Respect of the Prophet: 2nd Edition

Respect of the Prophet, Peace & Blessings be upon him   |
Paperback - 72 pages 
[2nd Edition - 2008] 
by Mufti Jalal al-Din Ahmad Amjadi 'alayhir rahman
Transl. into English by: Mohammad Husain Qadri



Foreword: We are living in a such a day and age in which the unblemished personality and exalted status of our Beloved Prophet, May Allah Bless him and grant him peace, is being degraded and dishonoured, not only by the disbelievers but by the corrupted sects within this Ummah!

This book has thus been compiled to illustrate the importance of showing respect towards the Beloved Prophet, May Allah Bless him and grant him peace, not only is it the essence (rooh) of Imaan (faith), it is also an essential pre-condition for the acceptance of our worship.

For this reason, it is vital that every Muslim is aware of the importance and necessity so that both, they and their worship are accepted in the Divine Court of Allah ta'ala.

This book was originally written in Urdu by the great jurist of his time, 'Faqih-e-Millat' - Hadrat Mufti Jalal al-Din Ahmad Amjadi [1933/2001 CE ] May Allah be pleased with him, who spent his entire life defending Islam and its pristine teachings through the power of his tongue and pen. ---Mohammed Husain Qadri






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  • Written by: Mufti Jalal al-Din Amjadi

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