Ash Shifa : The Healing

Al-Shifa : The Healing (Abridged) : New,
Muhammad Messenger of Allah
*[A5+] Hardback -  206 pages,
Al-Shifa by Qadi 'Iyad Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi [d.544h],
Abridgement by Imam Shams al-Din al-Isnawi [d.763h],
Transl. & Annotated by Amjad Mahmood.
Published by Heritage Press [2023].

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Description :

Al-Shifa. - There is no single book dedicated to the blessed person of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,  that has received as much acclaim, acceptance, and made as profound an impact than the work of ash-Shifa bi Ta'rif huquq al-Mustafa [The Healing by Expounding the Rights of the Chosen One] popularly known as al-Shifa, by the Andalusian Maliki scholar Qadi Abu al-Fadl al-Iyad, may Allah be pleased with him, [d.544h/1149].

This present work is a translation of the earliest available abridged version of Al-Shifa, entitled Tuhfat al-Ikhwan al-Safa' fi ikhtisar kitab al-Shifa [The Gift for the Pure in Abridging the Book al-Shifa] by Imam Shams al-Din al-Isnawi, may Allah be pleased with him, [d.763h/1362].

This concise abridgement, now available for the first time in English, makes it more accessible to a wider audience. It is an invaluable companion for those seeking to expand their knowledge of the Prophet's, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam's, true stature and nurture their love for him.


The Author of Al-Shifa : Qadi Iyad (476 – 544 AH/1083 – 1149 CE),

Abu'l-Qadl Iyad ibn Musa ibn Iyad al-Yahsubi, Qadi of Ceuta during the time of the Murabitun. He travelled to Andalus to study and in Cordoba he learnt from such luminaries as Ibn Rushd, the grandfather of the Qadi and philosopher of the same name. Iyad was already accepted in scholarly circles when he was eighteen and was appointed qadi (judge) when he was 35 becoming first the qadi of Ceuta in 515 AH/ 1121 CE and later Granada in Spain in 531 AH/ 1136 CE. He was exemplary in his knowledge of the sciences of hadith from which ocean he drew his astonishing work ash-Shifa. He also wrote the Foundations of Islam on fiqh, and Tartib al-Madarik on the luminaries of the school of Madina. He opposed Ibn Tumart's claim to be the Mahdi and was exiled to Marrakech where he was murdered.

The Author of the Abridgement : Imam Shams al-Din al-Isnawi [d.763h],

He is Al-Imam Shams al-Din Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Ali bin Umar al-Isnawi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. Little is known or available about the life, education and background of Shams al-Din al-Isnawi. We do know that he wrote one other book, sharh Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim. He passed away 763 after Hijri.

The Translator : Amjad Mahmood,

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