Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine V.1

Beliefs  -  Aqida :  [Vol 1]
Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine,
[A5] Paperback - 232 pages,
by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani,
Edited by Gibril Fouad al-Haddad,
Published by As-Sunna Foundation of America.

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Have you ever wondered : What are the beliefs and doctrine of mainstream Islam as opposed to those who call themselves ''Salafis'' with regard to the Names and Attributes of Almighty Allah? Read the evidence and decide for yourself.

The author says in the introduction : ''Scholars have observed that the Community's (ummah's) greatest achievement over the past millenium has undoubtedly been its internal intellectual cohesion. They point out how from the beginning of the Islamic era to almost the present day, Muslims have maintained an astounding sense of unity despite the clash of the numerous dynasties under which they lived. No major religious hostilities have divided Muslims. At least, this was true until the physical and intellectual assault on Islamic unity initiated by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792 CE), his immediate successors and by the self-named ''Salafi'' sect of the present day.

One of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab's more enormous stupidities is that when reason contradicts his claims, he casts it aside and gives it no role in his judgement. He endeavours to make people like dumb beasts when it comes to matters of faith. He prohibits the involvement of reason in religious affairs, despite the fact that there is no contradiction between reason and faith. On the contrary, whenever human minds reach their full measure of completeness and perfection, religion's merits and prerogatives with regard to reason become totally manifest.

The author then explains how the beliefs held by the Wahhabi ''Salafi'' as opposed to the beliefs held by mainstream Islam are threatening every Muslim's Islamic heritage He offers this work and its proofs of the real Islam to those who wish to decide for themselves.



Table of Contents :

---Mainstream Islam,
---Imam Al-Ashari and the Ashari School,
---Imam Al-Maturidi,
---Imam Al-Tahawi,
---Imam al-Tahawi's Statement of Islamic Doctrine,
---More Definitions of Mainstream Islam,
---Figurative Interpretation (Tawil),
---Imam an-Nawawi,
---Imam al-Subki,
---Imam al-Ghazali,
---Origins of The ''Salafis'' Beliefs Regarding Allah's Attributes
---The People of Innovation (Ahl Al-Bida)
---The ''Salafi'' Movement,
---Ibn Taymiyya's Strife,
---Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim's Anthropomorphism (Tajsim)
---The ''Salafis'' Maligning of Asharis & Other Followers of Mainstream Islam
---Asharis of Yesterday and Today,
---Ibn Taymiyya's Two Tawhids,
---Ibn Taymiyya's False Repentance and Pretense of Being an Ashari,
---Ibn Jawzi al-Hanbali on Likening Allah to His Creation (Tashbih),
---The Prevalence of Anthropomorphism (Mujasima) in the Hanbali School of Law
---Ibn Taymiyya Attacks Asharis for Precluding a Body & a Limit for Allah,
---Ibn Hibban Exiled by the Anthropomorphists for Precluding Limits for Allah
---Dhahabi's Lack of Commitment Against Anthropomorphism,
---Ibn Hajar's Rejection of Dhahabi's Reasoning,
---Alai's & Subki's Denunciation of Dhahabi's Bias for the Anthropomorphists
---The Sources of Ibn Taymiyya's Ideas
---Uthman Ibn Said al-Darimi al-Sajzi
---Abd Allah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (D. 290 AH)
---Ibn Khuzayma (D. 311 AH)
---Ibn Taymiyya's Literal Representation of Allah's "Descent''
---Ibn Taymiyya Compares Allah to the Moon
---Ibn Hajar al-Haytami's Scathing Condemnation of Ibn Taymiyya
---Mainstream Islam's Method Toward the Divine Attributes
---The Ambiguities in the Qur'an and Hadith
---The Method of the True Salaf Regarding Ambigutties
---The Methodology of the Khalaf
---Al-Khattabi on the Need of Avoiding Likening Allah to His Creation (Tashbih)
---Ibn Abd al-Salam on the Resorting to Figurative Interpretation to Refute Bida,
---Al-Buti's Recapitulation of the Two Methods:
------The Non-specific Figurative Interpretation of the Salaf,
------the Specific Figurative Interpretation of the Khalaf,
------& the Impermissibility of Imposing One Over the Other,
---Sayings of Mainstream Scholars on the Understanding of Allah's Attributes,
---Allah's Establishment Over the Throne (Istiwa Allah ala al-arsh)
---Interpreting Allah's Words ''He who is in the Heaven'' (man fi al-sama)
---Interpreting the hadith ''Where is Allah? in the Heaven'' (hadith ayna Allah)
---The ''Book Written Above the Throne'' (fawq al-arsh)
---Ibn Hajar's Commentary on the Meaning of Throne (arsh)
---Interpreting Allah's ''Descent'' and the ''Ascent'' of Good Words to Him
---Ibn Hajar's Commentary on the Hadith of Descent
---Mainstream Islam's Refutation of Those Who Attribute a Direction to Allah
---Ibn al-Arabi al-Maliki's Refutation of the Anthropomorphists ...
---''He is With You wherever you are'' (wa huwa maakum aynama kuntum)
---The Aberrations of the Wahhabis regarding the Attributes & Views of Sunnis'
---Ibn Abd al-Wahhab's fatwa on Specifying Limbs & Places for Allah
---They Specify Limbs and Places for Allah
---Uthaymin Compares Allah to the Sun
---Imam Ahmad's Interpretation of Allah's "Coming'' as "His Order''
---The Salaf's Interpretation of qadam, rijl, and saq,
---Uthaymin's Reductive Mention of Prophets
---Harras Asserts Appendages and Direction for Allah
---Dwarves against Giants: Salafis "Correcting'' the Aqida of Ibn Hajr & Nawawi
---Allah's "Laughter''
---Allah's "Scheming''
---Conclusion: Salaf and Pseudo-Salaf,
---Neither Ibn Taymiyya Nor Ibn Qayyim Represent the Teaching of the Salaf,
---Ibn Taymiyya's Great Arrogance,
---''Salafis'' Claim Ibn Taymiyya as a Reformer but He Inaugurated Confusion,
---The Worst Evil is an Evil Scholar,
---''Salafis'' Perpetuate Rebellion Against the Islamic State,
---Warning of Muslim Scholars Against The ''Salafis''

Appendices  :  
---Appendix 1: A Brief History of the Wahhabi Movement,
---Appendix 2: Nasir al-Din al-Albani's Attacks the Scholars & His Innovations,
---Appendix 3: Recommended Books of Sound Doctrine,
---Appendix 4: Rejected Books of Unsound Doctrine,

------Index to Quranic Verses,
------Index to Hadith,
------General Index.







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