The Nasim; English & Arabic

The Nasim : Arabic/English, New,
'On Congregating & Supplicating
Upon Completion of the Qur'an
[A5] Paperback - 199 pages,
by Sayyid 'Abdul Qadir ibn Shihab al-Din,
Foreword by Habib 'Umar bin Hafiz
Transl. by Dar al-Qur'an,
Jointly Published with IGI, USA.

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Description :

Being the Nation of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, makes us the Nation of the Qur'an; the last Nation; the nation whose every heart has the potential to contain The Book about which Allah Himself said;

"Had We sent this Qur'an upon a mountain, you would have certainly seen it humbled and torn
 apart in awe of Allah. We set forth such comparisons for people so perhaps they may reflect."


The magnitude of this gift was appreciated from the outset, and at a time when things are seemingly disintegrating, Muslims must realise that the Our'an remains the most relevant and uniting force - a rope to hold onto in difficult times.


The act of congregating and calling upon Allah at the time of completing the Qur'an is firmly established as a praiseworthy act and regions have developed their own norms for such gatherings. In the Hadramawt valley in the city of Tarim, the scholars displayed their partiality for the highly eloquent, pathos-filled supplications of the great grandson of the Prophet? - our Master Zayn al-Abidin, may Allah be pleased with him.

This set of prayers became the highlight around which they added certain verses of the Holy Book, another no less heart-rending supplication and lament about the status and rights of parents, the famous dua of Birr al-Walidayn - Filial Piety, and some verses of the ode of Imam al-Haddad, The Fragrant Breezes.' This work is a translation of the Nasim, a compilation by Sayyid 'Abd al-Qadir ibn 'Abdullah ibn 'Ali ibn Shihab al-Din, a student of Habib 'Umar ibn Hafiz, in which he brings together those various gems.


Layout and Print.

Arabic text with English translation and transliteration. English text with facing Arabic on the opposite page. A very good quality print, using above average - thicker graded paper.

Table of Contents :

---A Note of Appreciation,
---Publishers Note :

The Nasim : Regarding Congregating & Supplicating Upon Completion of the Qur'an:

---[1]. Author's Introduction,

---[2]. Evidence for Gatherings of the Khatm for the Completion of the Qur'an, It's Benefits, and it's Etiquettes,
--------The Praiseworthiness of Khatm Gatherings,
--------Virtues of the Khatm,
--------The Virtuous Times of the Khatm,
--------The Virtues of Fasting on the Day of the Khatm,
--------The Khatm Gathering,

---[3]. The Schedule of the Gathering,
--------Al-Duha; The Morning Hour,
--------Al-Sharh; The Expansion,
--------Al-Tin; The Fig,
--------Al-Alaq; The Clinging Clot,
--------Al-Qadr; The Night of Qadr,
--------Al-Bayyinah; The Clear Proof,
--------Al-Zalzala; The Earthquake,
--------Al-Adiyat; The Chargers,
--------Al-Qari'ah; The Calamity,
--------Al-Takathur; Rivalry in Amassing Worldly Benefit,
--------Al-'Asr; The Afternoon,
--------Al-Humazah; The Slanderer,
--------Al-Fil; The Elephant,
--------Al-Ma'un; Neighbourly Assistance,
--------Al-Kafirun; The Disbelievers,
--------Al-Nasr; Victory,
--------Al-Lahab; The Flame,
--------Al-Ikhlas; Sincerity,
--------Al-Falaq; Daybreak,
--------Al-Nas; Mankind,
--------Al-Fatihah; The Opener.

---[4]. The Completion Du'a of Imam 'Ali Zayn al-Abidin,
--------a. Introduction,
--------b. Glorification of the Qur'an,
--------c. Describing the Desired State of the Reciter,
--------d. Being Prepared to Truly Carry His Book,
--------e. The Qur'an; A Stairway of Ascension to Heaven,
--------f. The Qur'an; A Protection from Sin,
--------g. The Qur'an; A Protection from Sin,
--------h. Seeking to be a Faithful Companion of the Qur'an,
--------i. A Reminder of Death,
--------j. The Intermediary Realm and the Stations of the Day of Resrurection,
--------k. Rectifying Our Inward and Outward,
--------l. The Grace and Generosity of Allah Almighty,
--------m. The Soliloquy of a Slave,

---[5]. The Plea for the Fulfilment of Filial Piety (Du'a Birr al-Walidayn) of Ibn Abi' l-Hubb al-Hadrami,

---[6]. The Ode of Imam al-Haddad : The Fragrance of Amber at the Break of Dawn,

---Concluding Notes,




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