A Treatise on Disputation & Argument

A Treatise on Disputation and Argument : New,
Risalat al-Adab fi 'Ilm al-Bahth wa'l-Munazara,
*[A5] Paperback - 213 pages,
English & Arabic,
by Shaykh Ahmad b. Mustafa Taskopruzade [d.968h],
Transl. by Safarak Z. Choudhury,
Published by Dar al-Nocosia.

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Description :

Risalat al-Adab fi 'Ilm al-Bahth wa'l-Munazara. This book is an English translation of a short treatise on the etiquette (adab) of disputation and debate (al-bahth wa-l-munazara) written by one of the foremost Ottoman scholars of the 16th century Ahmad b. Khalil Ta?köprüz?de (d. 968/1561).
In addition to the translation, a full edited original of the Arabic is provided along with an extensive study of the text as well as an overview of the discipline of debate and argumentation within the Islamic tradition. The book covers topics such as logic, the protocols of debate, terminology, examples of argumentation and dialectics from the Qur'an, Sunna and scholarly personalities, general rulings and the importance of sound argumentation in the context of Islamic apologetics.

The book will be ideal for those interested in studying a text from its original and those generally interested in aspects of Islamicate intellectual culture.
Table of Contents :
---Abbreviations of Works Cited,
Part [1]. Introduction,
---Chapter 1a.: Overview of Disputation and Argumentation,
------1a.1. Text of the Ten Essentials,
------1a.2. Explanation of the Ten Essentials;
----------1. Definition,
----------2. Subject Matter,
----------3. Results,
----------4. Merits,
----------5. Relations,
----------6. Pioneers,
----------7. Name,
----------8. Sources,
----------9. Ruling,
Part [2]. Translation of the Text;
---Chapter 2a. The Text of the Risala,
------2a.1. Formation of Adab al-Bahth as a Theory,
------2a.2. Author Biography and Works,
------2a.3. An Analysis of the Risala,
------2a.4. The Print Editions of the Risala,
------2a.5. A Note on the Translation.
---Chapter 2b. Diagrammatic Outline of Taskopruzade's Risala,
---Chapter 2c. Translation of the Risala,
---Chapter 2d. Arabic text of the Risala,
---Chapter 2e. Study version of the Risala,
Part [3]. Support Materials,
---Chapter 3a. Outline of Logic
------3a.1. Arguments,
------3a.2. Deductive and Inductive Arguments,
------3a.3. Propositional Logic,
------3a.4. Syllogistic Logic,
------3a.5. Predicate Logic,
------3a.6. Modal Logic,
------3a.7. Modal Fallacy and Fatalism.
---Chapter 3b. Fallacies,
------3b.1. Fallacy Types,
------3b.2. Informal Fallacies,
------3b.3. Formal Fallacies,
------3b.4. The Qur'an and Fallacies.
---Chapter 3c. Etiquette's of Debate;
------3c.1. Sources of Debate,
------3c.2. Ibn Furak on Debate Etiquette,
------3c.3. Najm al-Din al-Tufi on Debate Etiquette,
------3c.4. Specific Debate Etiquette.

---Chapter 3d. The Qur'an and Argumentation;
------3d.1. Qur'anic Argumentation Grids,
------3d.2. The Qur'anic Method of Argumentation,
------3d.3. Debate Examples in the Qur'an,
------3d.4. The Qur'anic vs. Philosophical Method.
---Chapter 3e. The Prophet, ?, and Argumentation;
------3e.1. The Sunna Methodology in Argumentation,
------3e.2. Argumentation Opponents,
------3e.3. Argumentation and Intellectual Struggle.
---Chapter 3f. Key Debate Terms;
---Chapter 3g. The Debate Format;
------3g.1. Stages of a Debate,
------3g.2. Example: visio dei (ru'yat Allah).
---Chapter 3h. General Debate Rulings;
------3h.1. Conditions of a Debate,
------3h.2. Blameworthy Debate,
------3h.3. Praiseworthy Debate,
------3h.4. Groups to Avoid Debating,
------3h.5. Sources of an Argument,
------3h.6. Criteria of Arguments,
------3h.7. Epistemic Grades of of Premises,
------3h.8. General Principles,
------3h.9. General Debate Opponents.
---I. The Difference between the Qur'anic Argumentation and the Philosophical Argumentation,
---II. The Nuniyya of al-Qahtani - Debate Section.
---Select Bibliography.
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