Reviving the Neglected Sunnah

Reviving the Neglected Sunnah : New,
*[A5+] Paperback - 141 pages, [English & Arabic],
by Habib Muhammad (Sa'd) ibn 'Alawi al-Aydarus,
Translated by Umm Abdullah,
Published by Dar al-Turath al-Islami, RSA.


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Description :

Following the Prophetic path of guidance (the Sunnah) is an act of worship that draws a Muslim closer to God. By emulating the final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, ? a believer is exposed to the blessings. Divine light and mercy contained in every word and act that he ? engaged in. It is known that the regular practice of those actions opens the doors to refining one’s character.

In this concise yet comprehensive treatise, the erudite scholar and knower of God, Habib Sa’d al-Aydarus, reminds us of the virtue of preserving Prophetic practices and revives many lesser-known customs and traditions of the Sunnah.

About the Author :

Habib Muhammad Sa'd bin 'Alawi al Aydarus, may Allah have mercy upon him, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was born in Tarim in 1351 AH/1932 CE. He has studied under many learned Imams and Shuyukh. He has composed over forty books, and led and participated in many lessons and gatherings of dhikr. He continued to reside and teach in Tarim, as a beacon of knowledge and a pillar of the community until he passed away in 2011.

Table of Contents :

---Foreword to the Translation,

Section One : The Sunnah,

---Chapter [1]. The Definition of 'Sunnah' and Synonymous Terminology,
---Chapter [2]. On Receiving the Sunnah of the Prophet, ?, 

Section Two : The Negelected Prophetic Practices,

---Chapter [1]. Sunan pertaining to Siwak,
---Chapter [2]. Sunan pertaining to Wudhu,
---Chapter [3]. Sunan pertaining to Ghusl,
---Chapter [4]. Sunan of the Adhan and Iqamah,
---Chapter [5]. Sunan pertaining to obligatory and voluntary Salah [Prayer],
---Chapter [6]. Sunan pertaining to Food,
---Chapter [7]. Sunan pertaining to Clothing,
---Chapter [8]. Sunan pertaining to the Greeting of Peace [Salam],
---Chapter [9]. Sunan pertaining to Sleeping,
---Chapter [10]. Sunan pertaining to Travel,
---Chapter [11]. Sunan pertaining to Zakah,
---Chapter [12]. Sunan pertaining to Fasting,
---Chapter [13]. Sunan pertaining to 'Id,
---Chapter [14]. Sunan pertaining to CGeneral Conduct,

Section Three : References,
---Extensive references for Chapters [1] -[14].

More on Hadith and Sunnah,
More from the Ba 'Alawiyya scholars.



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  • Written by: Habib M. Sa'd al-Aydarus

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