The Height of Prophet Adam

The Height of Prophet Adam, alayhi salam, New,
'At the Crossroads of Science & Scripture,'
*[A5] Paperback - 171 pages,
by Muntasir Zaman,
Afterword by Jonathan A.C. Brown,
Published by Beacon Publishers.


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Description :

The Height of Prophet Adam : At the Crossroads of Science & Scripture explores scholarly efforts to treat the conflict between hadith regarding Prophet Adam's, may Allah be pleased with him, height and extant empirical data.

What may appear as a straightforward hadith about the father of humankind brings to the fore a web of interconnected disciplines: epistemology, science, archeology, the status of the Sahihayn, the evolution of hadith analysis, and the isra illiyat. This case study hopes to contribute to two broader conversations: (1) the conflict between science and hadith, a crisis of faith for many Muslims today, and (2) the notion that the scholars of Islam's rich intellectual history were oblivious to the issues plaguing the minds of modern Muslims.





Table of Contents :

---Notes on Conventions,

Part 1: Setting the Stage :

------From Rational to Empirical Concerns,
------Division of Hadith Reports,

---Conflict or Concord?
-------Size and Longevity.

---A Survey of Premodern Views,

Part 2: Conflict Resolution :

---Harmonisation (jam),
-------Specific to Paradise,
-------Resolving a Contention,
-------Sixty as hyperbole,
-------Other Interpretations.

---Prioritisation (tarjih),
-------Analysing the transmission of 'sixty cubits,'
-------Results and Preliminary Thoughts,
-------Inclusion in the Sahihayn,

---Suspension of Judgment (tawaqquf),

---Miracles and Laws of Nature,
-------Epistemic Requirements for Miracles,
-------Implications of the Hadith,
-------Limits of Scientific Inquiry.


----Afterword: The Problem of the Isra'iliyyat by Jonathan A.C. Brown.
---Appendix I,
---Appendix II,




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