Transliteration),

Some Advices,
---Passenger to Baitullah (The House of Allah),
---Baitullah (Khana-e-Kaaba).

Chapter [2] : The Spectacle of the Pilgrimage,
---The Spectacle of Hajj, The Greater Pilgrimage,
---Some poetic verses in Roman Urdu,
---More poetry with meaning,

---The Day of Arafah,
---The Final Sermon with hadith references.

Chapter [3] : The Visit to Sacred Medina,
---Background to visiting the blessed City,
---At the time of entry into Medina,
---Gifts of Devotion in honour,
---Commentary regarding the proficiency of Darood (Blessings),
---'O Ye who Believe! Salute Him with a Worthy Salutation,
---Lengthy Salaam (Roman Urdu), Transliteration,
---Seerat-e-Rahmat al-Alameen, Salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam, (Roman Urdu), Transliteration,
---The Arsh-e-Breen Zeregam Allah-Allah, (Roman Urdu), Transliteration,
---Tere Naqshe Qadam Hai Zindagi kee Lohe Paishani, (Roman Urdu), Transliteration,
---Tu Habib e Kibriya Hai, Too Rasoolon Ka Imam, (Roman Urdu), Transliteration.

Tabligh, to give Good Tidings to the Believers,
---Path of Deliverance,
---Narrative of the people of the cave,
---The Grief of the Ummah,
---Jihad, in the Path of Allah,
---The religious duty of Martyrdom and Witness,
---Honour and Enduring Hardships,
---Tawhid, Brotherhood and relation to religion,
---Unity of the Ummah,
---Beware of the Opponents!
---Restlessness in Todays World!
---The Qur'an is the Cure,
---Good Advice,
---New Life,
---Your Plans after returning from Hajj.

Petition of Khawaja
---The harms of sins,
---Sight of Admonition,
---Save yourself from the curse,
---The effect of sins,
---Sins are extremely harmful to us,
---Create love for Allah by Remembering His Friends, (the Awliya-Allah) Hazrat Bayazid Bustami, radi Allahu anhu,
---Hazrat Rabia Adawiya, may Allah be pleased with her,
---Love and Passion,
---A pious Woman,
---Remembering Allah Almighty : A Prayer,
---A Comprehensive Prayer,
---Humble Request to the Lord of the Universe, [English].

---Hal Mushkalat ... Supplications in Roman Urdu, Transliteration,
---La illaha illallahu Muhammad ur Rasoolullah, (Roman Urdu), Transliteration.

More books on Other Prophets,
Also see Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ.







*Sub-Continental standard translation/print and binding condition ...however contains a treasure of information in just one single book!













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